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The innovative and modern vinyl flooring from Forbo Eternal Original - Making living fun

If you are looking for a timeless floor covering, we have the perfect floor for you. The trendy design of the Forbo Eternal Original collection outshines any conventional floor with its unique and outstanding texture. You don't have to compromise in any respect with this floor! Let the Forbo Eternal Original collection take you into a world of unknown design diversity and discover new possibilities on how to transform your space.

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Forbo Eternal Original

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This vinyl flooring roll will expand your vision for the beauty of things - A real show-stopping experience for owners and visitors alike.

The Forbo vinyl flooring rolls collection features a wide range of modern floor coverings that are rewarding not only in terms of looks but also in terms of feel and technology. The many different colour finishes, ranging from solid, plain grey tones to authentic wood looks, can be used as desired in accordance with the respective furnishing style within the room to be renovated. With this collection, you no longer have to compromise on the floor design, because Forbo Eternal Original vinyl floor roll adapts to your wishes and ideas almost by itself. This makes transforming your space simple and straightforward.

The unique Forbo Eternal Original collection - A floor roll that also has a lot to offer in terms of technology

With the Forbo Eternal Original vinyl flooring rolls collection, you can expect not only a visual eye-catcher but also a technical wonder! Thanks to its outstanding technical properties, the 2mm thick vinyl flooring defies everyday demands and stresses like no other floor covering. The particularly flexible and easy-to-clean surface structure proves its worth in intensive daily use. Dust particles, dirt, and food residues cannot adhere to the floor due to the smooth polyurethane lacquer finish so that you only need to take a damp cloth for cleaning every now and then. In addition, the surface finish ensures maximum protection against external damage.
This means you don't have to worry about your new vinyl floor being affected by unsightly scratches. On the subject of robustness, it is particularly worth mentioning that short-term exposure to diluted acids, oils, and greases does not result in any change to the material's properties. In addition, you can benefit from safety-related advantages with Forbo Eternal Original flooring metre goods: For example, in the event of a fire, you and those around you are adequately protected from supposed risks thanks to the low flammability and low smoke development.

Forbo eternal original - A versatile vinyl flooring on a roll

The use class certification group 34/41 shows that the floor roll can be used in public and commercial areas as well as in the light industry. In these areas, everyday, intensive passenger traffic and the occasional use of light vehicles (see precision engineering workshop) are commonplace, which is why a conventional floor covering is often unable to meet these requirements. Forbo eternal original, on the other hand, can score in this respect in any case with its sturdiness and high durability!

The next steps towards installation - precautions that will make your renovation work easier

In order to benefit from the long-lasting properties of your floor, extensive preparation of the floor subfloor proves to be extremely beneficial. In all cases, the floor should be intensively cleaned before installation so that there is no dirt underneath the new floor covering to prevent bacteria from accumulating or, in the worst case, mould from forming. If there is still an old floor covering inside the room to be installed, it is advisable to remove it and the adhesive residues left behind. Uneven areas in the floor subfloor can be eliminated with a suitable filler/levelling compound. This guarantees a smooth finish when installing it. In addition, you should give the vinyl flooring the opportunity to adapt to the respective room climate before installation. To do this, lay the floor roll out inside the room 24 hours before installation.

With Forbo Eternal Original, you can become a professional installer yourself - renovating has never been so easy!

Make sure that the room temperature is at least 18° C before installation. Generally, a vinyl floor is always either laid loosely or fixed over the entire surface. You can determine which of these two methods is suitable for installation within your premises based on the size of the room. For an area of up to 20 m², you can use the loose installation method. With this method, the vinyl sheeting is fixed to the floor subfloor with a suitable double-sided adhesive tape. With the full-surface installation method, on the other hand, the subfloor is fully covered with a dispersion adhesive. After the rapid time specified by the manufacturer, the strips can be laid in the adhesive bed. Work strip by strip and try to avoid the formation of bubbles as much as possible.

Forbo Eternal Original - works not only optical miracles but also environmental miracles

It is certainly not every day that you come across a floor that cares deeply about the environment. How fortunate that the Forbo Eternal vinyl flooring rolls original collection combines all the desirable qualities in one, giving you the opportunity to make a big difference not only in terms of design but also in terms of the environment. The vinyl flooring roll is made from 100% renewable energy. This ensures that the production of the floor is based on the lowest environmental impact. Do you care about the design and appearance on your floor, but at the same time you want to be a role model when it comes to the environment? Then there is no better floor covering for you than the Forbo Eternal Original collection!

It's so easy to become a trendsetter with the Forbo Eternal Original collection

Are you full of enthusiasm when you think of how wonderfully Forbo Eternal Original vinyl roll would harmonise within your premises? Then you should wait no longer and get a complete impression of the entire collection. Our friendly and competent team of employees is, of course, available to help you realise your ideas by phone or e-mail.