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Vorwerk Essential 1031 - The Reliable Carpet for Homes and Businesses

As a successful and experienced company in carpet manufacturing, Vorwerk understands what counts when it comes to strong and reliable carpeting. The Essential 1031 collection simply fulfills every requirement with its numerous resilient features. Its’ high-class properties allows you to use the carpeting in versatile applications, while its discreet appearance creates a stylish ambience.

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Vorwerk Essential 1031

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Durable Carpet from Vorwerk Made of First-Class Material

With a utility class 32, the Vorwerk Essential 1031 collection can be used in various areas of application. From staircases to business areas such as restaurants, shop floors, this collection also makes an ideal choice for office carpeting! The textile carpet convinces with its high wear resistance, which is even matched to the castor chairs in office environments. The Essential 1031 collection is also suitable for rooms throughout your home. It’s ability to withstand heavy loads in the residential sector means you can equip your study rooms, staircases and entryways with the Vorwerk carpet.

The carpet of the Vorwerk Essential collection is both robust and soft, achieving a welcoming and homely feel. The high quality yarn material is made of 100% polyamide, which is known for its first-class properties. What’s more, the individual decors score with intense colour strength, and thanks to its high light fastness, you can enjoy the vividness of the carpet colours for many years without the worry of it fading. The carpet is also easy to clean and maintain, many impurities can be removed with the help of a simple vacuum cleaner.

The Benefits of Carpet Flooring You Do Not Want to Go Without

One of the great benefits of carpet flooring is its ability to improve indoor air quality. The textile fibres act like natural dust filters, trapping any dust particles that come into contact, and preventing them from circulating around the room. This dramatically reduces the dust content you breath in, and thus, carpets are especially suitable for allergy sufferers or those sensitive to dust.The bound dust particles are then simply removed with regular vacuum cleaning. What’s more, the carpet of the Vorwerk Essential collection can be combined with underfloor heating systems, which not only adds luxurious warmth to your feet, but also changes the air circulation in your rooms, which makes it difficult for dust particles to spread. It’s safety features include its high fire protection class Cfl-s1, characterised by low smoke development in case of a fire. In addition, the high impact sound insulation, which reduces impact sound by up to 26 dB, ensures further comfort at home and in the office.

Carpet in 15 Different Shades for an Individual Design

The Essential 1031 collection is available in 15 different decors capturing stylish and timeless colours. For a neutral and professional interior, you can find various shades of anthracite and grey carpets. For a warm and homely environment, there are beige and brown tones that are particularly charming. For more playful interiors, opt from bright red, green and blue carpet variants. The tufted loop pile creates a slight ribbed structure, making the flooring a very dynamic and compact impression.

Discover the First-Class Vorwerk Essentials 1031 Carpet at BRICOFLOR!

If you’ve been convinced that the Vorwerk Essential 1031 collection is the ideal carpet for your space, order your favourite design from the collection today with just a few clicks! To help you select your favourite decor, we offer a free sample service so you can assess the different colours for yourself before making your purchase. What’s more, if you are looking to make a large order for a big project, you can get in touch and we may be able to offer you a customised offer! To get in touch with our team of experts, simply call, email, or complete our contact form and we will happily assist with your enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!