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Clear The Air With Desso AirMaster Carpet Tiles

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


People spend the majority of their time indoors, but are not aware of all the pollutants they inhale during that period or decide it is not worth worrying about. Attention! Do not underestimate the impact that particulate matter (PM) can have on your health. This fine dust is directly linked to potential health problems. These microbial contaminants can affect the heart and lungs causing serious physiological problems, e.g. inflammation.

Many people have the false impression that any type of carpeting will attract more dust and pollute the air than a smooth flooring, e.g. laminate. When actually carpet tiles can play an important role in capturing fine dust in an indoor environment. The German Allergy and Asthma Association conducted a study in which they discovered that fine dust is dramatically reduced when using carpeting. Desso went even one step further by developing a patented technology (AirMaster) that should specifically capture and retain harmful fine dust from the indoor air. The yarn of this carpet tile has an open structure that simply releases the particles during cleaning, to ensure maximum regeneration of the carpet tile’s filtering functionality. Desso AirMaster has a uniquely structured surface that prevents the dust from becoming airborne again.

This technology has been tested and approved by the German test institute GUI, which specialises in the analysis of indoor and outdoor air quality. They compared Desso AirMaster with a smooth flooring and a standard loop pile carpet. The test was repeated 15 times in order to get a proper sample size and every time AirMaster was 8 times more effective than smooth floors and 4 times more effective than standard carpet tiles.

You can clear the air with Desso AirMaster in both domestic and commercial areas. Especially in offices where carpet tiles are more common, this product can not only improve the indoor air quality but at the same time potentially boost productivity. Cleaner air is beneficial to a healthier office environment that has a positive impact on sickness absenteeism.

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