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Fortelock Invisible is one of the new collections of the same manufacturer and offers a self-contained industrial floor made of PVC, which you can use in various places! This is made possible by the high load capacity of the material, which you can use in industrial and warehouses, as well as in the private sector.


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Fortelock Invisible 2030

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Due to the fact that the floor, which can withstand even forklift trucks, will also serve you well in the local garage. Also for use in workshops or hobby rooms, this product is ideally suited!


For a floor to withstand the requirements of the industrial or commercial sector well, it requires some first-class features. For example, your PVC floor tiles must be extremely durable. Therefore, the collection has a total thickness of 6.7 mm and brings a weight of 1.7 kg. In combination with the durable material, you can even ride on this floor with forklift trucks! As a guideline of the unglued maximum load, the manufacturer names among others four-wheel forklift truck with rubber tires and a load of up to 1500 kg or three-wheeled forklifts with rubber tires and rear double wheel, which must not exceed a load of up to 1000 kg. As a further comparison, Fortelock also mentions a pallet truck that should not exceed a total weight (including cargo) of 1000 kg. Expect a higher load, it is advisable to glue the floor in addition. Certain adhesives are suitable for this purpose, such as Uzin KR 430, Bostic EPONAL PU 456, Murexin PU 330 or Dipur Polychem. If you plan to expose the floor to direct sunlight or heat sources, you should also avoid additional glueing. At a higher load, you should generally test in advance whether the present product can withstand your requirements!

In addition to the high load, the PVC flooring has other advantages that are indispensable in the industry. Thus, the industrial floor is difficult to ignite and develops in the event of a fire, only a little smoke. Even the short-term effect of oil or solvents cannot harm this floor, but should always be removed, not least to ensure your own safety! With the innovative Air Flow System, which is located in the form of small channels below the interlocking tiles, this floor is active against moisture and thus prevents mould and fungus. With its vibration, sound and heat-insulating attributes, this product also creates a pleasant working and well-being climate, which you not only appreciate while working but also in your own hobby cellar or garage every day!


A not yet mentioned, but a quite important feature is sure-footedness. The products of the Fortelock Invisible collection have an R10 slip resistance. This promises you with the professional attachment a normal coefficient of friction, which converts you safely over your PVC floor tiles! However, for this value to be achieved, it is of utmost importance to place the product at an angle of less than 10-19 °. A flat installation is therefore recommended!


Often not only the performance is in the foreground, also the design should be appealing so that you can feel good at work or at home! That's why you get the collection in up to seven different colours, with which you can freely design your rooms. Choose between a classic presentation in black, grey or even graphite or let glowing colours, such as the blue, red, green or yellow move into your premises. In addition, the exciting interlocking tiles have a surface in appealing smooth, grained look that makes your floor look modern and dynamic. Of course, you do not care about the look of utility rooms, so you can also use the colours to mark work paths or workspaces. Also, an optical factor is the innovative Lock system, a plug-in system that allows you to connect the individual modules with each other. With Fortelock Invisible, however, it is above all the optical absence of the connections that makes the usable area appear particularly flat and smooth! Because unlike similar products, the plug-in system is not level with the surface. As a result, the surfaces of the individual modules are an edge to edge and have a particularly high quality.


As already mentioned, this product is a floor which, except in certain circumstances, does not have to be glued! This, too, is due to the interlock system, which allows your floor to be laid in no time! For a successful installation, you should first let the PVC floor air 24 hours before installation and acclimate it to the desired room temperature. In the meantime, clean the surface of old debris and dust to ensure a suitable base. Then you can start and install the individual PVC tiles according to the manufacturer's instructions. In addition to the obvious advantage of a quick installation, you also save on expensive adhesives and can easily replace individual modules, if necessary, without having to replace the entire floor. When laying and maintaining, always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.


You were just looking for a quick-to-install, aesthetic, durable and durable pvc floor? Then order Fortelock Invisible 2030 today and benefit additionally from the excellent conditions that you can secure with an order from BRICOFLOR! For example, save money and buy this dream product at the best price, thanks to our proven Best Price Guarantee! Would you like to hold this floor personally in your hands? Then just use our free sample service and we will send you a meaningful sample, which corresponds to the desired decor in appearance and quality! The pattern has convinced you and you would like to place a large order for your warehouses? Feel free to contact our helpful quote department who will if possible, make you an individual quote. This is exactly tailored to your needs! If you have further questions about your order or our products, you can always contact our competent customer service. You can reach us over the phone via our hotline, send us an e-mail with your request or simply use our contact form. We look forward to you!