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Gerflor Virtuo Clic 55: Durable click vinyl flooring in authentic look

By choosing Gerflor Virtuo Clic 55, you will receive a click vinyl for the contract and industrial sector that will withstand all requirements. It has an outstanding realistic design in the natural look of various types of wood and minerals

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Gerflor Virtuo Clic 55

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Create a true feel-good atmosphere with the high-quality design flooring, from which you and your guests will be guaranteed to be thrilled. Since the panels are equipped with a practical click-laying system, it is possible to put them together in a very short time to a perfect result. Enjoy your new floor covering with the most comfortable experience.

Excellent design in timeless style - Virtuo Clic 55

There are a wide selection of 35 different designs available that look deceptively real with the help of cutting-edge printing and embossing technology. The patterning is scanned with high resolution from the source material and finally brought to the substrate in the quality with which even high-resolution picture books are printed. Subsequently, the surface of each plank is embossed in synchronisation with the natural patterns of the wood, so that every detail of the grain is also haptically detectable.

There is a colour palette of this beautiful vinyl flooring collection available that includes both bright colours that allow you to create an open and friendly atmosphere, as well as dark designs that have a noble and luxurious look. The latter is best used in large and bright rooms. If you choose a warm beige or brown, you will create a warm ambience in which you and your fellow human beings will forget about time. An even more authentic look is ensured by the subtly bevelled edges.

Easy care thanks to special coating

Since the Gerflor click vinyl is equipped with a PUR + surface finish, it is protected against many stresses, such as scratches or bumps. In addition, it makes this layer dirt-repellent, which makes it easy to clean even with common household products. So you do not need to use toxic chemicals to clean your floor, which have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

In addition, the work is faster by the hand. The design floor of the premium French manufacturer Gerflor is therefore perfectly suitable for those who do not want to invest a great deal of time in the care of their floor.

Vinyl Flooring with outstanding technical features

The design flooring of Gerflor is characterised not only by its appearance, but also by the possibility of laying in many different applications. So it is suitable for heavily used living spaces, such as the hall and living room, or thanks to its wet room suitability for kitchen and bathroom. But it can also be used in the high-traffic property sector as well as in the normally frequented industrial area (use class 33, 42).

In commercial areas, such as in open-plan offices or small department stores, the design flooring cuts a fine figure and shines through its durable and robust texture. Alternatively, Gerflor Virtuo Clic 55 can also be used in industrial environments, such as medium-sized warehouses, and benefit from its stability. Thanks to its total thickness of only 5 mm, it is easy to cut with a carpet knife.

This makes it the perfect partner for renovations, minimising the risk of having to sand down doors at the bottom edge for attachment. Of course, your new click vinyl flooring is free from harmful substances and thus ideal for allergy sufferers and families with small children. The slip resistance R10 significantly reduces the risk of slipping due to slipping. The floor is awarded the fire protection class Bfl-s1, which characterises the floor as flame retardant and in case of fire only with low smoke development. In addition, they make a small contribution to the preservation of the environment, because the flooring is 100% recyclable and even made to a large extent from already recycled raw materials.

Quick-to-install design floor thanks to the practical click-laying system

Thanks to the drop-down click system developed by Gerflor, laying your new design flooring is particularly easy and can be done in a very short time. One of the many advantages is the possibility of laying on a low prepared subfloor. On existing concrete, tiles and on PVC, the attachment can be done so without much extra effort.

Only larger bumps should be leveled with a suitable filler, so that the height difference per square meter is a maximum of 2 mm. Thanks to the practical click system, it is also possible for hobby craftsmen and laymen to lay the floor covering in no time at all without the help of a professional flooring contractor.

This is how you can attach Gerflor click vinyl; by starting in a corner of the room and placing the tongue and groove on top of each other. Then the conjunction is pressed together and lightly tapped with a rubber mallet. You can then use the remaining piece of the respective series for the next series. If you have designed the entire room with the product, you should fix it to the floor with a pressure roller.

This not only protects your strength but is not as loud as when you work with a hammer. Leave a distance of 10 mm to the wall to avoid damage to the floor covering due to later slippage. Virtuo Clic 55 also offers the advantage of residue-free recovery, as it is laid without the use of adhesives.

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So you can convince yourself haptically and visually of your choice. If you are planning a larger project with this design flooring, please contact us: we may make you an individual offer with attractive conditions. If you have any other questions you are welcome to contact our friendly customer service. We can be reached by phone, by e-mail and via our contact form and we are happy to take care of your request! We are looking forward to your message.