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Sommer Needlepunch – Carpet Tiles for Offices, Trade Fairs and Events

During trade fairs there is often a lot of hectic people rushing from booth to booth to find as many new clients as possible. Generally, there is plenty of traffic and specifically for that reason it is essential to have a proper flooring, able to withstand all the footfall, but at the same time can be removed rather quickly and conveniently if necessary. Sommer Needlepunch is the perfect product for these situations, since the carpet tiles are available in larger sizes than traditional pieces. The result is that you can cover big spaces quicker and with less effort. The French company Sommer Needle Punch is an expert in this area and offers high-quality and resilient solutions for most commercial areas. These include offices, exhibition halls, medical practices, events and the food and beverage industry. You can order these amazing carpet tiles in 6 different colours, ranging from neutral classic nuances with an appealing veining all the way to a modern and more vibrant red or blue. As you can see Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles are a great alternative for commercial flooring, especially due to their hardwearing properties. Furthermore, the quick and simple installation is a major benefit in comparison to traditional carpeting. These tiles are loose-laying, so once the event is finished, they can easily be removed and reused in a different occasion if needed. Hence, this product is extremely versatile and flexible, in terms of transportation, installation and removal.

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Carpet tile expert Sommer Needlepunch – A company rich in tradition and experience

Founded in 1880, the French company Sommer Needlepunch can look back on a long tradition and history that fostered crucial experience over the years. The acquired knowledge has led them to manufacturing incredible products of high quality. On a daily basis technicians carefully evaluate the yarn’s resilience and excellence. With this approach, the company guarantees consistent premium quality for their customers. They also keep most of their carpet tiles in stock, to ensure faster delivery times when orders come in. Sommer Needlepunch is also actively engaged in the effect that they as a company have on the environment. Specifically for that reason, they have products that are completely recyclable to reduce waste by continuously reusing old and worn out tiles. Another important area for this firm is to focus on reducing CO2 emissions while moving forward with their production to help contribute to a better future.

Loose-laying Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles with an unobtrusive and elegant design

From a visual perspective, these captivating needlepunch carpet tiles are the ideal basis for interior design. Discreet colours combined with an attractive veining make for a very pleasant looking floor. Additionally, the yarn comprises different nuances that coherently fit together and leave you with a stunning visual impression. The collection Sommer Needlepunch Concord offers loose-lay carpet tiles with a non-woven surface. The veined yarn provides a certain depth to this product that is optically appealing and provides practical use too. With this type of yarn it is difficult to notice any stains or dirt, which can come in handy when hosting an event or trade fair, considering that even if the carpet tiles should get dirty, there is no immediate need to act on it. 7 timeless colour types ensure your freedom in presenting the area, since you can either choose the classical path with grey, black, beige or brown nuances or you can pick a lively and more vivid tone, such as red or blue. Loose-laying carpet tiles have the incredible advantage that you can lay them side by side without any adhesives and it will seem as if there was one continuous floor in front of you that at any given time you can disassemble again and use elsewhere. The same applies to the needle velour carpet tiles of the Sommer Needlepunch Effex collection. The 3 classic colours of this selection are visually upgraded through the coarse pattern of the velour surface. Similarly to the other assortment, the tone variations in Effex create a subtle and elegant look that complement each other and in the end leave you with an effective flooring, which does not overstimulate. Since both collections are modular carpet tiles, you can freely mix Effex and Concord products with each other to create a unique floor containing two different surfaces and colours. This can be especially useful for trade fairs, in which you can separate different areas by means of the carpet tiles instead of using dividing walls. There is the option to use one specific colour for each side of the room or hall. As such, the carpet tiles will indicate the separation between certain areas.

Sommer Needlepunch – Hardwearing carpet tiles

Mainly in commercial settings it is of utter importance that you have a strong and resilient floor. Usually, there is a lot of traffic and various stands and other furniture is built up and afterwards taken down again. This kind of work can greatly damage carpet tiles, although in this case, Sommer Needlepunch Concord is able to withstand this kind of pressure considering that the tiles fit the wear classification 33 (recommended for heavy commercial use). In addition, this product is compatible with underfloor heating and is flame-retardant (fire protection classification Bfl-s1). Both of these carpet tiles have sound insulation capabilities that help reduce the noise. This is another important factor for exhibition fairs or other events. There will always be a lot of chatter on these occasions, ergo a lot of noise. Since people constantly move around it is beneficial that at least the sound of the footsteps is reduced so the entire focus can be on the talking. The big advantage of this collection in comparison to all other carpet tiles is that these can be chosen in different sizes. Both of them are available in either 1x1m or 2x1m, which can help dramatically when looking to lay a floor in a large hall. Sommer Needlepunch Concord is even available in the traditional carpet tiles size of 50cm x 50cm. Do not miss out on this unique proposition.

Effortless installation of Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles

Efficiency is one of the most important requirements in the commercial sector. Reaching the maximum result by investing as little effort and time as necessary is crucial. You could say the same for Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles. Already at the stage of transporting, it is much easier to deliver 2x1m tiles than large and extreme heavy carpet rolls. The next point is installation. There is no need for additional adhesives, as these loose-laying carpet tiles can be simply laid next to each other and because of their synthetic polyolefin backing there is absolutely no risk of them sliding or moving in any way. So, even if you need to change something during an event, hypothetically you can pick of individual tiles and move them around as you like. Even after they fulfilled their use you can just remove the floor easily and lay it out another time when necessary. As you can see, this product offers a lot of advantages that should be considered when hosting an event. In comparison with other carpet tiles, this collection has a distinctive backing. It is especially interesting for events in sport halls or if you need it for a stage. The reason is that traditional carpet tiles use a black bitumen backing that can stain the underground, whereas the synthetic backing of Sommer Needlepunch will leave the underfloor as it was before.

Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles now available on BRICOFLOR UK

Sommer Needlepunch is a specialist for event and trade fair flooring renowned for their high quality and attractive solutions, especially when it comes to hardwearing carpet tiles. Naturally, you can find both the Fine Needlepunch Concord and the effective Needle Velour Effex selection here in our online shop BRICOFLOR UK. Browse our offers and convince yourself of the quality of these fine products. If any doubt should still remain, do not hesitate to contact us or request a free sample.

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