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Stairs with vinyl – here’s how!

Monday, 11 March 2024

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Stairs with vinyl? When building a house, you place more emphasis on attractive staircase design. Sometimes the staircase winds its way through the centre of the house. Sometimes you find a large staircase at the entrance. The demands on modern staircase design are correspondingly high. Vinyl flooring is used in many houses today. However, not every manufacturer of design flooring offers solutions with the same decor for stair noses and steps.

Would you like to cover your stairs with vinyl, but the vinyl stair treads are different from the designer flooring in the kitchen and hallway? Today, there are modern solutions to design your stairs to match the decor of the other rooms. In this article, we present an option for customised staircase renovation with vinyl and explain what you need to bear in mind.

Cladding stairs with vinyl - the advantages

Covering a staircase with vinyl has many advantages. Although many builders prefer laminate flooring, it is very expensive, requires a lot of maintenance and is sensitive. Vinyl flooring for stairs is particularly suitable for smaller budgets, especially as it generally feels pleasant to walk on and is very quiet, is often very resistant to scratches and dirt and is also easy to clean. Many renowned manufacturers such as Gerflor offer high-quality vinyl floor coverings. The floors do not contain any harmful plasticisers. Plus, they are completely harmless to health as they are produced under the most environmentally friendly conditions possible.

However, if you want to cover a staircase with vinyl, you often face a problem. Not every manufacturer offers solutions for stairs with the same decor. Ideally, you should choose vinyl stair nosing and stair treads that match your designer flooring in the kitchen and hallway to create a holistic living experience. However, there is now a solution for covering your stairs with vinyl that has the same design as in the hallway and living room: the customised production of stair nosing from your desired flooring, optionally for further installation as an entire step.

a wooden stairs

The solution: Have stair nosing & stair treads customised

If you want to cover your stairs with vinyl and use your dream floor, you can now find a solution in customisable vinyl stair nosing and stair treads. Vinyl stair nosing for on-site installation is particularly popular when building or renovating older houses. You can easily have these made from your vinyl flooring and choose between different types.

Depending on taste, the stair nosing offers a single or double-curved joint surface, a double-curved joint surface or additional material reinforcement. The stair nosing can either be laid as a blockstep or be used as a stair nosing. To cover your stairs with vinyl, the stair nosing is made to fit your desired flooring and can be easily laid out yourself. They can be made from click vinyl and glue-down vinyl. Various design floors without vinyl are also possible.

a wooden stairs

Cladding stairs with vinyl and creating a personalised ambience

So that you can cover your stairs with vinyl, each stair nosing is made from a single plank of your desired flooring. If you would like to cover the entire staircase with vinyl, you can continue to lay the stair nosing on site as a block step. Alternatively, you can also have entire stair nosing made from vinyl or parquet. To do this, you not only need to specify the exact dimensions of the steps but also make a template.

a vinyl stairs

Cladding your stairs with vinyl: here's how!

To cover your stairs with vinyl, first, select the desired vinyl flooring. Stair nosing can be customised for you using vinyl flooring from 4mm thick. Then select your preferred product type:

  • Type A: Single curved and front without click connection. Cannot be laid as a block step.
  • Type B: Single curved with click-connection at the back and front. Ideal for further installation as block steps. (Only possible with click vinyl)
  • Type C: Double curved with factory reinforcement for vinyl floors up to 5 mm
  • Type C-2: Double curved. Vinyl flooring from 9mm thickness without additional reinforcement.

To continue laying the vinyl stair nosing as a block step, you must choose a click vinyl in wood effect. If you want to cover your stairs with vinyl that is designed for full-surface bonding, type A and type C are suitable. (Type C-2 mainly applies to already reinforced HDF or rigid click vinyl).

a picture showing noising of stairs
a picture showing noising of stairs
a picture showing noising of stairs
a picture showing noising of stairs

Staircase renovation with vinyl: Order stair nosing

To start renovating your stairs with vinyl, all you have to do after selecting your dream floor and the right type is fill in the order form. You must specify the exact collection and decor name of the desired floor. You also need to measure the staircase that is to be renovated with vinyl. Information about the height and length of the steps is necessary, as well as the required number, type and, if applicable, the dimensions of the undertreat (only relevant for type C).

If you want to cover a turned staircase with vinyl, you can alternatively work with an oversize. You can then adjust the stair edges on site. This is possible with types A, B and C. This allows you to adapt the stair nosing perfectly to the conditions in your home. If you have only opted for a stair nosing without further installation, you can also design the risers with plain white risers made of PVC for an inexpensive but modern look.

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