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Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest Engineered Wood Flooring Collection

The Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest, is a collection that emanates the grandeur of Britain’s vast and diverse terrain. From the rugged mountains in Scotland, to the great valleys and sweeping hills of the Lake District and through the lively and eccentric cityscapes like that of its throbbing capital; London. These floorings represent every style Britain has to offer and come with a 30 Year manufacturer’s warranty that makes it an investment that retains its value in years to come.

Bennett & Jones Britain's Finest

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Glorious Floors Inspired By The Imperial Elegance of Britain

Bennett & Jones take their inspiration from the eclectic British styles that range from countryside chic to modern city living. From Lancashire to London they find natural and urban points of interest wrapped in culture and draped in history to inspire their wood work designs. There is a range of flooring for every style of interior design and colours that can be easily complemented to create your perfect living space.

Coming in five decors to choose from, this engineered wood flooring collection is carefully curated to achieve the best selection. The Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘Stuart’, ‘Armstrong’, ‘Lancaster’, ‘Mortimer’ and ‘Salisbury’.

Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Stuart’

The extra-ordinary design of the Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Stuart’ is a cut above the average. This rustic Oak flooring has striking cracks and fissures in the dramatic structure of the wood. These originate from the expansion and contraction of the wood through the natural drying process. During this process tension is created and thus the cracks are made in the wood. These are deliberately emphasised in the design of this flooring as a key feature and then each cleft is refined manually softened to create a soft perception both visually and physically. Not only this, it is hand-brushed by the woodcraft artisans at Bennett & Jones to increase the visibility of the woods natural textures. At 1900 x 190 mm with an impressive 14 mm total thickness these dark-smoked planks are something to behold. With four sided round bevels, this floor is made a prominent feature in your room, accenting each board. The white oil treated wood produces a balanced effect to the aesthetic of the floor, lightening its overall colour after the dark-smoked effect has accentuated the knots and details.

Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Armstrong’

The Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Armstrong’ is a vividly coloured warm brown flooring with colour that runs all the way to the core of the wood using a special procedure. This beautiful intensity of colour is complemented by the hand-scraped and brushed woodcraft techniques that bring out the natural make-up of the wood’s structure. A white oil is applied to the wood to create a distinctive and unique final touch, giving a mild and even appearance. The 4 sided round bevels on the edges of each 1900 x 190mm board give an added country style feel. You can be comforted by the 14 mm total thickness as it demonstrates the longevity of the product, this way you know that your floor will serve you for many years to come.

Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Salisbury’

The calming qualities of the honey coloured Oak flooring in the Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Salisbury’ style makes it a great addition to your home as it plays up to its organic features. This friendly golden-brown floor is planed in a gentle manner and consists of slight undulation in its surface. A transparent oil is used to retain the rudimentary colour of the wood in all its natural glory. The 1900 x 190 mm planks are great for inside the living area or bedroom and come with 4 sided round bevel to make your flooring a remarkable feature of your room.

Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Mortimer’

If you are looking for engineered wood flooring that still retains its natural colour and some subtle details then the Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Mortimer’ flooring is the answer to your needs. This vibrant yet balanced flooring is a great all-rounder with a light smoking technique applied it allowing it to retain its natural colour throughout the process of treatment. Another beautiful detail added to this flooring is the tool marks that have been left there to give an artisanal, handcrafted look. With each board being scraped by hand and brushed with an iron brush to emphasise the natural shapes within the wood, you are left with a very beautiful, unique aesthetic with each and every plank. The finish on each 1900 x 190 mm board is a natural oil which soaks into the wood and nourishes it from beneath the surface. The bevels on each of the four sides give a country style to the 14mm thick planks.

Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Lancaster’

There are a lot of special techniques combined to create the stunning Oak engineered wood flooring that is the Bennett & Jones Britain’s Finest ‘The Lancaster’. First is the light smoking process which preserves the natural colour of the wood. After this stage, the wood is thoroughly brushed by hand for a deep brushed effect that goes deep into the woods natural fissures and enhances them. In the next part of the process, the wood undergoes a white-wash treatment that involves applying a tinted formula to the wood, due to the previous step, almost all of the colour of this white wash is absorbed and only a few patches of the white tone is left. The final part of the production is the protective transparent white oil that helps with the maintenance and preservation of the floor. With 14mm of total thickness and a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your floor is a great value investment.

Easy Installation Method

Bennett & Jones use a well-tested click system in their engineered wood flooring creations that make installation quick and easy. There is no need for many tools and this floor has two possible installation methods, one is to do a floating installation without glue great if you want the versatility to change the flooring again, the other option is a glue-down method that gives added stability to the flooring. As with all real wood flooring you must always leave the planks in their original packaging in the room that you intend to install it in for 48 hours prior to laying it. This allows the floor to adjust to the room’s climate, as it is made of an organic material that is sensitive to heat and liquid. You should ensure that you prepare your subfloor in advance so that it is clean, dry and free from cracks and debris. To compensate for any unevenness in the substrate it is highly recommended to use an underlay. This not only creates a moisture barrier but also insulates the sound made from impacts.  This flooring is even suitable for hot water based under floor heating systems when the guidelines are adhered to.

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