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JOKA 140 Loft – Engineered Wood Flooring That Gives Greater Freedom During Installation

Would you like to customize your home during installation? With the floor of JOKA 140 Loft could not be easier! Because the installation is characterised by a wide range of different formats, you can take advantage of it. In addition, you can count on the constant high quality of JOKA engineered wood flooring as it comes with a 20-year residential warranty for private use in your home.

Joka 140 Loft

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Individual design options with JOKA parquet floor

Everything is possible with this parquet in the interior design; the new collection from the renowned German brand presents a great variety of colours, but also of dimensions. It is divided into four different selections, each of which is suitable for different installation systems. Therefore, you can carry out your ideas easily.

140 Loft Maxi: Great stability for your home

The floors of JOKA 140 Loft Maxi are different from the rest because of their larger size of 100cm x 9 cm. They can be placed in a regular and irregular way and, therefore, obtain a dynamic appearance of shipsdeck style, which is particularly ideal for smaller spaces due to the optical illusion of a larger space being created. Choose from several decorations in warm brown tones and in richer dark tones. You do not have to limit yourself to classic oak, but you can also choose from more unusual options such as acacia or walnut surfaces.

Classic elegance with 140 Loft Vario

The JOKA 140 Loft Vario selection captures the imagination of all those who do not conform to a traditional design of authentic wood floors. The manufacturer reflects on the origins of the floor with the decorations and offers the ideal candidate for a herringbone design. The planks are available in beige, neutral brown and dark so you can adapt your choice to the colour scheme of your furniture. The matt surface also improves the elegant appearance of the floor, which guarantees to visually enhance your rooms.

140 Chevron Loft - Planks with an exclusive design

For those who find the traditional design a tad too boring, the JOKA 140 Loft Chevron offers another attractive alternative. These planks in beige can be placed in a Herringbone style, which differs from the classic variant by the bevelled planks. The engineered wood flooring is sealed with natural oil, so you can feel the authentic wood grain on your feet. The elegant design is completed by the chamfer with rounded edges, which accentuates the format of each individual plank with subtle joints.

Exceptional atmosphere with 140 Loft HKL

Even more unusual are the JOKA 140 Loft HKL planks, which are already striking with their sizes from 72cm long to 24cm wide. This selection is intended primarily for attachment in the vertical aspect, which also follows from the corresponding abbreviation in its name. As the surface is covered with varnish, the floor can withstand the demands of everyday life and, therefore, its design can be maintained with simple care. The planks correspond to the classic classification, which combines a balanced play of colours within the characteristics of the natural wood.

Long-term durability in the residential area - 140 Loft wooden floors

Since the JOKA parquet flooring contains a substantial part of the wood, it not only looks natural and resistant, but it can also fully satisfy this visual impression. The 4mm thick wear layer makes the floor very durable, so you can rely on its longevity. Thanks to the enormous height, the planks also survive one or another sanding process without any appearance or appearance of damage. In addition, the fire protection class Cfl-s1 contributes to the fact that the real wood floor does not have to be replaced after a few years. In the same way, the non-slip surface improves the level of security in your home and reduces the risk of slips in your floor.

The correct method for the installation of your parquet floor

In what style you want to place your new parquet is a decision you should make. However, to be satisfied with the final result, you must pay attention to the choice of the correct methods when installing. Here, the JOKA recommends a full surface bonding, which ensures that each board remains in place. With the help of the installation instructions, you can calmly decide if you want to carry out the installation by yourself or if you prefer the professional to take care of it. The joining of the boards is reinforced in any case, since it not only provides stability, but also reduces the thermal resistance. The minimum distance between the floor and the surface guarantees a pleasant surface temperature as long as it is combined with a floor heating system so you can have the most luxurious flooring experience for your family and guests.

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If you are not sure which is the most suitable model for you, you can use our free sample service. With it, you can easily order samples of up to four designs directly from the sofa in your home. If your decision is already made and what you need are larger quantities of product, you can request an individual offer from our team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice; our team of experts will be happy to advise you.