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Granorte NATURTrend - The Eco-friendly Flooring for Everyone

NATURTrend is the cork-finished parquet flooring collection by Granorte, the Portuguese cork products manufacturer that uses only the finest materials available to produce beautiful, and sustainable, house decorations, flooring and wall panels.


There are many reasons to choose cork as an option for your flooring. Among these reasons, you will find thermal performance, since cork absorbs and retains heat much more easily than other materials. Not only that, but it also resists high temperatures, which means it is compatible with most, if not all, systems of underfloor heating. This makes it perfect for those cold winter days, in which you will no longer experience cold feet.

Soft and Silent

For those who have joint problems, especially those most senior among us, cork can present a solution. Its breathable and organic surface allows for impact absorption so that your steps feel cushioned by a soft surface. This aspect of cork also gives it impact-resistant properties, since any damage due to furniture weight or impact will quickly regenerate. By absorbing impact, cork also makes steps silent, giving your home an extra touch of peace and quiet.


Making Cork Stylish

The Granorte NATURTrend comes in 12 different cork finishes, which range from the classic cork look to an elegant matte white, and even the more daring Castello terracotta. Its recognisable and organic look can be ideal for many uses, be it residential, educational or even retail. With its 23/31 use class, this flooring can withstand heavy domestic use and light commercial use. Its anti-bacterial properties and softness make it ideal for rooms with children, who can feel far safer when running around or coming from the playground.

The ECO-Friendly Flooring Solution

If nothing else convinced you so far, then maybe the eco-friendly and recyclable nature of cork-based products will be able to convince you. All cork products are eco-friendly, use no chemical adhesives, which would harm you or the environment, and are harvested from the cork oak, which is peeled every 9 years without injuring the tree.  This makes cork one of the most environmentally friendly

These planks are easy to install and can withstand a subfloor with an uneven surface of 1-2mm, due to their floating installation. The Uniclic system is what makes the installation so easy. Simply join the grooves in order to enjoy an even and impervious floor.

Order a sample today and be impressed by Granorte’s flooring, made out of the highest quality cork from Portugal.

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