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BerryAlloc Original HPL: Top of the Line High-Pressure Laminate 

In the BerryAlloc Original HPL Collection, you will find 38 decors, most of which are accurate replications of the looks o…

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If you want to compare different decors from the comfort of your living room, don't hesitate to order a free sample. Then you can have a look at the floor without having to go to a crowded store, and it gives you the possibility to compare the decor with the existing elements of your interior design.

The high-pressure laminate flooring is suitable for every domestic space, and even the most extremely used commercial/project spaces (wear class 23/34). The 120.7 by 19.3-centimetre boards can easily be installed by laymen and hobbyists alike. The natural texture of the wood is retained within the grained surface of the laminate. This makes it look and feel very authentic, and makes the experience of installation identical to the feeling of installing a solid wooden floor. The strong resistance to abrasions (rated AC4) and impact (IC4) make this BerryAlloc laminate particularly suitable for use in both domestic applications and, for example, winter gardens. The water-repellent non-slip surface ensures a safe grip, even in case of moisture.

A true eye-catcher: Your BerryAlloc Original HPL floor

This High-Pressure Laminate is more than just a floor, and it shines through particularly clearly in domestic applications. Within the palette of 19 different decors, there's a pleasing pattern for every style and taste. Let yourself be inspired by the BerryAlloc Original HPL collection and invite the warm and pleasing colour accents into your home. The exciting oak decorations are versatile, and can be combined with any colour and will fit perfectly into any style of furniture.

The stain-resistant and light-fast surface of the High-Pressure Laminate will allow you to enjoy the beautiful decor you choose for a long time. This is because you don't have to fear that the colours on the surface will fade under sunlight. BerryAlloc is so proud of this product and convinced of its quality that it offers a lifetime warranty on this floor, in any domestic application. This ensures you that you will have a resistant, high-quality flooring for a long time. For heavy or even extreme commercial/project use BerryAlloc offers a 10-year warranty. 

The BerryAlloc Original Art: sturdy and strong High-Pressure Laminate

BerryAlloc Original HPL has the special feature that the decorative surface is impregnated with melamine and Phenol formaldehyde resin. This is particularly water-repellent and therefore makes this floor ideal for use in, for example, a kitchen. And the heavy static load of tables, chairs, kitchen equipment and the like will not cause permanent indentations to this floor. If you're looking to install this floor in a home office or conventional office, you'll be pleased to know that the floor is resistant to castor chairs (Type W), so that no permanent damage occurs, even with daily use. In addition to this, the Original HPL floors easy to clean, because no soiling penetrates the flooring.

This means it's stain resistant, and that any stains that do occur are more easy to clean off. In addition to being easy to maintain, the floor is safe as well. A fire safety class of Bfl-s1 shows that the floor is difficult to ignite and, in case a fire does occur, it slows the flames spreading as well as limiting smoke formation. In addition to that complies BerryAlloc's Original HPL with the European standards for emission of harmful chemicals, as its formaldehyde emission fits into class E1. However, the HLP stands out in this field because not only does it meet the European standards, it even exceeds them.

Maintenance to the floor, to keep it looking like new for many years, is also very easy and does not require a lot of time nor effort. A vacuum cleaner and a damp mop, which you doubtlessly have in the house already, are sufficient for all regular maintenance. Another major advantage of this floor is its antistatic properties. This means the surface does not get an electrostatic charge, and that it does not attract dust like other floors would. 

Best Loc X-Treme click system: clicking its way to customer satisfaction

The patented Best Loc X-Treme click system makes installation of Original HPL by BerryAlloc  very easy for laymen and hobbyists alike, as it is done by hand an requires no expert knowledge. Please note, however, that the substrate must be smooth, clean, even and dry. When installing BerryAlloc Original HPL, unlike with most other laminate floors, no underlay is needed.

This is because an impact sound dampening system, named Silent System, is integrated into the backing of the planks. Installation is done in a floating manner, and the use of adhesive is therefore not required. If the floor is installed in a space that also features an underfloor heating system, a moisture protection, such as a foil, must be used. Within the first weeks of installation, the underfloor heating system should not be set to a temperature lower than 18° C or exceeding 22 ° C.

Buy BerryAlloc Original High-Pressure Laminate now, for the lowest price available

Our best price guarantee offers you high quality, for the lowest price you'll find online in the UK. This ensures you of the best possible price-to-quality ratio. But not only do we offer sharp prices, we also likely have the largest active catalogue of products you can find online. This means that, no matter what you're looking for, we have something that suits your style, taste and application. If you're having difficulty picking a single product from this enormous offering, we offer a free sample service to help you make that final, crucial decision.

Order one or more free samples today, to compare the looks, feel and features of products right from the comfort of your living room, and without having to visit a crowded store. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll do our very best to help you out, and honour your every request. If you're looking to make a large purchase, we can likely offer you an even sharper price. Feel free to request a personal quote, free of charge and with no strings attached. 

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