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Organic Flooring - Natural Flooring Made From Renewable Raw Materials

Organic floors are high-quality flooring options, which are mostly made from renewable raw and natural fillers. Thus, these a…
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Why organic flooring?

With its ravishingly robust design, it can be safely designed in rooms where the hygiene regulations are very high: this results in suitability for kindergartens or, for example, senior citizens. All this makes the completely harmless ecological flooring possible because it is also extremely hard-wearing. Thanks to its handy size, the floor can be laid quickly and effortlessly. Get to know the natural design coverings - the particularly healthy alternative to conventional vinyl design floors.

The collections in our shop were made with patented know-how that you can see and feel: the excellent workmanship leaves nothing to be desired. With almost 100% resilience and extremely high UV resistance, the ecological floors are particularly appealing. In addition, they are dirt-repellent and easy to care for: The innovative composition allows for easy and residue-free removal of dirt - the compatibility of all conventional cleaning agents guarantees easy handling with your new floor covering!

Ecological flooring from high-quality European brands

The two well-known manufacturers Forbo and Wineo are considered to be pioneers in organic produce. The collections of these manufacturers stand for high quality and reflect the highest standards of flooring. In particular, Forbo's ecological flooring is in high demand, not only for its environmental impact but also for its great design and diverse technical features. This complete package also makes the organic floor your perfect everyday companion! Learn about the different manufacturers that contribute to green development.

Natural designs from Forbo - original and innovative solution in linoleum

FORBO is a leading manufacturer of various floorings that produces in many locations in Europe. In product development, great importance is attached to the use of natural and renewable raw materials. In addition, recycling plays an important role for Forbo organic flooring: they can be recycled up to 100% and the raw materials reused.

In addition, the focus is on quality for Forbo: the strictest quality controls on the exquisite materials make the natural design coverings excellent companions. The excellent technical properties guarantee high resistance to environmental influences of many kinds so that you can live your life with the Forbo organic floor exactly as you want it. The unique assortment with its numerous and varied designs is perfect for creating creative spaces. Both the wood designs and the stone look bring you - in the truest sense of the word - a piece of nature home.

How much nature is in Forbo's natural design flooring? The answer is a lot! The ecological flooring collections are based on linoleum, a material based on linen oil, resin, limestone and wood flour. These are complete, natural and renewable raw materials that are harmless to health and guarantee freedom from harmful substances. Forbo's natural floors completely dispense with PVC, plasticisers and synthetic rubber. This manufacturer delivers what it promises regarding the environmentally conscious development of designer flooring.

The installation of organic flooring is always done

Save the costs of a professional flooring installer - thanks to the different laying systems, this is now possible. They allow for easy handling, allowing you to quickly get to your finished floor area. Just a few simple steps are required to design your rooms as you wish and to realise your dream home little by little! When laying one differentiates between two laying options: the organic floor for glueing and a click system.

Complete glue down a durable solution

That glued-down floors are very resistant, is largely known. This is also true with the natural floor coverings that you will find in our online shop: as the name already reveals, the tiles or planks are firmly bonded to the substrate by means of a suitable adhesive. First of all, the raw floor has to be prepared for this by filling any unevenness with putty. Any debris should also be removed so that an even floor surface is created. Subsequently, the adhesive is spread on the floor, whereupon the floor elements are embedded in the adhesive bed. Once the room has been completely fitted with the new ecological floor covering, it is recommended to use a floor roller weighing at least 70 kg to tighten the elements to remove possible air pockets. Once laid and dried, the organic flooring withstands all strains - over many years.

The click system - a quick and practical solution

The click system for easy laying your flooring is already a widely used standard. The tongue and groove system attached to the floorboards and tiles gives the publisher the opportunity to create a floor surface with just a few simple steps - and all this without any glue. This allows a quick installation and, if necessary, just as fast removal without disturbing residues. Even with this installation system, the area must first be prepared: free of any unevenness, dust and dirt, the floor can be laid quickly and easily on a sound-absorbing underlay mat. Whether a pad is necessary may vary from collection to collection. You start laying in the middle of the room. The tongue and groove sides of the tiles or planks must be firmly anchored. When making a connection, you will hear the click sound, which signals that the assembly has been executed correctly. Once the room is laid out with your new ecological floor, it can be used as usual. Please note that depending on the collection and the manufacturer, there are different click systems that offer basically the same advantages but sometimes work a bit differently. Please check the manufacturer's guide to installation before attempting to lay the floor.

Organic floor for your needs - now at BRICOFLOR

In our online shop, you will find organic flooring in different designs. For the nursery, the elderly or your home - the natural flooring works just about everywhere! Choose the right product for your needs. We offer a wide range of wood and stone designs - discover the whole world of natural flooring designs. Do you want to convince yourself with all your senses? No problem - just use the sample service and make a personal impression. If you order in our online shop, you benefit from our Best Price Guarantee! If you are planning a larger project with organic flooring, contact us - we will make you an individual offer with attractive conditions. If you have further questions, please contact our telephone customer service, send us an e-mail or use our contact form - our courteous staff will be pleased to advise you.

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