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Cortex CorkNatura - Natural And Stylish Floors

The Cortex Corknatura collection by Cortex offers the ideal solution for all those who wish to take advantage of its natural …
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It is also extremely hygienic as a floor and is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. There are 18 different models in this collection, which leaves ample choice for your renovation project. Cortex Corknatura has an innovative click system, easy to install for anyone, regardless of experience level. This collection offers a high-quality and natural alternative to the other floors, making each room a real attraction and ideal to be used as kitchen cork flooring.

Experience the epitome of hygienic and allergy-friendly flooring with Cortex Corknatura. Choose from 18 diverse models, providing abundant options for your renovation project. Their innovative click system ensures easy installation for all, regardless of experience level. Cortex Corknatura offers a premium, natural alternative to laminate flooring, and can transform every room into a captivating space.

Unveiling Nature's Elegance with Cortex Corknatura

Cortex Corknatura offers everyone the right floor for their needs. Each floor is composed of 5 different layers, where the lowest is simply a covering of the cork roll that serves as sound insulation. The overlying layer consists of an HDF support plate, into which the innovative Corkloc click system is integrated.

Above this is the cork support mat, which ensures that the floor is soft underfoot and absorbs sound and heat. In addition, there is the top layer that contains the floor design. There are 18 different styles to choose from, including both light and dark colours, and both smooth and structured designs. 

Reliable Cork Flooring for High Demands

Cortex offers natural and lasting solutions in its Corknatura collection. The flooring can be used both at home and in the commercial sector and has been optimally adapted for use in very busy residential areas, as well as in low-traffic commercial areas. For this reason, it has to wear classes 23 and 31. This cork flooring has a total thickness of 10.5 mm and, thanks to its dimensional stability of ≤ 5%, it is ready to satisfy all requests and needs. The top layer of the floor protects it from scratches and keeps the flooring as simple as possible. Thanks to its exclusive top layer, the cork floor is easy to clean and durable.

Effortless Installation for All

The Corknatura collection is incredibly easy to install and can be installed by virtually anyone, regardless of experience level. The cork floor requires no adhesive and can be used on most subfloors. This includes all hard floors like wooden floors, but the carpet should be removed before installation. Any dirt, dust or grease must be cleaned before the floor can be installed, and any escape routes must be levelled.

You'll also need a moisture barrier, a plastic film with a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm. The sub-layer is not necessary, as it already has excellent sound insulation. Installation is simple and requires only the tongue and groove to be fixed and pressed with a soft rubber hammer. Make sure there is a distance of 5 mm from the wall to allow for the material to expand during the summer months. The remaining piece of the board is then used to start another row of floors. A great advantage of this flooring is that it can be used immediately after installation.

Durable Beauty with Cortex

Corknatura floating cork flooring is not only beautiful but also extremely durable! The Natur and CM-Pro collections are suitable for commercial use, as in boutiques and offices, and have to wear classes 23 and 31. They are also fire-resistant, with the classes of Cfl-s1 and Efl-s1. The soft cork material guarantees good sound insulation and the furniture leaves no scratches or dents. Cortex products are created to the highest quality standards and are backed up by regular checks with excellent results. This includes various seals, such as the approval of buildings by BiBt, which is the cork logo.

Seize the Comfort of Cortex Corknatura

If you've always wanted a comfortable floor with natural origins, CorkNatura by Cortex is the right floor for you! Nuremberg's premium supplier for cork flooring offers a high-quality product with a natural-looking design. Order today in our online store and take advantage of our best price guarantee and sample service.

If you need a bigger order, no problem - we can customise an individual offer just for you. If you have questions about our products, don't hesitate to call us and our friendly customer service team would be more than happy to assist.

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