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Are You Looking For Heuga Carpet Tiles?

Friday, 31 March 2017

Heuga carpet tiles have been extremely popular since their introduction on the market in 1956. Over the years they have proven to be durable, reliable and easy renovation solution for both private and commercial spaces.

Heuga carpettiles are no longer produced

Unfortunately, Heuga Home Flooring has stopped all production in December 2016, and is slowly running out of the leftover stock. Here at Bricoflor, we receive countless good reviews about these carpet tiles, accompanied by testimonials of how, after 20 years of loyal service still are in good condition. Nevertheless, acquiring the specific colour you desire is becoming a more and more difficult process, as leftover stock is running out.

If you happen to be one of the customers who has always been satisfied with Heuga tiles, but you want a fresh look, we can help you find what you are looking for! Anticipating our customers’ needs is a high priority, therefore we searched for “the next Heuga”, and we found it not that far away.

The best possible alternative to Heuga: Schatex Carpet Tiles

SCHATEX capettiles are Heuga's spiritual successor

We would like to introduce you Schatex carpet tiles, produced in Germany! Standing by the label “Made in Germany”, these carpet tiles will satisfy your eye and pocket. Germany has a long standing tradition of efficient, quality production, which inevitably leads to excellent products at a remarkable price point. Of course we can praise these tiles as much as we want, and you would still want Heuga tiles. Luckily, Heuga and Schatex are very similar in quality and performance, and our technical experts are eager to help you find a substitute for the Heuga tiles you already have. In the below table, you’ll find an overview of which Schatex tile is the most fitting successor of your current Heuga floor:

How SCHATEX carpettiles compare to Heuga tiles

To demonstrate the vast number application possibilities of Schatex carpet tiles we created the table below. You can install Schatex almost everywhere in your home, or even in your office, as majority of the collection are suitable for commercial use. Some are even suitable for the most heavy duty use!

Where can I use which SCHATEX carpettiles?

Schatex carpet tiles are extremely durable and suitable for both your home and your office. Schatex Comfort is an excellent choice for, for example, bedroom use. The soft surface feels pleasant under the feet and gives warmth and comfort to the room. It's notable sound dampening ensures that these tiles turn any bedroom into an oasis of calmth. Similar, but less soft would be Schatex Living. This collection is more suitable for, for example, living rooms, and its reinforced fibreglass backing ensures a long life expectancy. Both collections radiate warmth and comfort, and come various attractive tones from beige to black. The carpet tiles are can be installed over underfloor heating, have antistatic and slip resistant properties, and last but not least, are easy to install. In other words, these carpet tiles are the perfect solution for a renovation project. Even if you are on a small budget and busy schedule. Because not only are Schatex carpet tiles the spiritual successor of Heuga tiles, they also offer the quality you know and love at an even more interesting price point. During installation, you can create interesting patterns. Be it to achieve a certain style or feel, or to entertain your children, there’s no limit other than your imagination!

SCHATEX carpettiles are child friendly!

Almost all Schatex collections are also suitable for commercial use, therefore they can be installed in children’s playgrounds, shops, hallways and offices. Schatex Traffic Plus is the perfect example for a commercial grade tile. Thanks to its innovative reinforced fibreglass backing, providing dimensional stability, and quick and effortless installed, it can be installed anywhere you heart desires. The collection comes in six timelessly modern colours, with a lightly mottled effect, which seem to shimmer under the fall of the light, and radiates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in the room. Schatex carpet tiles have a high colourfastness, therefore they can be exposed to direct sunlight and not lose the amazing vibrancy of their colours. These tiles can be laid over underfloor heating, are highly durable and easy to clean,

What more do you need from a carpet tile? Durable, elegant, sturdy and easy to install! The best solution for your renovation project or a quick refreshment of your home or office.

If you, like us, are intrigued by Schatex carpet tiles, do not hesitate to browse our online store, BRICOFLOR UK, or contact us directly for additional information. Because not only is Schatex the most fitting product if you’re looking for the excellent properties you know and love from the, sadly deceased, Heuga brand, but BRICOFLOR also is the only place where you’ll find these amazing tiles on sale!

Feel free to use our free sample service, to see the Schatex carpet tiles in person and have a feel of the high quality materials used in their production.

To browse our complete offering of SCHATEX carpet tiles, simply head on over to our online shop and have a look. You can shop with ease of mind, thanks to our free sample service, and lowest price guarantee.

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