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ExpoSoft Velour: Perfect Solution For Your Event

The optimal Exhibition Carpets need to have a combination of durability, affordability, flexibility, low maintenance, and a h…
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Being the biggest event flooring manufacturer in Europe, Sommer Ltd has over 100 years of experience in dealing with the challenges and hurdles in today´s event flooring industry. Sommer Ltd produces high-quality exhibition carpets that are distributed to large events and exhibitions all over the world. Their large range of carpets from luxurious velour carpets to hardy exhibition cord carpets are specifically designed with current industry trends and demands in mind. For weddings, openings, fairs, parties, car shows, or art exhibitions, Sommer Event Flooring can be used for all occasions. 

Sommer ExpoSoft Exhibition Carpets: Available in 14 Trendy Colours To Suit Any Occasion

Pop the champagne and sink your feet into our new collection of ExpoSoft Velour exhibition carpets! Comfy, lush and extremely comfortable, they are ideal for any luxurious event as they are avant-garde, elegant and environmentally friendly. The carpeting is tufted and soft under the feet, but won´t get caught in your heels. Add a touch of VIP to your event with a carpet that´s not only durable and resistant to high foot traffic, but also stylish and classy. The carpets can be used for all events, like luxury design shows, red carpet events, award ceremonies, exhibition stands, or culinary shows. Bring a touch of elegance to your home events, and use it for a teen´s birthday party, home wedding or anniversary party. Give your own floors a break and save them from damage by using this exclusive range of velour carpets.

With 14 trendy colours to choose from, from an elegant Sommer ExpoSoftRoyal Blue” for a party fit for a King, red carpet Sommer ExpoSoftRed” for a VIP touch, to sophisticated Sommer ExpoSoftDark Grey”, perfect for your company´s yearly trade show. Sommer ExpoSoft works well with all home events, too! Choose a bright Sommer ExpoSoftPink” for your teenager´s sweet sixteen parties, classic Sommer ExpoSoftIvory” for a sophisticated feel at your anniversary party, or Sommer ExpoSoftSky Blue” for your son´s birthday party. Colours are not only important for choosing the style of your next event – the texture is too! With this carpet your feet will never be sore, thanks to its tufted texture and action back backing. It can easily be fitted to any space simply by stretching.

Durable And Safe Flooring For Your Event

For large events with moderate traffic, such as weddings, marquee parties or home events, Sommer ExpoSoft fits the bill beautifully. It is a durable solution for your shop opening or exhibition stands. Made of 100% nylon fibres and with a wear class of 22, it is suitable for handling moderate wear and tear. Fire safety is always a hot topic for large events, and this carpet has a fireproof class of Cfl-s1, which makes it a great choice for placing in entrances and exits. Put your mind at ease by adding this extra safety feature like this to your big event!

Environmentally Friendly With Easy Installation

Great for putting together in a hurry, this exhibition carpet can easily be fitted to all spaces in a flash. It doesn´t need any messy adhesives, and double-sided tape is all that you need to secure it to any surface. To remove the carpet when your event is over, simply lift up the carpet and remove the tape. Being 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, you can dispose of the carpet without the guilt! Trip proof and high heel proof, this carpet is specially designed with elegant events in mind. Due to its highly innovative manufacturing process, wrinkles and bunching in the carpet are a thing of the past.

Get ExpoSoft Velour at BRICOFLOR UK – Best Price Guaranteed

The best price online is ONLY at BRICOFLOR UK – your answer to all your exhibition flooring needs. We are composed of a team of professionals and have been working with leading manufacturers in the flooring industry for decades. Our best online price is guaranteed, saving you time and money. Our large selection of Sommer Ltd. exhibition flooring is available exclusively through our online store. contact us or give us a call for any questions about our wide range of products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

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