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Schatex Eco Professional - Environmentally Friendly Standard

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Schatex Eco Professional

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Schatex Eco Profesionall - Environmentally Friendly Standard

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They are thoughtfully created not only to meet the demands of commercial and office spaces, but the colour palette also ensures that there is even a floor carpet tile design that will fulfil the ultimate goal of making your commercial areas smoother and more comfortable.

When it comes to maintaining any area, the practicality of carpet tiles has a big role to play. Because of the heavyweight of some ranges, they do not require adhesives to be laid and thus you can easily remove and replace them at any time. For offices, Schatex carpet tiles can be laid on a double floor that means, all the cables which are laid under the floor, allow you to save a lot of space in the office. If you need access to the cables, individual tiles can simply be lifted, providing you with easy access.

First Class Durability - Schatex Eco Professional Carpet Tiles

At BRICOFLOR online shop you will find six different exclusive collections of Schatex carpet tiles for every application. No matter whether you need them for exhibition areas or offices, they are manufactured to be highly hard-wearing.

The professional floor covering excels with its suitability for chair castors and its antistatic surface, which not only simplifies cleaning but also prevents the occurrence of discharge sparks. Besides, Schatex carpet tiles in the UK are room sound-insulating and can be used in combination with underfloor heating systems. Schatex Eco Professional self-installing carpet tiles are a safe floor covering. They are classified as fire protection class Bfl-s1 (DIN B1) and are hence flame resistant.

The visual attractiveness of the Schatex collection makes it a favourite choice for many companies. They are made from high-quality polypropylene fibres, and these tiles have an appealing design that provides an elegant look and ambience. A vast range of colours will ensure you find a carpet square to match your space, and the Polyflex fibreglass backing allows it to be easily installed. This type of installation is less prone to errors than glueing carpet, as corrections can be made at any time and the tiles can be replaced if necessary. It is also possible to combine different decors with each other to create an individual look.

Schatex Eco Professional - Inspirations For The Whole Home And Office

Schatex has produced collections for all areas, from cheap carpet tiles for the kitchen to carpet tiles for the office. They together bring quality, design, and practicality and cover the entire range from textile solutions for trade exhibitions and showrooms, to low-cost products for the home areas, to high-end products for demanding business areas. Schatex uses only the best raw materials and state-of-the-art production facilities to manufacture.

First-Class Quality Carpet Tiles:

Schatex products are not just synonymous with affordable price, top quality, and elegant design, they are also great value for money. The labour-intensive tufting process provides a high level of robustness, which is enhanced by the glass fibre backing that is offered to you at the best prices. The carpet floors from Schatex Eco Professional impress with their excellent eco-balance. The climate-neutral carpet tiles are largely made from recycled materials and are made with alternative energy sources. The GuT seal, as well as the CRI Green Label, verify the environmentally friendly and low-emission production, which also has a positive effect on health compatibility and indoor air quality.

Choose Your Desired Carpet Tiles From Schatex carpet tiles!

Take your time to explore our online shop to find the right Schatex flooring for your projects. Our website allows you to order quickly and comfortably. For large orders, we offer customised quotes to ensure you get the best deal for your project. Moreover, we offer a sample service so you can see the quality of the products in person before completing your purchase. Check out Schatex's numerous collections and colours now!