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Forbo Eternal Colour vinyl floor - a diverse and colourful collection

The inspiring Forbo Eternal Colour collection is the perfect choice for anyway, but most importantly for people who don't …

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Whether striking or more restrained - Forbo Eternal Colour finds the right vinyl flooring for every space.

In accordance with its name, this collection offers you an extensive range of colours and decors, whose floor coverings can be excellently combined with each other, but also with other vinyl floor coverings of the Forbo brand. The wide range of colours means you can find the right vinyl flooring roll for every room. Here you can be guided by the inventory of the respective room, as well as the colour of the wall. A striking and colourful floor covering goes particularly well with a simple style of furnishing. But even if you like it more subtle, you will find what you are looking for in this collection.

Vinyl flooring roll by the metre from Forbo Eternal Colour - Inspires not only with a fantastic look but also with a technically sophisticated plan

The design of the floor decor is already completely convincing. However, are the necessary technical requirements for a perfect vinyl flooring roll also met? This collection not only fulfils the desire for a graceful design but is also an absolute must-have in terms of technology for all those who are looking for a solution to relieve the burden of an everyday task! The 2mm thick vinyl flooring is sealed with a resistant polyurethane surface coating, the design does not suffer from external influences such as those caused by daily traffic. Another advantage is that the floor covering requires little maintenance and cleaning.  This brings us back to the point of relief: to make the floor decor shine again, all you need is a damp floor mop. The elastic texture gently cushions every step, so your feet can benefit from an unforgettable, pleasant walking comfort. Thanks to the slip-resistant surface and flame-retardant finish, physical health risks are given no chance!

Forbo Eternal Colour - Withstands everyday wear thanks to its robust texture

This Forbo vinyl roll is ideal for public and commercial areas (34/43), where a floor covering has to prove itself above all in terms of robustness and durability. However, this is no problem for Forbo Eternal Colour. Thanks to its chemical-resistant nature, it is perfectly suited for public facilities such as department stores and airports. But it is also the perfect choice for commercial warehouses and logistics halls.

The first steps towards installation - Here's what you should look out for before installing your Forbo Eternal

You have chosen one of the many fabulous floor decors from the Forbo Eternal Colour collection and now you need to install it? This procedure is quite simple with a few precautions taken beforehand! Make sure that the floor substrate does not exceed a temperature of 15 °C and that the room temperature is at least 18 °C. In addition, the relative humidity should not exceed 65%. In addition, the flooring should be rolled out on the subfloor of the corresponding room for acclimatisation before installation.

Ready! Steady! Go! - That's how easy it is to install the Forbo Eternal Colour brand

Now that you have taken all the necessary precautions, you can start laying your latest flooring achievement. To do this, roughly cut the flooring and fold it back about halfway lengthwise. Then you can apply the adhesive (you will need a suitable dispersion adhesive for this) to the subfloor. To ensure the adhesive edge is straight, it is advisable to apply adhesive tape in the envelope area of the strips. After sufficient flash-off time (see adhesive recommendation), the vinyl sheets are placed in the adhesive bed and pressed against it. To ensure complete wetting of the back of the flooring, each sheet is first run down the width and then the length with a 70 kg multi-section roller.

The Forbo Eternal Colour vinyl floor - With you and your environment in mind

What makes this collection so special is that it is not only versatile and unique in terms of the design of the floor decors, but also in respect of its love for the environment. Forbo Eternal Colour roll out vinyl flooring does not contain any harmful plasticisers and therefore poses no health risk to you, your colleagues or your customers. The vinyl flooring rolls is manufactured in compliance with universal quality and environmental standards and with the help of renewable energy sources. In addition, the Eternal back construction contains up to 60% recycled material.

A unique and special collection offer - Discover your love for the Forbo Eternal Colour at Bricoflor

Your mind is racing with ideas on how to design your space with Forbo Eternal Colour vinyl flooring? Get a comprehensive impression of the entire collection within our BRICOFLOR online shop! If you have any questions, our friendly and competent team of employees is of course at your disposal by phone or e-mail.  

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