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Beauflor Supreme Fulfils all Design Wishes - pvc Flooring in Wood, Tile, or Plain Design

The Beauflor Supreme collection offers vinyl flooring rolls in attractive designs. The flooring is available in 13 different wood decors as well as in a tile design and a plain design. The cushion vinyl flooring is available in widths of 4 and 5 m and with a maximum length of 28 - 32 m; the coupon goods can be cut to length according to your requirements. The special feature of this PVC floor from Beauflor: it contains a textile layer that can compensate for small irregularities in the subfloor

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Beauflor Supreme

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Natural and Contemporary Designs That Leave Nothing to be Desired

The collection offers predominantly natural-looking wood designs. The Beauflor Supreme Wood "Columbian Oak 636L" pattern replicates an oak wood surface. It has a rustic brown tone that contributes to a warm and cosy atmosphere. The Beauflor Supreme Tiles & Unis "Aspen 973M" design has a tile look. This light grey pattern combines perfectly with a modern and natural interior design. It forms a neutral and restrained basis for a simple room design. Beauflor Supreme Wood "Hickory 969D" is a reproduction of hickory wood in a light grey shade. The pattern with an exciting grain creates a stylish stage for your room design. Whatever interior style you prefer, there is sure to be something in the Beauflor Supreme collection!

For All Cases from Residential to Light Industry

Rolled vinyl has been awarded use classes 23, 32, and 41 and is therefore suitable for various areas of use. In the living area, vinyl flooring can be used in heavily frequented areas such as living rooms or hallways. In the commercial sector, this representative of cushion vinyl can be installed in areas subject to normal wear and tear. This makes it suitable for installation in cafés, boutiques, or offices. The collection is particularly suitable for installation in offices due to its suitability for chair castors. In the light industry, it can be installed in moderately used areas, for example in precision mechanics workshops or storage rooms.

A High-Quality Beauflor cv Flooring with Numerous Technical Quality Features

The vinyl flooring rolls is 2.9 mm thick and has a wear layer of 0.4 mm. It is suitable for installation over underfloor heating. The cushion vinyl flooring is also lightfast, as it has a very good lightfastness. The vinyl flooring has a PU surface coating, which makes it hard-wearing and easy to clean. The PVC floor is also slip-resistant (slip resistance level R 10). As its Bfl-s1 class fire behaviour indicates, the vinyl flooring is flame resistant and causes only a small amount of smoke development in the event of a fire. A quality feature of the flooring that will convince you in everyday life is its extraordinarily good impact sound insulation of 17 dB. Thus, the low-noise floor contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. A good indoor climate is no problem with this PVC floor from Beauflor, as it is low in emissions.

Before Installation: Prepare and Cut The Pvc Floor to Size

First, measure your room and, if necessary, opt for the larger roll width to avoid unnecessary joints. Allow about 15 cm of excess per side when measuring. Allow them to acclimatise at room temperature for 1-2 days before installation. Ensure that the subfloor for the new flooring is load-bearing, level, permanently dry, and clean. Lay them covering flat on the best way to do this is to follow a step-by-step procedure to get the best dimensions. It is best to proceed step by step to get closer to the optimal dimensions. The floor should be cut so that there is a gap of 2-3 mm to the walls.

The best way to do this is to follow a step-by-step procedure to get the best dimensions. It is best to proceed step by step to get closer to the optimal dimensions. The floor should be cut so that there is a gap of 2-3 mm to the walls.

Get There Fast in Small Rooms - Thanks To Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

If you want to install the rolled vinyl in a smaller room, you can join it to the subfloor using double-sided adhesive tape for installing vinyl flooring. If you are installing a single piece of the floor, fold back half of the floor that has been cut and is lying flat. Attach the tape to the subfloor and preferably so that the edges of the vinyl flooring are attached to the tape. Then fold the cushioned vinyl flooring the UK back over and carefully secure it to the tape

Securely Bonded in Larger Rooms - With a Full-Surface Bond

If the room is larger than 20 m² or if the thick vinyl flooring roll needs to be grouted, a full-surface bond should be used. Select a suitable adhesive for this purpose. On the whole, the installation works in the same way as with adhesive tape. You can also work in partial areas; to do this, fold over the flat-lying cut floor and apply the adhesive to the subfloor. Then glue the floor covering in place. If you need joints, overlap the flooring on both sides of the joint and then cut through both layers of flooring. It is best to glue first on those sides that are not at the joint. Then you can fold it over to both sides of the joint and apply the adhesive to the substrate underneath the joint. Then glue on the Beauflor vinyl floor. The joint must also be sealed with a liquid sealant for vinyl flooring after waiting 24 hours. Protect the flooring by applying an easy-to-remove adhesive tape along the joint. Cut along it through the tape. Then fill the joint with the sealant and let it dry. Then you can remove the tape. Finally, roll the floor evenly with a heavy 50 kg roller.

With The Online Shop Of Bricoflor Quick And Convenient To Beauflor Supreme!

If you have decided on a vinyl floor covering from the Beauflor Supreme collection, then you can simply order in our online shop and benefit from our best price guarantee! We also offer a sample service: you can request a sample of your desired product from us and see for yourself the quality and design of the floor. If you are implementing a larger construction project, you can contact us for an individual offer. We will put together a customised offer for you with attractive conditions. You can reach us by telephone via our hotline and online by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!