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JOKA 425 LD Calgary: Engineered Wood Flooring in friendly colours

With its warm and unobtrusive tones, the new JOKA 425 LD Calgary collection promises a relaxing ambience from which you can benefit in your own home. The first-class JOKA package impresses with its durable structure and appealing designs that will give your rooms more elegance. It is so consistent that you get a manufacturer's warranty of 20 years if you install the planks in a private residence.

Joka 425 LD Calgary

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Amazing look thanks to small details – JOKA 425 LD Calgary

The collection is characterised by its timeless design, which blends easily into any environment. All matching parquet floors are made of oak, which could establish itself as a true classic due to its balanced appearance. You can choose between ten different decors, all in neutral beige and warm brown tones. The flooring creates an open and inviting atmosphere that allows you to relax your guests the moment they enter the room. The individual planks are in a generous format of 220 x 13.8cm or 220 x 18.1cm, depending on the style of the floor, and thus appear extremely luxurious. The laterally running edge chamfer emphasises these impressive dimensions and at the same time provides an optical enlargement of your rooms. Besides different decors to choose from, all floors are available either in the selection of Natural or Villa styles, which give a vivid overall picture with their natural colour differences and the interplay of grains, fissures, knots and cracks.

Safe protection and noticeable structure by treatment with natural oil

For your feet, this high quality engineered wood flooring collection offers you a fascinating experience. This is primarily due to the natural oil that the flooring is treated with. The oil penetrates deep into the material rather than overlying it, preserving the existing wood grain and nurturing it from within. That's why you can feel it step by step and enjoy the natural texture of your new floor. . For a long-lasting aesthetic appearance, it is recommended to renew the oil layer at regular intervals every two to three years depending on the amount of foot traffic they are exposed to. Since the wood structure is not covered by the surface coating, small scratches are less noticeable and can even be partially repaired so you can enjoy the elegant look of the floorboards for years to come.

The sustainable JOKA parquet floor for the living area

Many people deliberately choose a parquet floor because it is a natural product with individual strengths. For this reason, the German brand JOKA attaches great importance to making their production steps as sustainable in their procurement and usage of resources as well as environmentally friendly as is possible. And the effort is definitely worth it - because JOKA LD Calgary is proud to be the recipient of the Blue Angel certificate. This serves you, the client, as a reliable indication that your new flooring is from an eco-friendly production background. In addition, it features low-emission and low-emission products, which are therefore completely harmless for use in the home. Finally, thanks to this seal, you can be sure that the wood used is sourced from ecologically managed forests. These green features make the real wood floor the ideal candidate for those who care about the environment and who want to put in your home only to the best quality.

Easy to install parquet with ProConnect 5G click system

The engineered wood flooring from JOKA is equipped with the ProConnect 5G installation system, which enables even amateur craftsmen to lay it. The boards only need to be linked together using the existing click connections and laid out row by row. So that annoying noises do not plague you later, you should use in this form of floating installation as an impact sound insulation base. As a result, you must invest less time in the preparation of the substrate, because the insulation mat skilfully compensates for small surface discrepancies. When installing, make sure to keep a distance of approx. 1 cm to fixed components. In this way you avoid it becoming too narrow in its arrangement of the planks later. Since oak conducts heat well, the real wood floor is ideal for use in conjunction with underfloor heating  by means of a hot water system. Here you just have to take into account that the surface temperature must not exceed 27 ° C, as strong heat can damage the material.

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Experience the texture and colours of this flooring from the comfort of your own home with our free sample service.  Here at BRICOFLOR we select only Europe’s high quality manufacturers so that you can be rest assured that you are receiving flooring that you can count on. If you require any advice or wish to get a personalised quote for a large order then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.