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Cortex Vinyl Click Flooring - Excellence and Uniqueness Developed by Cork Technology

With just over 30 years of market experience, Cortex have established themselves as cork experts, with its products representing a symbiosis of ecology, sustainability and excellent craftsmanship. This uniqueness is reflected in its vinyl click flooring collections which offer a multi-layered construction with exceptional comfort.

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No Footfall Sound Insulation Needed - The Many Benefits of Corktech

The vinyl click flooring developed by Cortex consists of a layered construction developed to provide many benefits. It includes a HDF (high density fibre) panel which provides strong support thanks to its CORKLOC compound and provides water resistance. So you can enjoy your vinyl click flooring even in wet rooms like your bathrooms and kitchen, and rely on its resilient functionality. It’s middle layers also includes cork support material to provide standing comfort and heat insulation. The shock absorbing properties of cork are particularly unique to the Cortex click LVT, and provides a softer walking experience.

What’s more, cork is a natural insulator of not only impact and thermal factors, but also acoustics, and provides excellent sound reduction. So you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful soundscape in your busy interiors! The vinyl planks are then completed with a vinyl layer to create those high quality and authentic optics. Cleary, the Cortex click LVT faces no equal when it comes to comfort, warmth and durability!

The Innovative Installation Systems of Cortex

The great benefit of the Cortex LVT is not only its natural thermal and acoustic insulation, which eliminates the need for added underlay, but it also requires no adhesive for installation! The Cortex Vinatura collection of click LVT features the innovative CORKLOC click system featured on the side of the planks in which the vinyl planks and tiles are easily assembled with a “click” and installed in a quick process. The Cortex Aquanatura collection features a revolutionary PressFit system which essentially consists of a cork spring are compressed when under pressure, and then expand again once the planks are clicked together. This expansion helps to create a stable and tight joint. The two collections of luxury vinyl flooring by Cortex are thus ideal for renovation projects thanks to its easy installation.

Available in a Variety of Wood Inspired Optics

The vinyl top layer of the Cortex LVT floors feature realistic grain embossings which replicate the uniqueness of a variety of wood species including oak, pine and walnut. The collections are available in different wear layer thicknesses (0.3 mm and 0.55 mm) to suit both residential and commercial applications. With such a wide selection of authentic wood optics, you are sure to find the right floor suited to your individual taste. Search the variants like Cortex Vinatura “Winter Oak” to achieve that scandinavian, minimalist interior. For those with a more exotic taste, choose from the darker wood variants like “Italian Walnut” or “Terra Pine”.

Sustainability at the Heart of Cortex

Cortex have not only developed luxury vinyl floors with exclusive properties using innovative corktech technology, but it has also established a great combination of longevity and sustainability through its products thanks to its natural, renewable source. Cork is completely biodegradable obtained from cork oak, the products are also manufactured phthalate free and are thus healthy and environmentally friendly. The high standards of Cortex have been recognised and its products have been awarded the CE seal of quality through cultivation and production in Europe.

Discover Cortex Vinyl Click Flooring Available at BRICOFLOR

Cortex truly inspire natural and sustainable excellence through its products and all of its innovative corktech benefits. So if you’ve been intrigued by the unique nature of the Cortex vinyl flooring then explore the collections today! Make use of our free sample service to assess your favourite designs before making the purchase! What’s more, we offer customised quotes to those looking to make large orders for big projects! To get in contact with our team of experts with any questions you have regarding your order, simply call, email or complete our contact form and we will happily assist!