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Cortex Veranatura - cork flooring with wooden design

The modern Cortex Veranatura collection by Cortex meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements: it is extremely durable, robust, and offers a natural appearance.

£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²
£46.95 per m²

The combination of the latest printing technology, as well as the use of natural materials, will give you a product whose comfort and excellent appearance will satisfy you for a long time. Furthermore, Cortex Veranatura is equipped with the innovative Corkloc laying system, which makes it possible to install simple and without glue, even the less experienced. With a variety of 12 different decorations, a wide range of different types of wood is covered. The Cortex supplier offers this collection a natural alternative free of harmful substances without sacrificing quality.

Cork flooring with multi-functional decorations and wooden design

This collection offers a surface with a natural-realistic look, which has something to offer for all tastes. Available in 8 different decorations, the collection shows its optical diversity. Thanks to the modern imprint, in which the wood grain is regulated in a tactile way, it is difficult to distinguish the cork floor from the real parquet. Each board consists of 5 layers, the first of which is a vinyl backing, which compensates for unevenness in the floor. It features a cork core made of a mixture of granules with the PressFit installation system, which also provides sound insulation, warmth and comfort. Above is the layer of vinyl. Going forward, there is the upper layer of vinyl containing the print and the synchronous relief with a wear layer of 0.55 mm thickness.

Maximum quality for high demands

Both at home and in commercial areas, the Cortex collection is an ideal companion: it can be used in the high-traffic living area (NK 23), for example in living rooms or corridors, but also in the busy commercial area (NK 33) , As in department stores or in open-space offices, without problems of laying. You will receive a 25-year manufacturer's warranty in the residential sector and 15 years in the corporate sector.

Thanks to its dimensional stability of ≤ 5%, the PCP-free floor is prepared for all needs and, thanks to its PU surface finish, is particularly easy to clean.

High quality cork flooring with versatile technical features

From a technical point of view, the cork flooring is also very convincing because the versatile quality features are stimulating: these contribute to your comfort and also to your safety. Among other things, this Cortex Veranatura collection has very good fire performance, because it has a Bfl-s1 fire protection class. The soft natural material guarantees good insulation from impact noise thanks to 17 dB. Furthermore, Cortex products are characterised by high quality standards, guaranteed by regular internal and external controls, documented with excellent results. All Cortex floor coverings were awarded with the general approval of the DiBt construction. They also offer the quality seal of the Deutscher Korkverband, the so-called cork certifiers.

Simplified installation with the Corkloc installation system

Thanks to the innovative Corkloc system, the floorboards are just as easy to lay as the other floor coverings with a click system: this allows them to be laid quickly and without glue.

The cork parquet can be laid on most hard floors, such as screeds or wooden floors. But the types of soft floors, such as carpets, must first be removed.

After removing dirt and grease and compensating for any inequalities, a wet barrier is laid. For this purpose, a plastic film is required. Since the cork floor is already integrated with the soundproofing of footsteps, it is not necessary to place any further filters under the floorboards. Now you just have to lay your floor. At the end of each row, the board must be sawn so as to leave a space of 5 mm to the wall. The rest is then used at the beginning of the next line. This eventually creates a uniform appearance.

Cortex Veranatura: now in the online store of BRICOFLOR at the best price!

The Nuremberg cork floor supplier guarantees Cortex Veranatura as a high quality and sustainable product, which shines through longevity and realistic natural designs. The special feature of the collection is the 4 mm cork layer, which has advantages over the insulating and noise-reducing properties of the natural material. Choose your favourite design: order today in our online store and take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee. You can contact us on our contact form or customer service line for any advice regarding installation or your order.

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