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Sommer Event Flooring – For Every Event or Occasion

The right carpet for exhibitions needs to have a combination of durability, affordability, flexibility, low-maintenance, and a lot of style. A carpet is not only flooring, but it can revamp your event and give it that extra special touch. The material, colour, and feel of a carpet can transform the atmosphere of an event, and add that vibe that you´ve been looking for. Being the biggest event flooring manufacturer in Europe, Sommer has over 100 years of experience in dealing with the challenges and hurdles in today´s event flooring industry. Sommer produces high-quality exhibition carpets that are distributed to large events and exhibitions all over the world. Their large range of carpets from luxurious velour carpets to hardy exhibition cord carpets are specifically designed with current industry trends and demands in mind. Weddings, openings, fairs, parties, car shows, or art exhibitions, Sommer Event Flooring can be used for all occasions.

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Exhibition Carpets

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Heavy Duty Design That´s Built to Last – Without Skimping on Style

Sommer exhibition flooring is available in many diverse colours fit for any event and any occasion. Keep it minimalist with our chic Ivory shades, party like royalty on our Royal Blue hue, warm up on our Beige shades, or stand out with pride with our bright Lime Green shade. All Sommer carpets are resistant to fire, with fireproof classes of Bfl-s1 and Cfl-s1. This makes it ideal for installing in entrances and exits to add an additional safety feature to your big event.

Not Only for the Exhibition, but Also for Your Home Event

Not only are the carpets ideal for exhibitions and large events, they work well with home parties also. If you´re worried about your home´s floors suffering from damage during your event, save your floors from scratches by laying out our exhibition carpets! When your event is over, simply roll them up and dispose of them.

ExpoShow – Your Choice for all Luxury Events

Elegant and lavish, ExpoShow event carpet is the ultimate in luxurious flooring, perfect for adding a touch of sass to your event. Always a top choice for creating the perfect rich atmosphere, it goes great with red carpet events or walking down the aisle at your wedding. Soft on the feet and durable, it can even withstand walking in high heels, perfect for your next gala! The right colour is key to setting the right mood, and with our wide range of 32 colours, you can find just the right shade to match your event. 

ExpoCord – Where Style and Budget Come Together

ExpoCord is your perfect choice for budget marquee carpets. Durable, soft and made for heavy-traffic areas, it has been the carpet of choice because of its dependability time and time again. It has been considered a classic in tent flooring, ideal for parties, gatherings, anniversaries, or fairs. It is available in 10 modern and classic colours, suitable for all occasions. From Bright Red for that red carpet runner look, Royal Blue for an imperial event, or Black for a black-tie event.

ExpoSoft Velours

ExpoSoft Velours tufted flooring is elegant, cutting-edge and eco-friendly, and add elegance to any space. Set the mood just right with a lush carpet that your feet can just sink into. This carpet is made from tufted velour, and it´s also affordable, providing a low-cost alternative to your exhibition – without skimping on style. Available in 14 classy colours such as red carpet Red, minimalist White, and ritzy Royal Blue, there is a colour for all of your imperial decorating needs.


ExpoLine is the ultimate in event flooring and is used as a runner at all red carpet events. It provides a durable, yet classy feel to all celebrity and Hollywood-style events, and it’s the go-to carpet for all events and exhibitions across Europe and the UK. From luxurious red carpet events to movie premieres to award ceremonies, it is THE choice of event organizers. There is no better way to shape the mood and feel of your classy event than with this carpet. Comfortable, soft, stylish, and also fireproof, it´s hard to compete with this!

Sommer Event Flooring at BRICOFLOR UK – A Durable, Affordable and Stylish Option for Your Big Event

BRICOFLOR UK offers only the highest quality flooring for your next event. We have been working side by side with the industry´s top manufacturers for decades, and we have been committed to bringing you only the highest quality products for the best price online. Try out our wide selection by using requesting a free sample, and be assured that our carpets are the highest of quality. Don´t hesitate to contact us and send us an e-mail, give us a call, and we´ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Our team is ready and on call to help you choose your perfect carpet for your next event.