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Forbo Eternal Material flooring rolls - Gives individuality to any area

You want to give your warehouse a new lease of life, but don't quite know where to start with the remodelling? Then here comes the solution! With the modern and easy-care vinyl flooring rolls of the Forbo Eternal Material brand, every room is transformed into a true colour and design experience! With a large choice textures, you can give free scope to your design creativity.

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Forbo Eternal Material

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A combination of elegance and technical sophistication that no ordinary flooring can match

The Forbo Eternal Material collection offers you a diverse selection of textures and colours that are particularly effective in modern and rustic interior styles. Thanks to the optimised embossed texture, you benefit from a high-quality vinyl flooring roll with an authentic look. With Forbo Eternal Material, colour finally comes into your everyday life!

Forbo Eternal Material - An expert among floor coverings

The Forbo vinyl rolls have a total thickness of 2 mm and a 0.7 mm thick wear layer. Thanks to the proven polyurethane pearl coating, every design in the Forbo collection is permanently protected. The surface finish guarantees low cleaning and maintenance requirements and is particularly resistant. The matt finish gives the surface of the vinyl flooring a natural appearance. The high colour fastness ensures long-lasting colour intensity, which you can marvel at even after years of use. Due to its high robustness, the vinyl floor roll is particularly resistant to scratches and indentations from chair castors. Sufficient safety in the event of a fire is provided by the fire class certification Bfl-s1, which includes all floor coverings that are flame-retardant.

Forbo Eternal Material - Makes a good impression in every area of operation

Forbo Eternal Material's vinyl flooring roll qualifies primarily for public and commercial areas with a 34/43 use class certification. Here, the vinyl flooring can make department stores or production halls shine. Since a floor in these areas is often exposed to very heavy loads, durability and robustness represent an important criterion in the selection of the floor. Fortunately, Forbo Eternal Material meets exactly those requirements, making it the perfect footwear companion for staff and customers alike.

With these precautions, nothing can go wrong during the installation

The Forbo Eternal Material floor covering has been allowed to move into your home and now needs to be installed? Don't worry! It's easy with a few prior precautions and a couple of clever moves! If you want to benefit from optimal preparation conditions, it is advisable to ensure that the subfloor temperature does not fall below 15 °C. The room temperature should also be at least 18 °C. The flooring and the tools to be used must be adapted to the room temperature before installation. Accordingly, the vinyl floor roll should be rolled out on the subfloor of the corresponding room at least 48 hours before installation.

A simple and time-saving installation

After you have taken all precautions into account and prepared the floor substrate accordingly, you can start laying your new floor covering. A plasticiser-resistant, low-emission and solvent-free dispersion adhesive are applied to the subfloor. The sheets, which have been roughly cut to size beforehand, are folded back about halfway lengthwise and, after sufficient flash-off time (follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions), placed in the adhesive bed and pressed against it. You should avoid air pockets during this step and pay attention to the accuracy of the fit of the seams. 
To ensure that the back of the vinyl flooring is completely wetted with adhesive, it is recommended that you first roll the entire flooring widthways and then lengthways with a multi-section roller. This has the advantage of removing any air pockets that may have formed. Then the joints of the flooring are welded together. However, this can be done at the earliest 2 hours and at the latest one day after bonding (see the instructions of the cold-welding agent manufacturer).

Not only a hit visually but also technically - Forbo Eternal Material inspires with a material composition that is friendly to health and the environment

The Forbo Eternal Material collection not only has visual and technical advantages but also places great emphasis on an environmentally friendly and health-friendly material composition. The future-oriented manufacturing process of the products is expressed in the use of renewable energy sources. In addition, the floor coverings are 100% phthalate-free and low-emission.

Just one click away from new flooring happiness

Are you excited about the brand and would you like to equip your company's premises with Forbo Eternal Material vinyl flooring right away? Then don't hesitate any longer, because the flooring is already waiting to be used in your department stores or warehouse! Take a look at the entire Forbo Eternal Material collection within our BRICOFLOR online shop and be inspired by the special floor decors and the breathtaking colour experience!