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Schatex Traffic – The Heavy-Duty Commercial Carpet Tiles

Looking for a carpet that takes durability to the next level, but also captures a sophisticated style? Schatex Traffic was designed to meet the high demands of the commercial and industry sector – preferred carpet of choice for exhibitions. Comfortable, long-lasting and versatile, you can install these commercial carpet tiles in a multitude of applications like offices, department stores or hotel lobbies. 

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Schatex Traffic

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Need a durable floor for your home? This carpet works great in workshops, basements, laundry rooms, or garages. No matter the purpose of your space, you will always get the best results with this flooring.

Schatex Traffic – Versatile and Functional for All Spaces

Schatex Traffic is available in 4 classic colours suited to any interior style. But why limit yourself to only one colour? With a unique loose laying installation, you have the option to combine multiple colours to create dynamic laying patters and designs, and when you wish to change the style, simply lift them up, and create a whole new look.  With colours like a warm beige, neutral grey carpet tiles, serious anthracite, and cool blue carpet tiles, you can set the mood of your space and create any look you want from stripes to checkerboard patterns! Each of the floor carpet tiles come in the size 50 x 50 cm, which makes it effortless and easy to combine colours.

A Hassle-Free Installation

An unbeatable advantage of these commercial carpet tiles is that they are not permanent solutions. You can remove, replace or change them whenever you want. The tiles can be reused again and again for future trade shows and other events, saving you time and money.  However, it is important to note that whilst these carpet tiles are easy to dismantle if needed, they are also sturdy and reliable once laid into place. Thanks to their heavy weight, the tiles lay flat and secure, and produce a seamless visual look once the laying is complete.

Before installing the carpet tiles, they need time to acclimatise to the room temperature of the room for renovating. You must also prepare the subfloor, ensuring there is no unevenness, dust, or old adhesives, to provide the optimum surface before laying your new carpet tiles. The carpet squares can be laid individually, by starting from the centre of the room and working outwards. If you would like your carpet to be more securely installed, you can add double-sided tape along the edges of the walls.

The Benefits of Schatex Traffic Carpet Tiles for Your Work Place

Schatex carpet tiles make for a durable and reliable carpeting choice for many applications. Not only is it ideal as office carpet tiles, but the practicality of square carpet tiles that are loosely laid make it a great solution for your trade shows! The flooring absorbs sound, promoting a quiet working environment to provide an excellent atmosphere for concentration. Additionally, for people who are sensitive to dust or have any other allergies, carpet flooring can be a useful partner to trap dust particles and prevent them from circulating in the air. To remove the dust, all that’s needed is a regular vacuum clean, and thus, the indoor air quality is significantly improved thanks to these properties.

With a high wear class of 33, these square carpet tiles can withstand high levels of foot traffic and the heavy demands faced by commercial areas. Schatex Traffic is also suitable to be installed over hot water-based underfloor heating, creating extra warmth and comfort under your feet. The flooring is treated with an anti-static treatment, resulting in a safe working environment for spaces with electronic equipment. With it’s fire protection class of Cfl-s1, the carpet tiles emit only a small of non-toxic smoke in the even of a fire, and therefore this collection is suitable to be installed in entrances and exits of buildings.

Schatex Traffic – Heavy-Duty Carpet Tiles Now at BRICOFLOR

With a selection of different colours, the Schatex Traffic collection offers you carpet tiles that are suited to many commercial settings and is suited to every taste. Benefit from the easy installation, and the durability of the designs by Schatex! Planning a large order? No problem! Contact us today to request a customised offer! Get in touch via email, give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our dedicated experts are happy to help and provide any assistance you need.