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SCHATEX OFFICE EXTREME – Carpet tiles built for any office!

Your office and business premises need to be renovated again and you are looking for a durable flooring that is also easy to clean and looks good? Then discover the carpet tiles of the Schatex Office Extreme collection and rely on the powerful blend of aesthetics and technical performance that a truly unique carpet tile can provide!

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Schatex Office Extreme

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If you are wondering how a textile floor covering can be robust and resistant, you will not know Schatex carpet tiles yet! Just a quick look at the utility class confirms: this floor is quite tough! Therefore, they are very popular especially in the heavily frequented property sector and are also appreciated for their unique features. In fact, the floor space is so durable that it can easily cope with the daily requirements of hotels, restaurants or shops. However, carpet tiles are especially common in office and conference rooms. In addition to an insensitive material, the modular layouts also offer one thing above all else: a comparatively soft surface, which creates an incomparable atmosphere. This often helps you to relax noticeably faster and makes it easier to concentrate on the more important things in life.

In addition, the floor is particularly easy to care for and makes a serious and neat impression even without much work. The whole thing is mainly due to the yarn material used by Schatex. This is due to the fact that the usable area was made entirely of high-quality polyamide, a material that is highly resistant and has first-class abrasion behaviour. The fibres reproduce colours powerfully and let them fade only very slowly, which makes this floorcovering look good even after years! For regular cleaning, it is often sufficient to vacuum the floor carpet tiles with a simple vacuum cleaner. 


In addition to its robust features, the carpet squares collection also convinces simply with a chic look, which only underlines a professional character. The surface is made of short, velvety soft velour, which is very compact and dynamic. Due to the densely processed floor space, it is difficult to get dirt into the deeper structures of the modular layout. The colours have also been focused on a serious appearance, which is why you get Schatex Office Extreme in almost all classic shades, such as grey, grey-brown, anthracite or even noble dark blue. The tread is slightly mottled, which also helps to conceal minor impurities

However, classic and serious does not mean that you cannot be creative with this collection. Carpet tiles offer enormous scope for attractive patterns and unique colour combinations. All decors have the same dimensions and can, therefore, be laid side by side edge to edge. The 50 x 50 cm large carpet tiles are ideal for elegant checkerboard patterns, but also colour gradients or an optical separation of rooms by different colourations are quite possible.

Loose lay Carpet Tiles - Easy installation just got even easier!

Unlike many heavily used floors, Schatex carpet tiles also have the great advantage of being loosely laid. This means that they do not have to be glued over the entire surface. Nevertheless, the durable carpet tiles do not slip away even with brisk use. This is due to the high weight of the modules and a special backing that keeps them lying flat without moving. In addition, the back prevents the product from curling at its edges, making a completely laid surface look more common than if it were one piece. The fact that the floor is also bordered by adjacent carpet tiles or objects, such as walls, provides additional support.


However, the high weight only arises when the textile tiles have been joined together. On the other hand, a single carpet square does not weigh much more than one kilogram and can, therefore, be easily lifted. However, since the floor is not glued, you can theoretically do exactly that at any time! This is especially useful if, for some reason, you only want to remove certain parts of the floor. Be it a heavily soiled module that you want to clean or replace, or repairs that require you to get to the underlying screed. Instead of disregarding parts of your flooring, they can now easily be lifted and later relocated exactly at that location. In fact, even when you move, you can easily pack your Office Extreme and use it in your new rooms! The whole process does not even take much time so that the daily work routine in the office does not have to be interrupted for particularly long. 


A durable and easy-care floor space, a chic design and easy installation all argue for the Schatex carpet tiles, but the Office Extreme has all sorts of features that make it such a unique product. For example, no soundproofing should be missing in any office or restaurant to guarantee a quieter soundscape. That's why the collection also has a 24 dB impact sound enhancement, which is supposed to do just that. For additional safety, only low-flammability materials were used, which was characterized by the high fire protection class Bfl-s1. This not only means that the tiles are difficult to ignite, they only produce a low smoke. For the safe use of computer equipment, the tiles have anti-static properties. The manufacturer has tried to make this product as office-friendly as possible.

However, one of the most important properties of textile floor coverings is their positive effect on indoor air quality. Contrary to popular belief, they provide much less dust-laden air because they are able to bind dust particles to their fibres. As a result, accumulating domestic and fine dust is partially filtered out of your breathing air, which can lead to an enormous alleviation of the symptoms, especially in the case of a dust allergy. Not only allergy sufferers benefit from this phenomenon, you and your employees will appreciate the less polluted air and can concentrate better in the pleasant atmosphere. To maintain this effect permanently, all you have to do is make sure the floor has enough capacity to bind the dust. This is easily achieved by cleaning the carpet tiles regularly with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


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