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Forbo Marmoleum – Natural flooring for every interior

Forbo is a company that is dedicated to being an environmentally-friendly manufacturer. Their collections are made up of 85%-…
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The raw materials are kept simple with linseed oil, resin, wood flour, limestone, and various colour pigments. Their flooring is not only natural, but it also looks stylish and extremely durable. Forbo´s use of environmentally-friendly materials is more than just a temporary trend, they are completely dedicated to providing natural flooring for decades to come.

Organic Flooring – More Than Just a Trend

Forbo´s dedication to preserving the environment is not only shown in many of the programs they have launched, but also in their own products. With the aim of providing environmentally-friendly products, Forbo only uses electricity from renewable resources during their production process. It´s always their goal to use materials and resources as efficiently as possible to minimize their environmental impact. In addition to this, they are always working on ways to reduce the consumption of raw materials to save energy and cut back on waste. One of the ways Forbo reduces waste is by taking back old products or samples to be then processed into new products. This is why many of their products have been awarded environmentally-friendly labels such as Nordic Swan or Blue Angel.

Way to Win - Internal Environmental Commitment

To achieve their goals of reducing the consumption of energy, raw materials, and disposal of waste, Forbo´s employees have the opportunity to submit their ideas for environmental protection. Their internal program, “Forbo Way to Win” was launched in 2010 and has since resulted in more than 1700 ideas. From these ideas, they have created 600 up-and-coming projects, some of which have already been put into action. Forbo wants to be able to discover new ways of recycling and reduce energy consumption in the production of their products.

Forbo Natural Flooring – An Innovation in Design

Forbo´s flooring isn´t just made with renewable raw materials, but it also has a realistic look, perfectly imitating the look and feel of real wood and stone. In addition to its good looks, the flooring also has a non-slip surface, high wear classes, antistatic treatment, and easy maintenance.

Forbo Marmoleum Modular – Durable Flooring in Wood and Stone Designs

Forbo´s Marmoleum Modular Collection has a total of 20 designs, which are a combination of wood, concrete, and stone styles. The wear classes of 23 and 34 ensure that this flooring can stand up to the toughest areas. Whether it´s for residential or commercial use, you can count on this collection to stand up to the test. Just like the Impressa collection, this floor also has an antistatic surface, and it´s suitable for castor chairs as well.

Forbo Marmoleum Click – A Mix of Modern and Fun

Marmoleum Click is unique in the sense that it offers wood designs as well as colourful shades that can brighten up any space. It comes in 23 designs, even giving you a choice in colours such as green, blue, red, or yellow. With the residential wear class of 23 and commercial wear class of 33, this collection fits well in any busy home, shop, or office. This collection is incredibly easy to install thanks to its click system, which eliminates the need for adhesives or special equipment. Any damaged tiles can be easily replaced, and you can also take this floor with you when you move house! The flooring also has a sound-insulating cork layer, so you can say goodbye to the clicking of heels and loud thumps.

Forbo – Now Available at BRICOFLOR!

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