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Wallpaper: Optically enlarge your room

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Wallpaper helps to design walls in a particularly tasteful and individual way and brings a bit of colour and style to the room. They are also truly versatile when it comes to successful interior design. The right wallpaper can make a room look bigger, wider higher and more open. In this article, we present how to choose a wallpaper that will optically enlarge the interior.

Choosing the right wallcovering per room

Even a small room can seem bigger with the right wallcovering, creating a very open and transparent atmosphere. Not only the right motif or colour choice of wallcovering should be considered, but also the combination with furniture and accessories.

In principle, however, in small rooms, wallcovering with very anxious, lush and chaotic patterns should be avoided. Bright wallpapers with an even and delicate pattern are ideal for creating larger and more open rooms. If you decide on a patterned wallpaper, you should also make sure that the rest of the room is not too crowded. For the best effect with striking patterned wallcovering, it is best to go for closed and built-in furniture. And as in fashion, the same goes for wallpaper: Long strips stretch the room upwards, while horizontal strips make the room look wide but low.

Blue wallpaper: Wallpaper opening spaces

Blue is not only a very calming and professional colour but can also make rooms look bigger. This is probably because blue is associated with the vastness of the horizon and sky and the depth of the sea. Thanks to this, blue wallcovering in light shades can also be very clear and open. Moreover, blue is rather associated with cool colours, creating a very harmonious, refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

Blue wallcovering can also be combined with a few warm accents in complementary red and orange colours, but the room will not seem bigger because of them. It is best to design the room colour scheme in tone and different shades of blue for a larger interior effect.

Over the clouds: Bright wallpaper

Bright wallpaper is especially suitable for smaller rooms. White means cleanliness, minimalism and light, and therefore creates a very clean, relaxed and orderly atmosphere. Therefore, white wallpaper can create an open atmosphere (even if there are only small windows in the room). However, not only white is suitable as the wallpaper colour to make the room bigger and wider. Pastel shades and delicate spring colours also create a bright and inviting interior.

Smart wallpaper and arranging

When designing walls, especially in smaller rooms, it is important not only to choose the right pattern and colour but also to lay the new wallpaper properly. Especially in smaller rooms, it is not recommended to wallcover the whole room with chaotic, patterned wallpaper, because it can cause a feeling of clutter. It is better to skilfully set accents and combine them with plain wallpaper.

However, the original wallpaper is suitable for arranging individual parts of the interior. The room will seem more spacious and complex. Here you can experiment a little and combine different patterns. You shouldn't combine too many different styles and decors at once, especially when it comes to colour selection. The patterned wallcovering is also ideal as a single panel.

Wallpaper: A work of art on the wall

It is also possible to enlarge the room with an unusual pattern. However, you should make sure that the rest of the room arrangement does not bite the wallpaper. It is best to wallpaper only one wall or individual parts of the room. To ensure that the room is not too exhausting, do not wallcover more than two-thirds of the room and create a skirting board finish. This way you frame your wallcovering to some extent and turn your walls into a personal work of art.

Mural: A window onto the world

Both bright and patterned wallcovering and murals are ideal for optical room enlargement. Murals perfectly complement the room arrangement and offer a wide range of images. They are available, among others, flower motifs with lush vegetation, romantic, sandy beaches or underwater world. With a mural, you can quite comfortably experience the great, exciting world on your own four walls.

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