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Ter Hürne Bright Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

This engineered wood flooring by Ter Hürne adds an inviting quality to a room. In a beige and brown tones it emits a cheerful and harmonious feeling throughout a room to comfort its inhabitants. With subtle features, the Ter Hürne Bright Collection has soft details of the wood used to create this collection add a more unique touch to any room. This wood flooring range is beautiful when paired with chunky knitted textiles and bright, bold colours to accentuate the colours of the wood.

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Ter Hürne Bright Collection

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The Art Of Design

The Ter Hürne Bright Collection collection has a heavier selection of expressive characteristics and warm tones running through the colour scheme. Using Oak, Ash and Larch woods to varying effects, there is a choice range of finishes that can alter the look and feel of the final product. Some have more than one treatment to create their final aesthetic.

Brushed wood has two levels of intensity – brushed and deep brushed. In the case of the brushed wood, this treatment increases the depth of the natural grooves in the wood by taking an iron brush and moving it along the piece, a deep brushed wood does this to a more rigorous extent resulting in greater emphasis of the woods naturally occurring characteristics.

Another interesting finish featured in this collection is the hand scraped finish .This method involves the craftsman taking a slightly rounded planing knife and guiding it in rough lines thus imitating the natural pattern of the tree. This creates a somewhat antiquated look to the top layer of the wood. The head of the plank is then sanded in the final stages to make a beautiful transition from plank to plank.

Finishes That Make The Difference

A lacquer adds resilience to a piece whilst creating a smooth even surface for a comfortable experience upon impact. They come in come in two options of gloss – ‘lacquered’ floors have a silk gloss sheen and ‘matt-lacquered’ floors have a silk matt sheen. These kinds of finish are easier to clean and maintain because the surface is entirely sealed and protected. This multilayered coating structure also absorbs impact by being both flexible and hard.

Natural oils are used in some of the choices which are beneficial due to them allowing the original texture for a more authentic appearance to the woods grain. This is because the open pore surface is treated with breathable oil which soaks deep into the wood thus strengthening it from the inside, allowing a more natural cycle wherein the wood absorbs and releases moisture as required. This promotes good health and has a positive impact on the room’s climate. When the oil hardens it makes the flooring stronger and is easier to repair. This type of flooring can be subjected to a reapplication of oil every two to three years.

The Ter Hürne Bright collection has options such as beveled, rounded beveled and non-beveled edges. Single strip planks are available in this range which tends to have a larger surface area, suitable for covering a bigger expanse or making a room look more open and big. The 3-strip and multi-strip options draw attention to the flooring details and gives a more small and cosy impression. This is defined by the appearance of multiple smaller strips of wood interlinking on one plank.

Durability And Resistance

This range has a total thickness of 13mm with a wear layer of 3.5mm meaning these floors are very durable and will last a long time. These floors have a fire class is DF in accordance to health and safety precaution standards in Europe. This is for your protection and peace of mind so you can happily live in comfort.

Environmentally Conscious Flooring

All Ter Hürne floors are eco-friendly and certified by FSC and PEFC as part of the company’s conscious effort to maintain sustainable production. This is due to their values to remain conscious of the environmental impact and ensure the balance is maintained.

Ter Hürne: From BRICOFLOR, For You

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