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Wineo Click Vinyl Flooring Expertly Combines Design and Functionality

Wineo offers a wide variety of vinyl click flooring to avail of. From the collections Wineo 600, Wineo 800 and Wineo 1000, we…
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Since 2007, Wineo vinyl flooring has been in high demand and it has been an integral driving force in the growth of the LVT market. It expertly combines design and functionality. Wineo vinyl flooring today holds millions of square meters of interior space throughout Europe. Behind the company Wineo there is the term "Neo" - new - which defines the entrepreneurial competence of all Wineo products and over three decades of experience in flooring. The combination of more than 30 years of success and a keen sense of trends make Wineo one of the leading companies for flexible and above all contemporary floor designs. The company keeps following up on the latest trends and innovations in order to be able to offer you the newest decors and designs - which help to set creative standards. Discover the luxury vinyl flooring range of Wineo in our online shop - modern living balanced with a sense of classic style!

Wineo Vinyl Plank Flooring – Strong and convincing product features

The Wineo LVT is characterized by innovative surface embossing, great designs and a wide range of functionalities. Thus, an extremely high resistance, a good resilience, a low construction height and many other features are the standard fare of the products of the brand manufacturer. These and more advantages make the Wineo vinyl floor a floor of many benefits. See below some selected advantages of your new favourite floor - Wineo Vinyl flooring:

Quick and easy to clean LVT

While cleaning and caring for real wood or stone floors is often tedious and time-consuming, with Wineo Vinyl plank flooring you do not need to spend a lot of time and energy investing in care and cleaning. Thanks to the easy-to-clean surface, the vinyl floor is ideal for laying in kitchens and bathrooms. The stain-resistant surface can be easily cleaned with the use of water and household cleaning chemicals - so dirt disappears with little effort. Thanks to the material used, the LVT flooring does not swell on contact with water. So you can easily and quickly provide hygienic rooms that radiate the ambience you want!


Wineo luxury vinyl flooring is equipped with numerous technical quality features. Thanks to its elastic surface, the sturdy vinyl protects the joints and keeps you warm at the same time - making every step into an experience. At the same time, the soft surface contributes to a pleasant room acoustics, which is individually characterized by a high impact sound improvement per collection. Likewise, the tested surface is non-slip - safety at every step is guaranteed. Discover the many technical quality features and benefits that Wineo offers you, your family or your employees!

Wineo Vinyl flooring: Discover the Diversity

In the BRICOFLOR online shop, you will find a wide selection of Wineo Vinyl. Here you will find both new collections, as well as perennial collections, which never go out of style or fashion. In addition to classic stone decors, you will find high-quality wood designs as well as innovative textile designs and much more. In terms of colour, there is a suitable design covering for every taste. What is common to all designs, however, is the attention to detail. All surfaces reflect their natural role model true to the original so that the Wineo vinyl plank flooring is usually only to be distinguished on the second or third view of real wood, stone or the like. Discover the great Wineo selection and the endless design possibilities for your space!

Wineo Ambra Wood Multi-Layer LVT - Authentic to the Smallest Detail

The luxury vinyl flooring of the collection Wineo Ambra Wood Multi-Layer is a real eye-catcher! With an extensive selection of 15 luxurious wood decors of different colours as well as six detailed elaborated stone optics, you’ll find that it’s not that easy to make a decision. Not only the detail-loving surface designs and embossing make Wineo Ambra Wood a highlight - the colour design is a something to behold! In terms of colour, the vinyl plank flooring collection Wineo Multi-Layer Ambra Wood contains bright, greyish decors that flow from classic-ripened and strong brown tones into dark black colourations. Consider, for example, the Pine Décor Wineo Ambra Wood "Boston Pine Grey" multi-layer, which can hardly be distinguished from real wood due to its fine, perfectionist-worked grain, both to the eye and to the touch. The combination of surface design, colour and feel makes the decision to choose Wineo Ambra Wood not only a durable LVT floor with a click system, but also an authentic flooring that will be the envy of all guests!

Wineo 600: Vinyl Flooring For your needs

Glue down vinyl flooring is certainly not one of the most popular floor coverings. However, there are some vinyl flooring collections for which such an extra effort is worthwhile - for example for the Wineo 600 vinyl plank flooring. This collection can be found in several versions. In addition to a sub-collection of classic wood decors, here you will find fine stone decors and modern XXL designs. With this selection, the large collection Wineo 600 offers an attractive design for every taste and to every room. Perfectly matched to small and medium-sized rooms in the residential and commercial sector. 

Easy installation, an easy choice to make - Wineo vinyl flooring

The laying of a Wineo luxury vinyl floor is quite different. Depending on which laying system is used for the design flooring, laying is sometimes more, sometimes less expensive. However, no matter which laying system underlies your new Wineo vinyl flooring, even laymen and hobby craftsmen can lay each floor on their own with a little skill! Oh, and one more thing is certain: You can count on your new Wineo Vinyl for years to come!

Vinyl Click Flooring: Fast, Easy and Stress Free

The installation of a vinyl click flooring is completed in no time thanks to simple and modern laying systems. For this, you need next to the flooring itself only a suitable cutting tool, a ruler and possibly a soft rubber mallet. After the surface has been cleared of cracks and other irregularities as well as dirt, all you have to do is adapt the vinyl click floor to the room dimensions, put it together (tongue and groove) and the renovation is almost complete. By plugging the individual planks or tiles results in a coherent floor design, which meets all everyday challenges. For detailed installation instructions and information on additional footfall sound insulation, refer to the product-specific manufacturer's manual.

The laying of vinyl flooring for bonding is done by applying a special dispersion adhesive to the floor surface to be covered. For this purpose, the substrate must be prepared in the same way as with vinyl click, by smoothing, cleaning and smoothing out any unevenness. Then the glue can be applied to the floor. Subsequently, the Wineo vinyl planks or tiles can be designed butt-to-joint. The adhesive bed fixes the Wineo vinyl floor to the substrate so that nothing can slip after drying the adhesive layer. The result: Wineo vinyl that lasts forever!

Buy Wineo Now at BRICOFLOR!

With a Wineo vinyl floor, you always make the right decision! In the Wineo range from BRICOFLOR, you will find the perfect LVT floor for every room, from the living area to industrial use, and match every style of furnishing. Order in a few minutes - and get the best price guarantee for all Wineo products! In case of uncertainties and questions, you can of course always contact our service team, which are always happy to help and advise you when it comes to renovating. Of course, you can also use our free sample service. So, you can make your choice comfortably from the couch. Even larger orders are not a problem! Request a custom quote that will save you a lot of money. Realise any renovation project with the Wineo Vinyl flooring!

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