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PVC Floor Tiles Fortelock ECO: Recycled, Innovative, and Heavy Duty

The Czech manufacturer Fortemix produces Fortelock ECO. These interlocking floor tiles are incredibly versatile and can withstand enormous loads, which makes them the perfect flooring option for garages, commercial workshops, gyms and warehouses. 

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Fortelock ECO

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The Fortelock ECO PVC tiles will convince you with their strength, easy handling and their incredible price tag. Are you desperately seeking new flooring options for your garage or workshop, but industrial strength/heavy duty flooring is outrageously expensive and always requires specific methods or professionals to have it installed?

The people at Fortelock know these problems very well, which is why they have created the perfect alternative for you: the interlocking floor tiles that can be installed by anyone. All you need is a rubber hammer and a knife. The only preparation these PVC tiles need is sweeping the floor and with the right care, they will last up to 25 years. Due to their innovative Air-Flow-System, which helps to let the tiles "breathe" water will not become trapped underneath the PVC tiles, which prevents rotting or mould.

High Utility and Great Design: Fortelock ECO Interlocking Tiles

Fortelock  ECO interlocking floor tiles are tough, durable and good-looking: they come in the classic colours such as black and grey, but also in more colourful variations such as green, blue, yellow, or red, all of which can be combined freely. All of the industrial strength/heavy duty PVC tiles are completely compatible, which means you can create whatever colour pattern you can imagine. This is another great feature for garage floor tiles since you can visually divide separate areas that are intended for different tasks or simply brighten up the look of your garage. On top of that, there are two separate surface patterns available with the Fortelock ECO tiles: diamond and skin.

Incredibly Quick installation, Industrial Strength & Above the Competition: Interlocking Fortelock ECO Tiles

Renovating your floor is time-consuming and expensive. First of all, you need experts to do it for you, and, second of all, it usually takes several days or even weeks until you can finally re-open your garage, workshop or gym again. All of these hindrances belong in the past with the Fortelock ECO interlocking PVC floor tiles. All you need to cover an area of 46 m² in only an hour is a rubber hammer and a knife! There is no need to hire a professional to do the job. With these incredible PVC floor tiles, anything is possible. To prepare your floor, simply sweep it thoroughly. Oil stains or similar stains are not a problem since the polymeric structure of Fortelock ECO interlocking tiles is resistant to most oils and chemicals. If your floor is uneven, it is recommended that you even it out with concrete or similar compounds, however, this is only a recommendation for you to get the most out of your new flooring solution. Smaller bumps or holes will not affect the interlocking floor tiles since they will simply adjust to them. Fortelock ECO PVC floor tiles are laid from the centre towards the edges of the room, where you will leave a 5 mm gap between the tiles and the wall. All of this happens in a matter of an hour (50 m²) and your new floor can be used instantly! There is no waiting time, no rest period, these incredible PVC tiles are instantly ready to go. Go right ahead and drive the first car over them, the second they are installed.

Dealing with Industrial Stains, Oils and Chemicals: PVC Floor Tiles Fortelock ECO are up for the Task

Oil, chemicals and water are daily challenges for flooring in your company? Not a Problem! The polymeric structure of Fortelock ECO interlocking tiles is resistant to most oils and chemicals. On top of that, the tiles are mostly watertight. The small amount of water that does permeate the tiles, however, can easily evaporate underneath the tiles. This is guaranteed by the innovative Air-Flow-System, which helps to let the tiles "breathe" and prevents rotting or mould. If you are also tired of taking special care of your floor, there is more good news for you: all you need to keep your garage floor tiles clean is water and regular detergents. If you need to remove especially stubborn stains or want your Fortelock interlocking floor tiles to shine and look as good as new, the people at Fortelock refer to the products of Dr Schutz. Fortelock ECO knows no limits!

Think Outside the Box: Fields of Application for Fortelock ECO

Of course, Fortelock heavy duty tiles are for use in your garage, workshop or warehouse. The company Fortemix use an EN 14041-certified product that can serve in train stations, distribution centres, exhibition halls or police stations. Declared as a flame retardant, PVC tiles garage hardly uses any industrial compounds and offer enormous savings along with a great PVC flooring option. If you have chosen Fortelock ECO as your flooring, the Czech manufacturer offers to recycle the used or broken tiles. Recycling is firmly anchored in the Fortemix policy and sustainability is an important part of their policy and Fortemix strive to reuse and recycle

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