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JOKA 435 LD Calgary: Parquet Flooring In Elegant Designs For Your Home

From the German experts in wood products comes Joka 435 LD Calgary now a collection that will immerse your apartment in a natural setting. With the long floorboards you can set accents in your home and enjoy the breathtaking look. Since the Joka parquet is produced to the highest quality standards, you get a manufacturer's warranty of 20 years for the living area when purchasing.

£80.91 per m²
Shipping: parkett_joka

Design Stylish Rooms With 435 LD Calgary

The colour palette of this collection from JOKA is diverse, so you can furnish your apartment according to your wishes. In addition to more classic designs in friendly beige planks in greyish shades and rustic brown are available. With JOKA 435 LD Calgary "E8214 Brushed Oak Cream V4" you also have access to a bright décor that radiates freshness and joie de vivre. Combine it with white or beige wooden furniture to give your space a carefree Scandinavian look. Although the size of the planks varies depending on the decor, there is always a minimum length of 2m. Therefore, the parquet appears particularly high quality and noble. The longitudinal or circumferential edge chamfer, which is used depending on the product, enhances this impression with subtle joints between the planks. When flooring, the manufacturer puts the focus on planks in the sorting villa. This is characterised by a natural play of colours and visible branches, which put the material wood perfectly in scene.

Visible Structure For An Exceptional Garden

All variants are treated on the top layer with natural oil. This preserves the grain of the wood so that you can perceive it with every step. Since the surface finish is applied at the factory, you do not need to add extra floor space after installation. For daily cleaning you can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Only with stubborn dirt it is recommended to wipe the floorboards damp. To ensure that you enjoy the real wood floor for a long time, you can also carry out an intensive cleaning every one to two years together with a refresh of the surface finish. Since the top layer has a height of 3.5 mm, you can grind the floor in heavy wear without it being detrimental to its appearance.

Eco-Friendly Parquet Floor From JOKA For Your Well-Being

With this parquet flooring you not only opt for a first-class, but also ecologically perfect product. The German company uses only wood from sustainably managed forests for production, as evidenced by the FSC label. In addition, 435 LD Calgary wears the Blue Angel award. This not only stands for environmentally friendly production, but also indicates that the corresponding floor covering is harmless to health. That's why there's nothing wrong with laying it in your nursery. In addition, as the planks are low in pollutants and emissions, the air in your home remains unencumbered and you can breathe easy at any time. And thanks to the non-slip surface, you have a firm grip with every step.

Easy Flooring Easily Lay Down With The ProConnect System

Originally, the installation of parquet floors was reserved for craftsmen, as it required a lot of expertise and skill. But in the present time, fans of do-it-yourself projects can dare to relocate. This is made possible by the practical click systems with which the planks can be brought into place in the blink of an eye. JOKA 435 LD Calgary also has a system called ProConnect. This will allow you to do the laying without the help of a specialist and carry out the renovation at your own pace. In this form of floating installation it is important to use suitable sound insulation. It makes footsteps sound lower on the floor and thus ensures a pleasant soundscape.

Since all versions are made of Oak, the flooring is suitable for the use of underfloor heating on hot water basis. The planks reliably conduct the heat and pamper your feet with a soothing temperature. If you would like to use them together with a heating system, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 27 °C, otherwise the material may be damaged.


With JOKA 435 LD Calgary, get a first-class flooring in your four walls that convinces with a stylish design. You can find all decors at an excellent price in our online shop thanks to our best price guarantee. In addition, you can benefit from our convenient service benefits by placing an order with BRICOFLOR. This includes, for example, our free sample service and individual offers on large quantites orders. Simply contact our friendly team today.

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