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Vorwerk Exclusive – The Superlative and Colourful Collection

The Vorwerk Exclusive carpet collection comprises of excellent craftsmanship yielded from superlatives and vibrant yarns. The fine materials and striking features of the Vorwerk carpet can help you to meet the finest interior visions and highest demands in many applications.

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Vorwerk Exclusive

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Get Inspired by the Exclusive Designs – Vorwerk Carpets

The carpets of the Vorwerk Exclusive range achieve a special quality through its elegant and homely designs which are also highly durable, business-sufficient, professional and sophisticated. In the home, textile flooring ensures a soft and warm floor, which is particularly welcome in bedrooms and living rooms. The collection also makes a great choice of office carpet flooring thanks to its antistatic properties which ensure safety with electric office equipment. In the contract sector, the usage class 33 reinforces its resilience and durability. The Vorwerk Exclusive carpets can equip hotels, areas in catering, offices and retail applications.

Individual Character in Three Striking Designs

The striking designs of the Exclusive collection are available in three distinct designs. The Exclusive 1030 designs, inspired by neutral, organic and subtle colours for sophisticated and warm interiors. The Vorwerk Exclusive 1009 decors features a timeless colour pallet. The other selection of decors from the Exclusive 1023 consists of vibrant and bold designs for exciting interior designs.

Vorwerk Carpets – High Standards and Sustainable Production

The high-quality carpets manufactured by Vorwerk is a product of its excellent production practices committed to efficiency and sustainability. Not only has the company established itself as trend driven, but it has a high commitment to low-emission production based on the most sustainable resources possible. In this framework, the company also relies on new technologies and inventions to optimise and reduce energy consumption. What’s more, the environmental aspects also link strongly to the carpets themselves, as the Vorwerk carpets feature various eco-labels, such as the label “Life Balance”. These have been tested for harmful substances and particulate matter and are a first-class choice especially for those with allergies.

The Benefits of the Vorwerk Exclusive Collection

One great benefit of carpet flooring is its excellent ability to bind dust particles and prevent them from circulating around the room. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers, and the dust can be removed simply with a vacuum cleaner. For an added touch of luxury, you can pair the carpet flooring of the Exclusive collection with an underfloor heating system to ensure extra warmth and comfort for your feet. Another advantage is the soft surface, which, in addition to a pleasant feeling, immediately reduces the impact sound. So, you do not have to buy an additional insulation mat to provide a quiet background noise. The final level of impact sound insulation depends on your final product choice.

Vorwerk Exclusive Carpet Now at BRICOFLOR

Convince yourself of the Vorwerk Exclusive carpet flooring and create your ideal interior with the diverse decors of the collection! To help make your selection easier, we offer a free sample service so you can assess your favourite designs before you make your order. For larger projects, you may be able to request a customised offer so you can receive your new carpet flooring at an even better price! Get in touch with our experts via email, telephone or complete our contact form and we will happily assist!