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Commercial Entrance Mattings – 5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Them

Monday, 1 August 2016

GetMediaBytesIt does not matter whether you are at home or at work, since in each situation there should be a type of matting at the entrance when you enter. Especially in highly frequented areas, such as commercial buildings, it is vital to have a proper barrier matting. In this text we will evaluate the benefits provided by commercial entrance matting's and why it is so important to have them in any business.

The 5 main advantages are as follows:

1. Safety

The most effective type of entrance matting consists of different surfaces that each have a different job and in combination actively remove almost any dirt carried inside the building. This happens in three stages, beginning with scraping the dirt off, then removing leftover debris and finally dry any remaining moisture to efficaciously clean the shoe before entering the interior flooring. These steps are not only necessary to keep the inside of the building clean, but more importantly for safety reasons. A barrier matting should effectively prevent people from slipping and having any kind of fall related injuries. Resilient matting ensures that they remain flat and securely in place thanks to quality backing and edging.

2. Indoor Air Quality

The cleanliness of the indoor air quality strongly depends on how effective the entrance matting is. Whenever people enter a building, they will carry all kinds of bacteria and other pollutants on their shoes that can get stuck in various areas and influence the indoor air quality. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that every person who walks in, will also wipe their feet. It is suggested that the matting is at least 1.8 metres long, allowing for 2 contacts from each foot. Nevertheless, studies have shown that fitting an entrance with a 6 metre long mat can stop 94% of all walked in dirt and moisture.

3. Interior Flooring Protection

Imagine you have a shiny marble or granite flooring. Without a reliable entrance matting, visitors or employees will carry in all sorts of dirt particles that on contact might inflict serious scratches or stains on the floor. It is vital to prevent that from happening in the first place and as a result preserve the new and impressive look of your floor.

4. Clean First Impressions

Naturally, any business wants a clean foyer to make sure visitors get the right first impression when they enter the building. Well, in other to achieve that a proper barrier matting is the first step. Furthermore, it is extremely important to vacuum the product regularly, otherwise excessive dirt will be stored within and the mat itself will look filthy.

5. Reduce Interior Maintenance

Due to the fact that most of the dirt gets stuck in the mat, it simplifies maintenance and cleaning in general. If it is a large entrance hall there is no need for hour long cleaning, since the personnel can focus mainly on the entry zone. Studies have shown that almost 80% of the dirt and debris in a building are brought in with shoes. With just 5-6 metres of an entrance matting, the majority of the dirt can be contained at the entrance.

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If you are interested in this type of flooring for entrance halls or foyers, browse our website and find several products specifically designed for this purpose. The renowned manufacturer Interface has two collections, Interface Foyer and Interface Barricade One. Both are excellent matches for a commercial style entrance hall. If neither of these two appeal, another alternative would be Desso Protect. These three products are exceptionally resilient and provide all the necessary attributes for an effective way of stopping dirt and other pollutants from entering the building.

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