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Bennett & Jones London Calling Engineered Wood Flooring Collection

Bennett & Jones London Calling is a contemporary range of modern and chic flooring with years of craftsmanship expert…

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Be Bold, Be British

Bennett & Jones take their inspiration from the eclectic British styles that range from countryside chic to modern city living. From Lancashire to London they find natural and urban points of interest wrapped in culture and draped in history to inspire their wood work designs. They fuse crafting techniques from the cutting edge 21st Century with refined methods of the past to accomplish interesting and varied effects. There is a range of flooring for every style of interior design and colours that can be easily complemented to create your perfect living space.

There are five decors to choose from in this engineered wood flooring collection. Within the Bennett & Jones London Calling assortment you may recognise the famous names of places and buildings of London that this assortment is named after: Covent Garden, Docklands, Smithfield, The Shard and Notting Hill.

Covent Garden

Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘Covent Garden’ is an oak style that is a refined reflection of urban life. Inspired by the bustling shopping area in the very centre of London, it is a vibrant 3-strip floor has an eclectic variance of colours, sizes and lengths that alternate on one board to create a visually exciting yet perfectly presented display. The wax-oil treatment used on the surface of the wood nourishes it from within whilst giving it a special finish. This also adds protection and helps make it easy to clean and maintain. The 1900 x 190 mm boards have characteristic saw marks which create the feeling of a backstory to your flooring. The wood is stained to add a rich brown and sand coloured hue, after which it is white-washed to balance out the overall appearance of the flooring. This allows your flooring to be dynamic whilst not overpowering the room.


Embodying the spirited feeling of the Docklands in the East of London, this Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘Docklands’ flooring is a lighter variation of the Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘Covent Garden’ floor design. You can almost feel the breeze across the Thames with this interesting flooring whose trade-mark water stains made from the natural drying process of the wood and the saw marks of the wood workers that give an eye-catching aspect to the composition. The prominent cracks and fissures in this flooring design, along with the water marked, tool worked techniques are certainly reminiscent of the water and wood-worn boats of the historical Thames-side docks. The 1900 x 190 mm planks are brushed to enhance the texture and structure of the natural wood grain. The wood is then white wax-oiled, which protect the wood and make it easier to maintain whilst also lightening it, giving additional balance of tone throughout the Oak.


Hickory is the unusual wood used in Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘Smithfields’. This wood is famous for it’s very hard, stiff, dense and shock resistant properties. These make is a great flooring option for the home as it is very durable and can withstand the impacts of everyday life. The years of experience it takes to learn the techniques involved in the specific heat treatment process used on this style shows the high level of luxury of this flooring. This is called scorched and creates a smoky tone to the warm brown wood whilst the heat brings out any knotted details. The exquisite patterns are highlighted with the strong brushing technique which involves applying an iron brush to the wood and brushing it in a special way to increase the depth of the grooves. The 1900 x 190 mm boards come with two bevelled edges which gently accent the floor emphasising the outline of the planks to authenticate the real wood flooring. The floor has a luxury treatment to finish it, with natural oil added to it, which is then soaked up by the wood so that it is nurtured from deep within its fibres. Due to the absorption of the oil you are still able to feel the original structure and textures of the real wood surface, which is what makes this treatment one of the most gratifying available. A matt surface coating is applied as the finish on the floor to allow the impressive colour to assert its presence.

The Shard

The Shard. You’ve heard of it. The height of sophisticated, modern-luxe buildings in the middle of London’s fast paced Southwark. The Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘The Shard’ encapsulates this sharp, suited and booted aesthetic with its icy grey, smoked Hard Maple wood that is inspired by the buildings glassy exterior. Exuding the confidence of the London inhabitants by making a show of the bold lines created with the strong brushed technique used, this flooring means business. Using a transparent white finish on the beige-grey hues allows the floor to emanate a cool, calm and collected air. The white wax-oil treatment adds an elevated finish to the wood, both caring for it from within whilst protecting it on the surface. The 1900 x 190mm dimensions of the planks come with a two-sided bevel feature that gently underscore the authenticity of the wood flooring and add a stylish flair to the finished flooring. This is perfect for a modern interior design perfectly pairing with cool tones, from icy blues and greys to crisp white colour schemes.  

Notting Hill

The Hugh Grant of flooring; the Bennett & Jones London Calling ‘Notting Hill’ is a floor you fall in love with at first sight. The multitude of steps required to create this masterpiece begin with the thoughtful selection of the Oak. A grade that has disparate but distinct knots is used and then each individual board is gently planed. After which, a transparent white oil is applied. This protects the wood from beneath the surface adding to the longevity of the piece. This style is bleached and soft scraped to add further character to the planks. A wax-oil is then used as a sealant to make the product easier to maintain. The overall effect is a friendly beige-brown real wood flooring that can complement any style and adds warmth to its environment. The 4 sided bevelled honey coloured planks which come in 1900 x 190 mm, with a 15mm total thickness are a very eye-catching addition to your home.

Easy Installation Method

With the click system that Bennett & Jones use in their engineered wood flooring creations installation is easy. There is no need for lots of tools and this floor is perfectly suited to a floating installation without glue. With real wood flooring you must always leave the planks in their original packaging in the room that you intend to install it in for 48 hours prior to laying it. This allows the floor to acclimatise to the room’s temperature and moisture levels, as it made of an organic material that is reactive to heat and liquid. You should ensure that you prepare your subfloor accordingly so that it is clean, dry and free from cracks and debris. To compensate for any unevenness in the substrate it is recommended to use an underlay. This not only creates a moisture barrier but also insulates the sound made from impacts.  This flooring is even suitable for hot water based under floor heating systems when the guidelines are adhered to.

BRICOFLOR, There For You

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