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Forbo Flotex colour: Discover first-class textile flooring

What happens when the practical advantages of textile and elastic flooring solutions combine to form a single floor covering? Forbo Flotex Colour - a high-quality flock flooring that scores with unbeatable quality, an extraordinary construction and an appealing design.

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Forbo Flotex Colour

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Innovation meets technical expertise

The practical advantages of carpets by the meter can primarily be traced back to the high-quality material: With a surface made of the finest nylon fibres, the textile covering has the first-class durability and will retain its attractive appearance even after years of intensive use.

Thanks to the waterproof back of the carpets, mechanical wet cleaning with subsequent quick drying is also possible. Even when damp, the Flotex sheet goods have a non-slip surface, so that wet cleaning is also possible during operation.

So you can enjoy warm flooring in the colder seasons, the textile carpets can be easily combined with floor heating to warm water-based. In order to ensure your personal safety, the floor covering can be classified as flames retardant in accordance with fire protection class Bfl-s1. In addition, the antistatic equipment prevents electrostatic charges from damaging your electronic devices.

Powerful carpeting for your living or contract area

Occupied by the highest usage class in the contract sector, the textile carpeting is suitable for installation in areas with different loads, even in heavily frequented contract rooms. Since the textile floor can withstand the regular effects of chair castors even in the commercial sector, it is a suitable option for installation in the office area.

In order to offer a quiet and pleasant living and working environment, the Flotex sheet material has 19 dB impact sound insulation, which also speaks for its suitability for offices and various educational institutions.

Easy breathing for allergy sufferers

Due to its antibacterial and hygienic properties, Forbo Flotex textile goods are a suitable option for allergy suffers. In addition, fine dust and allergens are bound to the surface thanks to the practical construction of the carpeting, which means that they can be removed without intensive cleaning. The carpet by the meter, therefore, meets the strict requirements of the British Allergy Foundation, which measures the suitability of certain products for allergy sufferers.

Various textile goods for every style

Available in 90 stylish decors which open Flotex broadloom you limitless prospects for a modern and stylish interior design. You can choose between four appealing qualities: Metro, Calgary, Penang and Canyon.

While the simple, grey or blue designs leave space for a colourful interior, you can also choose numerous colour-intensive decors that transform your living or work area into a colourful eye-catcher. Alternatively, you can also choose a black design to create an exciting contrast to a bright interior.

Install Forbo Flotex colour quickly and safely

The Flotex Color textile goods can be laid on any surface that is firm, stable, permanently dry and even. First, you should lay the flock covering in the longitudinal direction of the primary traffic routes. The individual roles are numbered and should therefore be processed in the specified order. Then you should lay the sheets in the direction of the arrow on the back facing the light. You can then roll up the sheets in one direction before they can be glued individually. As an adhesive, you should only use solvent-free EC1 dispersion adhesives that are resistant to chair casters.

Environmentally friendly furnishings with Forbo flooring

The careful use of the environment and its resources is of central importance at Forbo. The company therefore always strives to make the entire life cycle of the products - from manufacture to use - as sustainable as possible. Manufactured with renewable energy and recycled content of up to 20%, the Flotex sheet material scores with first-class sustainability values. You also don't have to worry about questionable ingredients.

Forbo Flotex colour: Discover first-class textile flooring at a top price

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Still need time to think? No problem, because with our sample service you can reconsider your decision in your own four walls and thus choose the perfect floor covering for your facility. If you have larger construction plans, we recommend that you request an individual offer, stating the required quantities, and in this way save even more money.

If you have any questions or other comments, please do not hesitate to contact a friendly and competent employee of our online shop or contact us by email, phone or our contact form so that we can help you find your dream floor.