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LVT & Vinyl : Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, 19 June 2017

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To understand a lot more about LVT tiles and planks, you can read the frequently asked questions, which we answered just for you!


1. What are the differences between a LVT tile and a LVT board?

Not so difficult to distinguish, LVT planks and tiles are differentiated by their sizes and the design that they propose. The LVT tile has a rather rectangular or square shape that perfectly imitates ceramic tiles, concrete and minerals. For a classy and elegant atmosphere, the LVT tile will blend perfectly with your interior. The vinyl plank, which has a longer size, will imitate parquet and wood perfectly. If you opt for a LVT plank, your interior will have an authentic look to look rustic if you bet on an aged wood effect. Remember to choose your LVT tiles and planks according to the desired effect in your room. With this wide choice of designs that offer the LVT tiles and planks, you can decorate your interior according to YOUR desires.

2. What kind of installation is there?

There are four types of installation for vinyl tiles and planks:

- The lock-in installation: it has revolutionized the LVT floor covering sector. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, this type of installation does not require any special technical skills. Simply clip your boards or LVT tiles together. It is nevertheless advisable to check the instructions of your floor before any installation. Your floor must be clean, dry, smooth and level. In addition, consider storing your LVT floor in the room you would like to install it, 24 hours before installation, to avoid any expansion of the floor after installation.

- The free-loose laying: it requires the same precautions as for other types of installation. A smooth and clean floor is the basis for laying your LVT floor. With a weight of more than 8 kg/m², a free-loose LVT board or tile requires only its own weight to be laid. All you have to do is place the tiles or planks next to each other and you're done!

- Adhesive installation: before installing your LVT tiles and planks, follow the same precautions as for clip-on installation, which means that you should check that your floor is smooth and clean, then leave your floor in the room for 24 hours. Once this step is followed, you can tackle the laying of your floor. Start by drawing two perpendicular axes, dividing your room in 4. Once the protective film is removed, you can place your LVT tiles or plates on one of the right angles resulting from the plotting of your axes. All you have to do is place your other tiles or boards next to each other.

- Glued-down installation: it is perhaps more difficult than the other types of installation, this laying requires a certain technique and a habit for DIY projects. For this type of installation, it is favourable that your room ideally makes 22°C. Just like laying LVT adhesive planks or tiles, draw two perpendicular axes and begin your installation by one of the right angles. Then glue down the LVT tiles or vinyl planks according to the diagram you had set at the beginning of the installation. Press down and press hard to ensure that the vinyl tile or LVT plank adheres as much as possible.

3. Can you install LVT tiles or planks anywhere in your home?

The installation of LVT planks and tiles can be done in all your interior because this floor covering is suitable for all rooms. Indeed, Many LVT planks and tiles are water resistant, so they are perfectly suited to bathrooms or damp rooms (kitchen).

However, you must be vigilant and choose your floor wisely: in relation to the use you make of it and the room you want to renovate. Do not place any floor in any room. Here are some useful guidelines:

- If your room has a rather moderate traffic, such as a room or office, please choose LVT slats or tiles with a wear layer of between 0.12 and 0.15mm.

- For a frequent traffic, as in a living room and an entrance, you should choose a floor with a layer of wear between 0.15 and 0.25mm.

- Finally, if there is an intensive traffic in one a room or area at home, the necessary wear layer must be between 0.25 and 0.30mm.

4. Can I install LVT tiles and planks on ceramic tiles?

For free loose LVT planks and tiles, the installation on ceramic tiles depends on the description given by the manufacturer. However, in general, laying on ceramic tiles is possible, if the tile joints are less than 3.5mm and their depth is 1.5mm. Otherwise, do not hesitate to use a filler for your joints and to make a patching. For clipsable LVT planks and tiles, the precautions to be taken are the same as those for planks and tiles. If you decide to install your adhesive or to glued-down LVT planks and tiles, a levelling filler is mandatory. Even though vinyl tiles and planks are more practical to lay than laminate floor, a minimum preparation is required before laying your LVT floor.

5. What are the main manufacturers of LVT tiles and planks?

Gerflor: Founded in the 1930s, Gerflor manufactures LVT flooring for professional and domestic use. At the forefront of new technologies, Gerflor continues to create LVT floors that are always more efficient, with varied and original designs. As a French manufacturer with a considerable supply of products on the market, Gerflor gives you the opportunity to acquire an amazing quality flooring. In addition, Gerflor LVT tiles and planks guarantee the best performance, safety and comfort.

Tarkett: it is a famous French manufacturer known as the world leader in innovative flooring. Established in more than 100 countries around the world, the brand promotes a sustainable economy and controlled production. The varied collections and the high quality of Tarkett tiles and LVT planks make it an excellent choice to bring modernity to your home.

Wineo: Born in 1982, Wineo (formerly Witex) is gradually emerging as a leading manufacturer in the flooring market. Wineo, a German manufacturer, has set itself the task of constantly innovating and designing ever more efficient and innovative products. The excellent quality of its planks and LVT tiles are a reference on the market, both for the professional and residential use. In addition, Wineo is ecologically committed to providing LVT floors that respect the nature and health of its customers.

If you want to know more about LVT tiles and planks, you can read our blog article.

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