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Glue-Down Vinyl Tiles: The Most Resilient and Durable Option

Glue down vinyl tiles is most commonly known for being used in commercial spaces, as they are strongly adhered to the ground and are a relatively permanent flooring. The installation process is slightly more difficult than their counterpart, self-adhesive vinyl tiles, but these high-end tiles are one of the most resilient flooring options you will find. Besides their durability, glue-down vinyl tiles have many other advantages that make them the perfect vinyl floor tiles for industrial as well as commercial spaces. 

£39.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²
£25.95 per m²

Glue down vinyl tiles are a great option when it comes to vinyl flooring, these gorgeous vinyl floor tiles can act as the perfect accompaniment to your space. Highly durable, they are made to last so you can enjoy them for years to come. There are countless designs, beautiful colour options and modern as well as classic looks that will make your space more inviting the moment you have them installed.

The Inspiring Designs of our Glue-Down Vinyl Tiles Will Surprise You!

When you first heard or read about stick-on vinyl tiles and their enormous durability as well as their applicability in industrial settings, you probably did not think about how this type of floor might look in your home. However, the age of dirty and grimy industrial buildings is long gone and people nowadays certainly do care very much about the appearance of their flooring – be it in their homes or their businesses. And glue-down vinyl tiles have certainly come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, new technologies help to create vinyl floor tiles with more authentic and beautiful decors than ever before, while the latest manufacturing methods have also made our stick on vinyl tiles more resilient and durable than thought possible. Take a look the Amtico Spacia "Sandstone"  for example, the incredibly authentic appearance of the beautiful sandstone decor looks so natural and elegant, who would not want to have this classy design in their bathroom to create a warm and inviting atmosphere? Another classic stone decor is provided by the Amtico Spacia "Jura Stone", which creates an outstandingly charming ambience in any kitchen, bathroom or even dining room. The possibilities really are limitless with the great design options that our glue-down vinyl tiles provide.

Glue-Down Vinyl Tiles Are A Real Winner

Now, there is the enormous durability of these stick-on vinyl tiles and then there are the beautifully designed decors our customers can choose from. But we want to go a little bit further into the facts and details of what really makes our glue-down vinyl tiles a real winner. Find out in the following paragraphs why this is the perfect flooring solution for your needs!

Strong, Stronger, Glue-Down Vinyl Tiles

We have already hinted at the resilience and strength of the glue-down vinyl tiles before, however, here are some of the actual facts and classifications: there are three categories for all flooring options, domestic use, commercial use and industrial use. Each of these categories has three subcategories, labelled with a certain number, e.g. 21 stands for flooring options that are suitable for domestic spaces with moderate traffic, 22 for regular domestic use and 23 for heavily trafficked domestic spaces. Only very few flooring options have the European Classification 33 (heavily trafficked commercial spaces), which means those floors would be suitable for large hotels, restaurants or public buildings. Even fewer have a rating of 41 and above, which means those flooring options can be used in industrial settings, i.e. the most challenging of spaces. With a rating of 23, 33 and 42, our glue-down vinyl tiles by Amtico, for example, are among the sturdiest and most durable flooring options on the market. If you want a long-lasting, practical, resilient and beautiful floor in your home or business, there is no way around glue-down vinyl tiles.

True Strength Does not Need much Care: Stick-Down Vinyl Tiles are Low-Maintenance and High-Performance

All flooring needs care in some way to look its best and last as long as possible. That being said, some types of flooring are considerably easier to take care of than others. Glue-down vinyl tiles generally do not require a lot of attention and will still look great, which is one of the reasons why our customers really appreciate them. All you have to do is keep them clean, which could not be much easier: simply vacuum if the floor is dusty or mop the floor with warm water if there are stains on it. Just make sure your vacuum cleaner is made for hard flooring (which most of them are) and that you do not use a bristled, rotating bar, since that might mar your floor. In general, it is advisable that you keep your floors clean of anything that might scratch them such as sand and debris since stepping on these materials might damage the floors finish and make it lose its beautiful appearance. If you follow these simple instructions, your glue-down vinyl tiles are guaranteed to last you for many years to come!   

Find the Perfect Vinyl Floor Tiles in our Online Shop

BRICOFLOR offers a wide variety of glue-down vinyl tiles in our extensive online shop. We feature all the major brands and all the different technologies, providing you with the best options. Moreover, we at BRICOFLOR believe that great deals and happy customers are what keeps our business running! Thus, our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest quality product, at the lowest possible price. So, if you are in the market for a high-end product which will meet your high expectations for quality and design, please feel free to take a close look at our products. We offer a free sample service, which means you will be able to order samples of the all vinyl floor tiles (and all other products!) you might be interested in and take a good look at them in the comfort of your own home. We believe in the products we sell and we think the best way for you to really see and feel what you are buying is to hold the product in your hands. Contact us today with any questions and quieries you may have and our team of experts will happily assist you!

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