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Schatex Carpet Tiles – Excellent Quality and Performance

Nowadays, carpet tiles are coming more and more into fashion. Especially in difficult areas people now turn often to this type of modular flooring. The reason is simple: rooms with many corners and angles are hard to cover, particularly if you are using carpet rolls. 

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You do not face these problems with carpet tiles since they generally come in sizes of 50 cm by 50 cm, which dramatically simplifies laying them and greatly decreases cutting waste. On top of that Schatex products are exceptionally durable and reliable. So with little effort, you can improve your floor for many years to come, without spending a large amount of money. Furthermore, should you decide to move, there is always the possibility to take your floor with you. Probably the best argument for offices is the fact that you can use carpet tiles with a raised floor. This means that all the cabling runs underneath the floor saving a lot of space and work within the office. If there are any electrical problems that require someone to access the cables, individual tiles can simply be lifted up, enabling easy underground access.

Indestructible Schatex carpet tiles now available in our online shop

In our online shop, we provide a large choice of different flooring options. Specifically, the carpet tile area is steadily growing. One of the leading manufacturers is the enterprise Schatex. You will find 9 exclusive collections in BRICOFLOR UK. The Schatex Traffic assortment is mainly suggested for commercial areas, such as exhibition halls or offices. Its extremely durable needle velour yarn is slip resistant and can withstand the use of caster chairs without suffering any damage. In addition, this tile has an extremely good fire behaviour (Cfl-s1), according to safety requirements for commercial buildings and places. The visual appeal of Schatex Traffic is another convincing factor for many businesses to choose this specific product. High-quality Polypropylene fibres provide an appealing shine effect that gives the room an elegant look and feel. A large choice of colours ensures a harmonic atmosphere and thanks to the Polyflex-Fibreglass backing these carpet tiles are easy to lay. Another top product is Schatex Smartline, a needlefelt carpet tile with a Corduroy Weave structure that can give your living area a completely new dynamic and ambient. Especially when you lay your tiles in a checkerboard pattern, you will experience an exquisite flair in your room. This Schatex product is easy to fit and does not require any adhesives, meaning you can reuse them in a different place if necessary. The broad choice of colours gives you a multitude of options concerning the style in which you want to present your floor.

Schatex carpet tiles – Innovation for both home and business use

The firm Schatex have a fair amount of collections for all areas of use, ranging from domestic to commercial places. Their carpet tiles stand for quality, design and functionality and cover the entire spectrum from textile solutions for trade fairs and exhibition halls, to good value products for residential use, as well as the luxurious high-end products for sophisticated business areas, and last but not least the world of gastronomy. Only the best raw materials and most modern production equipment are utilised by Schatex to manufacture their carpet tiles. All of these preconditions combined with diligent and careful quality control systems, guarantee a first-class product.

Premium quality Schatex carpet squares – Best value for money

Schatex products not only stand for great value, top quality and elegant design, but also for having the best price-performance ratio amongst manufacturers. The firm’s efficiency and ties to the world of carpet tiles allow them to produce premium tiles for the lowest possible price. The labour intensive tufting process ensures a high level of robustness, which is reinforced through the fibreglass backing. The company also places a large significance on compliance with strict ecological standards during manufacturing and in consideration of the materials that are used. Product technicians and designers carefully design the collections with strong consideration of the environmental impact that accommodates this field of business.  

Visit BRICOFLOR UK and find an extensive selection of Schatex carpet tiles for any area

We offer all of Schatex collections here at BRICOFLOR UK in all the available colours. Take your time and browse the shop to find the fitting carpet tiles for your room or building. Once you have made a decision you can order quickly and conveniently via our website. For large orders, we offer customised quotes to make sure you get the best deal for your money. If you are uncertain about the colour or textures of the product, we will gladly provide you with some free samples, so you can convince yourself a 100% that this is the right carpet tile for you. If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service