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Carpet Myths Demystified – Carpets Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Friday, 16 November 2018

Every home deserves a luxurious, lavish and warm cushion carpet on their floors. However, despite all the advantages that a carpet will offer you, individuals hold back from obtaining them due to some traditional views regarding these carpets. There are many of you out there who would need a carpet in your home, however, the old concept that how a carpet wears out with simply a couple of washes, or how it makes the air contaminated around you keeps you from having one.

Knowing the facts regarding carpets can educate individuals into making the right decision while shopping for a carpet. Here you will find the popular myths regarding carpets unmasked, therefore, you will be able to have a transparent image of what you're viewing and the way it can benefit you.

1)    Contributes to allergens circulation throughout the house

Fact — in reality, carpets are better at getting allergens and residue in its fibers when contrasted with a smooth surface on the floor. This suggests with carpets there are fewer particles of dust that are airborne and in circulation.

Abingdon Deep Feelings "Ice Crystal 1"

2)    Carpets cause substantial health hazards

Fact — there is no confirmation to verify this case that carpets cause any well-being risk, particularly of cancer as many would think. On contrary, they are useful for your well being as they make an all the more spotless atmosphere by catching the residue particles in the fibers. The new generation of Abingdon carpets is simple to wash thanks to their bleach cleanable properties that keep gives you a more healthful living.

3)    Carpets contain formaldehyde

Fact — this can be an extremely old conception that carpets contain formaldehyde, the utilization of this chemical in carpet-making method was back in 1978. Even though anyone who still has a carpet that old, the chemical would have been dissipated by now.

4)    Cleaning the carpet typically can ruin its look

Fact — In light of the new innovation utilized in assembling these carpets by Abingdon Floorings, the carpets are exceedingly resistant to chemical agents of all types. In addition, the chemical agents used recently on the surface of the carpet are gentle, and that they don't harm your carpet in any way. In fact, it's recommended for you to wash your cover frequently to keep it new and contemporary for quite a while, rather cleaning it regularly extends its life. In the event that you have questions with respect to using chemical compound on your bedroom carpet, bathroom carpet, hallway carpet, living room carpet or kitchten carpet you can test it on a little corner, and if it works then you realize which is the correct one for you.

5)    Carpet is tough to maintain — it stains and wears out

Fact — the most recent collection of online carpets by Abingdon does not let food particles or drink spills enter the pile fiber, therefore you'll be able to simply clean it from the surface with a damped mop. The easiest way to taking away mud particles from your carpet is by vacuuming it, however the general public worry of wearing their carpet out with regular use of vacuum cleaners. The new generation of the polypropylene carpets are a lot thicker with high domestic and commercial ratings, they're created extremely durable and wear resistant, they can withstand high foot traffic and can stand the test of time.

6)    Cleaning the carpet will shrink it

Fact — This can be thought of as a standout amongst the most believed myths. The stress of getting your cover smaller could haunt the greater part of you. The new age of carpets produced by Abingdon Floorings is profoundly tough, impervious to wrinkle and shrinkage. The pile fibers used in the carpets are made with very strong yarn material, this material shields the cover from losing its shape because of its wear and tear resisting properties.


Vorwerk Frisea "815J"

7)    Cleaning the carpet ruins its original look, therefore, do not clean your carpet unless necessary


Fact — Carpet cleaners that are currently being used are gentle on the carpets and safe to utilize, they're intended to wash your cover completely and in the meantime not harming it at all. In fact, one in all the best ways by which to keep your carpet to appear to be new is to clean it as often as possible.

8)    I should not have a carpet if I actually have allergies

Fact — This myth has been proven wrong by the new Vorwerk Carpet collection. Carpets genuinely immobilize the allergens, keeping them from circulating in the air. Essentially by using a wet cloth or light vacuuming, you'll be able to expel the allergens that are inside the strands of the carpet. It is directed that individuals with bronchial asthma or hypersensitivities use a vacuum.

9)    Carpet contains dangerous chemicals

Fact — Many of us believe that manufacturers shoot carpets with a pack of risky synthetic chemicals in their creation, however that is not true. Carpet is a very basic item. It is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile joined to a support. The pile was customarily produced using fleece, at the same time, since the twentieth century, engineered strands, for example, polypropylene, nylon or polyester are regularly used, as these filaments are more affordable than fleece.

10)    Mould grows on the carpet

Fact — This exclusively develops when there are dampness and dirt combined with poor cleaning and maintenance. At the point when the carpet isn't cleaned on regular basis, it is more likely that it would grow mould.

11)    Berber is a brand name

Fact — The expression “Berber” isn't a brand name, nor is it the name of an organization. “Berber” really originates from the Berber individuals, who are the indigenous individuals of North Africa before the Arab individuals extending to North Africa. The Berber individuals are known for their specific style of harsh, coarse woollen items. At the point when carpets were first made with enormous cumbersome circles, it helped a few people to remember the coarse woollen items made by the Berber individuals. Thus, Berber cover was conceived. Today, we use Berber carpets to allude to the general population, and the lowercase Berber to allude to a style of cover.

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