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Schatex Simply Soft - Bring your space to life with some amazing carpet tiles!

The Schatex Simply Soft collection offers you new standards in the field of cosy living room design! The high-quality material invites you to rest and relax, while the gentle yarn flatters your feet. Lay the class 23 carpet tiles in your living area as well as in other lightly used property areas and experience how the carpet squares add new life to your life. 

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Schatex Simply Soft

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Enjoy the warmth of high-quality carpet tiles as you get up and feel safe and secure right from the first few steps!


Utility class 23 characterizes Schatex carpet tiles as the optimal floor for heavily used living areas and can, therefore, be used even in areas such as the hallway or the study. As we all know, a busy family can often present the toughest challenge for a floor but thanks to their high-quality, these carpet squares will withstand the test. Otherwise, the first-class yarn is also excellent in your own bedroom and living room, where you will always be enthusiastic about the warm and inviting material. Depending on the degree of use, it is best by cleaning them regularly with the help of a vacuum cleaner, to ensure that your carpet continues to enrich your space without the fear of spills damaging it.


Did you know that floor carpet tiles coverings ensure better indoor air quality? Many dust-sensitive people or people with allergies have long been aware of this fact and are therefore particularly fond of carpet tiles! The secret of the floor covering lies in the fibres of the usable area, which serve as natural filters and bind the dust circulating in the air. However, not only allergy sufferers can enjoy this effect. You will certainly be able to appreciate and enjoy the less dusty air throughout your home or office. In addition to the pleasant effect in the bedroom or living room, you will also find a better concentration in the study and a more harmonious environment overall. 

Carpets Squares that are available in a number of engrossing shades and colours!

So, you can furnish your rooms according to your own taste, you get the carpet tiles by Schatex in 10 different shades, which promise a varied design. Classics such as light grey, brown-grey, crème or beige make for a subtle decoration of your rooms and can be perfectly combined with a variety of furniture. On the other hand, if you want to set some light accents, you will also receive the Simply Soft in powerful red and violet tones, in harmonious light green, in a deep navy blue or even in a light turquoise. For the floor itself, soft velour is used. It not only looks particularly compact and dense, it also has a slight shimmering effect on top, which makes the modular display products look particularly high-quality. Last but not least, these floor carpet tiles correspond to the high luxury class 5, which only underscores their feel-good factor in the living area! The fibres themselves protrude a full 10 mm in height and provide a comfortable walking experience.

One enormous advantage that carpet tiles offer, among other things, is the fact that you do not have to commit yourself to a particular colour. In contrast to conventional rolls, thanks to the 50 x 50 cm tile format, all decors can be easily laid side by side and combined. Let your creativity run wild and create a truly unique flooring, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. In addition to classic checkerboard patterns, the individual colours can be used as subtle room dividers or stylishly stage individual areas. Just another great aspect of choosing carpet tiles for your room!


If you have not dealt further with carpet squares, you may be happy to hear that they are easy to install. Thanks to their loose laying method, they do not have to be cumbersome. They hold alone by their high weight in the composite, which is why they do not slip or move. A special backing ensures that the individual modules do not buckle at the edges. This not only prevents dangerous tripping hazards, the carpet tiles can also be laid exactly next to one another, giving the impression of a continuous surface when the modules are lying down. By dispensing with adhesive, Schatex Simply Soft is not only easier to apply, but also easier to remove! For example, if you need to move, you can simply collect your floor carpet tiles and take it with you. In addition, so damaged or heavily soiled pieces can be removed specifically from the composite and you can remove them, replace or clean. Just loosen a single tile and lift it up. No reason to exchange the whole floor due to a stubborn stain! In addition, the handy format can be easily transported and even winding rooms are equipped in no time at all. This features makings them particularly useful as office carpet tiles, saving you and your business valuable time.

Quick and easy to fit carpet tiles!

The fact that the Schatex Simply Soft carpet squares are not glued, ensures that you have the option to change your mind. You do not even need help and expensive tools are not necessary! Just have some double-sided tape, a measuring tape, a pen and a standard utility knife ready and it can basically good to go. Please note, however, that the following instructions are of a general nature and you should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer and we, therefore, assume no responsibility for the final installation. You will, therefore, find a concise installation guide for carpet tiles in our practical home improvement magazine, where you can easily read what exactly applies to your installation!


DO you want the velvety soft feeling of Schatex Simply Soft on your feet? Then grab it now and get the first-class carpet tiles for your own home! Simply order from BRICOFLOR at home, get to know our excellent customer service and benefit from our first-class conditions! With us, you get your product selection, for example, at the best price, thanks to our proven best price guarantee! If you would like to have a personal look at your flooring, our free sample service will be available for you to request informative examples of your dream decorations. Convince yourself first of appearance and quality, before you request your new flooring! For larger order quantities, we also create, if possible, an individual offer on demand, where you can sometimes save even more! Do you have any questions about the product, your order or would like to get an individual offer? In this case, we are also happy to personally available. Just call us on our hotline, send us an e-mail or use our handy contact form to get in contact with us. We look forward to hearing from you!