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Tretford carpet tiles – Quality textile floor covering made from natural materials

For more than 50 years now, Tretford is known for using high quality Cashmere goat-hair for manufacturing their carpets. They are not only very sustainable but particularly they improve the atmospheric environment of any area or room with the help of their natural materials.

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Nowadays, it has become more popular to utilise carpet tiles instead of the conventional carpet floorings due to the many benefits they offer, such as flexibility and cost. These robust products have revolutionised the current flooring business, especially in the commercial sector. Therefore, Tretford carpet tiles offer all the advantages of a sturdy and reliable carpet, combined with the versatility and easy handling of carpet tiles. The main difference between Tretford’s products and all other manufacturers of this type of flooring is the composition of natural materials that ensure eco-friendliness and toxin free living. Furthermore, the entire company philosophy is based on corporate responsibility, sustainability and the preservation of the planet’s finite resources. Apart from all the firm’s serious convictions, they also emphasise strongly the importance of having an appealing design for their carpet tile collections. Tretford provides a substantial offer of timeless colours that will fit any person’s desires and taste.

The nature-focused company philosophy by Tretford is a worldwide recipe for success

It does not come as a surprise that the name of this renowned and popular product has become a synonym for the entire company. In the 1950s the company was founded as Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG. and has since then established itself worldwide, selling successfully in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. The firm’s philosophy, which entails sustainability, responsibility and preservation of resources, ensures their strong position in the flooring business due to continuously rising eco-awareness of the general public and especially organisations. The focus of the entire production is on the utilisation of recyclable materials that can then again be reused for new high grade products. As such, there is a continuous circle that is able to generate new carpet tiles without the need to exhaust the planet’s finite resources. Although, the company has experienced international success, they are loyal to their roots. Therefore, in 2007 Tretford built a whole new business compound in Weseln that contains a production facility, a warehouse and an administration office that ultimately shortens transportation routes and saves time. Loose-lay Tretford carpet tiles can be installed completely without the need of any adhesives, which generally helps the environment and the underfloor it is supposed to lay on. It also benefits the environment and health of people frequenting the indoor area due to minimising the use of harmful toxins within glues or primers. Not only the ECO-collection of Tretford is good for the environment, but the remaining assortments are all manufactured based on the ideology of creating a greener and healthier future for all of us.

Wool carpet tiles by Tretford – Unlimited colour and exciting design options

Tretford carpet tiles are manufactured from solely first-class materials that are not only extremely hardwearing but also provide a vibrant and expressive colour palette. The goat-hair collection Tretford Eco Carpet Tiles is available in any colour you can imagine. Suitable for domestic use and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. One of the main characteristics of Tretford is the distinctive ribbed corduroy structure that is a trademark of these goat-hair tiles. Moreover, you can choose your flooring in 66 spectacular hues that allow you to create a stunning and unique environment. All nuances are influenced by nature in some way and therefore enforce the idea of providing a product that is entirely based on natural elements. There is a wide array of contemporary tones such as anthracites, browns, greys and beiges. In addition to that, the firm offers a broad spectrum of vibrant shades ranging from bright yellows, oranges and reds to multiple types of forest greens as well as different naval and ocean blues. This array of colours is available for both of the domestic collections. Plus7 has a little smaller palette of 39 colours, which still provides an immense choice that should sufficiently cover any needs and desires. All Tretford carpet tiles are conceptualised for laying them in a checkerboard pattern, so that the ribbed structure is accentuated, creating a modern and timeless look.

Tretford carpet tiles – Meticulous manufacturing of sustainable materials

Famous for their special goat-hair flooring, the company Tretford is extremely eco-focused. The Cashmere-goats are raised responsibly in Mongolia and are strictly monitored through experienced breeders. On the elevated plains of Asia, the animals are exposed to harsh temperature swings that during winter lead to the production of high quality warm wool. In the following summer the wool is carefully hand-cut and makes up the basis of these Tretford wool carpet tiles that are aspired by so many people. The use of sustainable raw materials and their recyclability is the basic module for eco-friendly handling and manufacturing. Depending on where you want to install the carpet tiles, the company either offers a purist version suitable for domestic use or the sturdier commercial version that includes Polyamide yarn in the process to give this flooring an additional resilience, able to withstand heavy footfall in offices or other public areas. With all this focus on sustainability it is just as important not to forget the quality aspect of this premium product. As intended by nature the material provides a very good heat insulation and is able to regulate liquids. In other words, its characteristics allow it to either retain moisture or release when necessary. The faultless sound insulation can positively affect daily life situations as well as improve the working atmosphere and productivity in an office. A layer of fat that resides within the goat-hair simplifies maintenance, since in most cases it can be cleaned by only using carbo-hydrated water, instead of utilising hazardous cleaning products.

This is another positive aspect speaking for Tretford’s actions to help the environment as much as possible. In addition, dirt and fine dust particles are absorbed into the carpet tile and as a result improve the indoor air quality of any room that has this flooring.  

Loose-lay Tretford flooring – Uncomplicated and quick installation

For many years now, carpet tiles have been conquering the market that was previously dominated by carpet rolls. There are several reasons for that, but it is mainly due to the practical size of carpet tiles and their extreme flexibility in terms of transportation and installation. As the name already suggests, loose-lay means that this flooring can be installed without the need of any adhesives. This has many benefits such as keeping the underfloor intact and it helps preserving the environment. Basically, any person can lay carpet tiles in a short time without ever requesting the help of a professional. Maintenance is another simple task when it comes to this type of floor covering, considering that you can easily remove any specific tile and clean it independently or in the worst case scenario completely replace the damaged or stained piece with a new one. The manufacturer Tretford advises to install them in a checkerboard pattern to induce a unique look that can impress even more through the combination of different colours. 

Tretford – Quality carpet tiles for any given situation

As you can see, there are many advantages you can gain from purchasing Tretford carpet tiles that not only play an important role in preserving the environment by manufacturing in the most sustainable way as well as using natural materials. As much as the planet profits from this green production, the customer does too. You will receive a sturdy premium flooring that has the wellbeing of the earth in mind and offers plenty of benefits such as improving the indoor air quality and reducing the noise from footsteps through its sound insulation properties. Last but not least, the Cashmere goat-hair ensures that you will always have an easy to maintain surface.

So, if you think that these remarkable carpet tiles are a viable option for your floor, then browse our online shop and find all collections and colours offered by Tretford. If you want to convince yourself first of the quality, go ahead and order a free sample. Otherwise, there is always the possibility to immediately place an order for the desired amount to be installed. If you should have any questions concerning this product, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service for additional advice.