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Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System: The Vinyl Click Flooring for a Relaxed Day-to-Day

Choose Gerflor Vinyl 70 Clic System if you want to create a high-impact, nature-inspired space. The attractive LVT click flooring is designed for a wide variety of applications characterised by extreme durability.

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Gerflor Creation 70 Clic

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Within the Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System collection, is an impressive vinyl click flooring that cannot be beaten in its appearance of grace and natural realism. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the stable, multi-layered construction, it is the perfect companion for every situation in life. Experience the decors created using the latest technology and choose the perfect pattern for your existing furniture. You also save time and money when laying, because you do not need a specialist to fix the design flooring on the subfloor. The practical click installation system is friendly for everyone to handle!

Impressive Natural Designs from Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System

The Gerflor vinyl flooring stands out for its outstanding appearance, which is produced using state-of-the-art technologies. Genuine natural materials are scanned for the respective wood or stone design and printed on a film in high-resolution. The surface embossing closely imitates the grain of the wood or the mineral structure, the surface is embossed, so that the flooring is then no longer easily distinguish from the original materials.

So in a total of 38 different designs you are sure to find the design flooring suited to your individual interior style. Featuring a diverse range of wood colors with white, gray, brown and black styles as well as mineral designs in coarser and finer decors. An even more realistic presentation is provided by the surrounding, water-impermeable microfase.

Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance –Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System Luxury Vinyl Flooring  

The LVT flooring is equipped with a PUR + surface finish, which makes the floorboards and tiles largely resistant to damage from small scratches and bumps. In addition, it provides a dirt-repellent surface and thus for easy cleaning with household cleaning agents. So you do not have to use toxic chemicals and thus ensure good air quality.

Gerflor Vinyl Flooring – Impressive Performance in Every Application

Creation 70 Clic System by Gerflor is the LVT click flooring specially designed for the contract and industrial sector that meets all requirements. You can lay this flooring in every imaginable living area including kitchen and bathroom, but also in the object area, such as in schools, department stores, busy shopping centers or open-plan offices. Application is also suitable in warehouses of every imaginable size - the vinyl plank flooring makes a very good impression (service classes 34, 43). Immerse yourself in a world of fantastic designs and lay the all-rounder in any room you desire.

Thanks to its low construction height of only 6 mm, the flooring is very easy to transport and lay. The 0.70 mm thick wear layer and the PUR + surface finish protect him from all sorts of everyday demands. The floor is extremely robust in this way and highly resistant to small scratches on the surface. The slip resistance R9 / R10 / R11 (depending on the surface) protects you from slipping - even with a damp surface of the floor covering.

The vinyl plank flooring is flame retardant thus only creates low smoke development in case of a fire (fire protection class Bfl-s1). In addition, it features type W chair roll suitability, reinforcing its longevity and suitability for high office use. The lightfastness of the level> 6 ensures a floor radiating full color, even after years of use. The flooring is fully recyclable and even largely made from recycled materials

Quick and Simple Installation of the Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

The click system developed by Gerflor allows an uncomplicated installation process, which can be done by anyone, thanks to innovative technology it engages vertically and does not have to be lifted to the correct angle. Due to this easy click system, you renovate your chosen space quickly and affordably, without the need for a professional fitter! Compared to other laying methods, you only have to prepare the subfloor slightly. So you can easily lay the collection on any existing ceramic tiles, concrete floors, screeds and already laid linoleum.

Thanks to the easy-click system, which you then only need to fix with a pressure roller, the installation saves energy and is relatively quiet to install. The soft material can be adjusted with a utility knife to fit the room dimensions or to expose necessary connections for heating pipes. Use spacer wedges to mark a distance of approx. 10 mm from the wall to prevent damage to the floor covering due to later slippage. After completion of the installation, you can enter the room again without any further waiting time and equip it with furniture. As this is an adhesive-free installation, you can easily resume the panels later on without any problems and, if necessary, relocate them to another location.

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Gerflor Vinyl 70 Clic System has convinced you and now you want to relocate it in your premises? Have you been convinced by the Gerflor Creaiton 70 Clic System? Then order your new vinyl flooring from us and we will get it delivered directly to your front door! Of course, if you can not decide on a variant due to the large number of designs, you can also have up to eight sample pieces delivered via our free sample service. Then you can convince yourself of their condition in terms of haptic and visual appeal. If you are planning a larger project with the vinyl click flooring, contact our customer service. We will make you an individual offer with attractive conditions! We are reachable by phone, by e-mail and via our contact form and we are happy to take care of your request! We are looking forward to your message!