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Gerflor TopSilence Design: Click vinyl flooring for a peaceful habitat

The French company Gerflor is considered one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl flooring and continues to develop its product portfolio with a view to the needs of its customers. 

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Gerflor TopSilence Design

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With its collection Gerflor TopSilence Design, it presents an intelligent solution for those who want a comfortable environment in their home. In addition, the click vinyl flooring impresses with first-class features, which are also reflected in the manufacturer's warranty of twelve years for use in the private sector.

Stylish decors for aesthetic spaces - TopSilence Design

It is not for nothing that the word "design" is featured in the title of the collection - because the producer provides you with a choice of 15 different designs, with which you can prove your sense of style and impress your guests. Among them are planks in numerous grey hues, but also warm shades of brown are represented. In addition, Gerflor's TopSilence Design "0001 Negra" creates a luxurious, tile-inspired decor that lends elegance and class to any room with its dark colour scheme. This effect becomes even more apparent when you combine the flooring with white furniture and metallic accents. With brightly coloured panels, you can decorate your home in a maritime style. This works best with the help of blue elements and natural materials such as canvas and jute in soft beige. Stick to one metal tone of gold or silver in your room to really marry together your design concept.

Impressive effect thanks to sophisticated surface

So that the decors are hardly distinguishable from their natural models, the surface of the Gerflor click vinyl is provided with a special embossing which is what makes this a luxury vinyl flooring. This creates a tactile structure that you can feel with every step. At the same time you can enjoy high comfort, which is ensured by the elastic material. Thanks to the PUR + surface finish, the flooring is easy to clean and does not require much care. So you can enjoy its attractive look in the long term without having to invest a lot of work in its maintenance.

Comfortable click vinyl by Gerflor for different areas

With the design flooring, you can equip a variety of different spaces while benefiting from its high functionality. It is rated 32, which corresponds to the normally used commercial area. This includes, for example, hotel rooms or small shops. In addition to the object spaces, the click vinyl flooring can also adorn your own four walls. The intensity of the load does not matter, because the HDF carrier plate inside achieves a considerable resistance. Thus, you can use the flooring without hesitation in the entrance area or in your living room.

And you do not have to worry about your safety either - thanks to the fire-resistant class Bfl-s1 you can feel at home at any time. In addition, the anti-static surface of the vinyl flooring contributes to your sense of well-being by preventing the generation of electric shocks. At the same time, this protects your electrical appliances against possible damage caused by leaking electrical charges. Finally, the slip-resistant top layer provides you with a secure grip when walking on the ground and prevents you from slipping.

Easy-to-install design floor with practical advantages

If you prefer to take renovation projects into your own hands, you can grab the click vinyl from Gerflor. This can also be applied without much prior knowledge of the craft - without glue or special tools. It is made possible by the existing click system, with the help of which the panels can be linked with a few simple steps. You can gradually lay out the planks and, if necessary, repair possible mistakes and easily replace single planks should you incur any damages. In addition, you can easily replace individual planks after installation, if they should be damaged.

Even easier is the attachment through the integrated insulation mat in the form of a cork back. It lowers the impact sound by as much as 16 dB and thus creates a background noise that invites you to relax. The underfloor heating suitability of the collection promises further comfort. This allows the use of hot water underfloor heating in combination with the flooring, so you do not have to give up the luxury of warm feet in the cold conservatory.

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With Gerflor TopSilence Design, you choose a high-quality design floor that will serve you well for years to come. All decors of the collection are available in our online shop at a low price, because you have our Best Price Guarantee. Do you want to experience the texture, structure and true colour in the comfort of your own home? Then simply use of sample service through our website so you can be certain of your choice before committing. Contact us if you need any advice on installation, suitability, product specifications or recommendations. Our friendly team will be on hand to help you with all your needs.