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Schatex Office Extreme – The Definitive Collection of Office Carpet Tiles

Your office and business premises needs to be renovated again and you are looking for a durable flooring that is both aesthetically smart whilst requiring low maintenance. Look no further than the Schatex Office Extreme collection! The carpet tiles from Schatex encompass a powerful blend of aesthetics and technical performance that a truly unique carpet tile can provide!


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Durability at the Core – Schatex Office Extreme

With a utility class rating of 33, this collection of commercial carpet tiles from Schatex were designed to withstand the heavy demands of the office environment. This collection is characterised by quality features that ensure its suitability to be used with office equipment; like its antistatic properties and castor chair suitability. What’s more, the Office Extreme range is made of fibres that produce the colours powerfully, featuring excellent colour fastness, allowing the colour of the carpet tiles to be enjoyed for many years of use. This collection by Schatex, are a popular choice for areas in the heavily frequented property sector such as hotels, restaurants as well as office environments like conference rooms. The modular layouts create a neat and uniform impression without much effort. The Schatex carpet tiles are made of high-quality polyamide, a material that is highly resistant with first-class abrasion behaviour.

The Superior Office Companion – Schatex Carpet Tiles

The collection features a 24 dB sound impact enhancement, which promotes a silent and pleasant working atmosphere. It’s safety features include a high fire protection class Bfl-s1 which makes it not only difficult to ignite, but in the case of a fire, there is slow smoke production. One of the most beneficial properties of these square carpet tiles is their ability to improve indoor air quality. Contrary to popular belief, carpet tiles promote less dust-laden air because they are able to trap the dust particle. Since they can accumulate dust, these carpet tiles essentially act as a filter and you can remove this dust with the regular use of a vacuum cleaner. This is especially beneficial for people with dust allergies.

Capture a Stylish Business Look

The square carpet tiles of the Schatex Office Extreme range are underlined by a professional character. The surface is made of short, velvety soft velour, a compact and dynamic aesthetic. Due to the dense structure, it is difficult to get dirt deeper into the structure of the modular layout. The tread is slightly mottled, which also helps to conceal minor impurities. The 50 x 50 cm carpet tiles can be arranged to create multiple layout patterns when combining different colours. Create a classic checkerboard pattern or divide the rooms into separate sections by different colourations.

Loose Lay Carpet Tiles – Easy Installation For A Fast And Simple Renovation

Unlike many healivy used floors, Schatex carpet tiles have a great advantage of being loosely laid. This means that no extra glue or special adhesives are required to be able to lay these carpet tiles securely. With a heavy weight and special backing, these carpet tiles stay sturdy laying flat and do not move or slip, even with brisk use. The finished look once each individual tile is laid, is a completely flat surface that has the appearance of one carpet roll. Another great advantage of installing individual carpet tiles is the fact that you can easily remove and replace a tile. This is especially useful in the event of a spill or staining on just one area of the floor. You can quickly remove, clean and place the tile back in place without disturbing the entire layout.

Schatex Office Extreme – Durable Carpet Tiles Now Available at BRICOFLOR

Order these durable and stylish collection of office carpet tiles from our online shop. Experience our first-class customer service and contact us with any questions and queries you may have. If you are looking to make a large order for a big project, get in contact to see if you can request a customised offer and receive your carpet tiles at a great price! Additionally, you can request a free sample to assess the quality of this collection for yourself. Reach us by email, telephone or this contact form! We look forward to hearing from you!

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