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Vorwerk Superior 1035 - The Carpet for those Who Require High Durability

Discover the Vorwerk Superior 1035, a smart combination of high performance and style into a carpet collection designed to enhance every aspect of your interiors. Featuring a pleasant velor surface in a rich variety of colours, this collection of carpets is bursting with many practical features suited for commercial areas with high traffic demands.

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Vorwerk Superior 1035

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Versatile and Robust - Vorwerk Carpets for Many Applications

The Vorwerk Superior 1035 collection achieves the utility class 33, which signals its suitability for commercial areas with high levels of footfall traffic. The carpet features high durability in hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. Its surface is extremely sturdy and robust, and also creates a chic effect, to create a charming room ambience. Of course, the carpet is also suitable to be used throughout the home, including bedrooms, living areas and hallways and staircases.

This duality of soft surface and high resistance is thanks to the 6.5mm yarn material of consisting entirely of polyamide. This is a particularly high quality textile material combining many beneficial properties. Thus, the carpets are very resistant to abrasion, making impressions made by furniture and footfall difficult. Thanks to the materials’ high lightfastness, the vibrant colours of the decors fade very slowly. The fibres feature high resistance to soiling, which makes the carpet extremely easy to care for.

Practical Properties for Comfort in Every Day

In additions to its robust properties and high quality, the Vorwerk carpet also impresses with its numerous features that can have a positive effect on your health. One of the main benefits of carpet flooring, is its proven ability to improve the air quality in rooms. When fine dust particles that usually spread and circulate around rooms come into contact with the carpet fibres, they become trapped, preventing them from continuing to circulate around the room, thus improving the indoor air climate. The accumulated trapped dust can be removed with a simple vacuum clean. This is particularly beneficial for those who suffer with allergies.

For an added fell of luxury, the Vorwerk Superior 1035 collection is compatible with underfloor heating systems. The collection is also ideal for office flooring as features an antistatic treatment, preventing electrical charges passing through, and is compatible with the use of castor chair wheels. Meaning that you can use all your electrical equipment and office chairs with ensured safety. What’s more, the carpets feature an impressive sound impact reduction up to 28 dB, promoting a silent working environment. Finally, it achieves the fire behaviour classification Bfl-s1, meaning it produces slow and low levels of smoke in case of a fire.

Elegant Velour Carpet in 21 Different Colours

The soft velour carpet is presented in 21 different shades from a rich and luxurious colour pallet. For a professional ambience, numerous decors in black, taupe and grey are available for a neutral design. For other areas which aim to exude character, various vibrant shades of red and blue are available. The carpet decors feature a slight mottling, which not only looks great, but conveniently conceals slight impurities.

Vorwerk Superior 1035 - Stylish and Durable Carpet Now Available at BRICOFLOR

Don’t miss out on the strong features of the Vorwerk Superior 1035. Here at BRICOFLOR we aim to make the choice easier for you, and offer a free sample service for you select your favourite decor in person. For larger projects we offer customised offers so you can get the most attractive price possible! To get in touch with our team of experts, simply call, email, or complete our contact form and we will happily assist you with your order!