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Ter Hürne Vinyl Click Flooring- Flooring for any Occasion

With the rigid vinyl flooring from the brand manufacturer Ter Hürne, you can now discover a whole new side of wood and stone effect planks. Ter Hürne offers style and peace of mind, at a very reasonable price. 

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With the selections of Ter Hürne, you have the opportunity to reflect your own personality in your spaces and create a great atmosphere. With a keen sense of design and a high standard of production, you can choose a floor that meets your needs. Choose Ter Hürne for your renovation today.

Ter Hürne Vinyl click Flooring – Effortless style with effortless installation.

LVT Flooring is a real comfort floor that convinces with many great features. There is an unlimited selection of excellent designs in the current market of high-quality vinyl click floors, which claim to imitate the natural models of the designs as well as possible. With the rigid vinyl flooring from Ter Hürne, you can choose a rigid floor that not only has a beautiful design and good technology but also has great functions that create an attractive atmosphere. With the large collection, Choice has an extensive selection that not only gives your room a beautiful appearance, but also a unique character.

Ter Hürne Pure Choice - Vinyl Click Flooring in Bright and Fresh Colours

With the vinyl click flooring from Ter Hürne's Pure Choice collection, dusty, dark rooms no longer stand a chance. Thanks to a selection of light wood looks, the design surface of this collection are in the spotlight so that your rooms can benefit from the selected colourings and look as if they are flooded with light. As the title of the "Pure Choice" collection promises, the designs represent a refreshing lightness that the Nordic style can carry in all your spaces. With the timeless designs, such as the Ter Hürne Pure Choice version "A01 Oak Riga White". The light oak look is a perfect example of a timeless style that will not go out of style and make your rooms shine. Here the focus is on the decor itself. Through the nature-realistic illustration of the grain, which makes the design very authentic and hard to distinguish from a real oak. Discover the timeless design of the selection Ter Hürne Pure Choice.

Ter Hürne Bright Choice - The World of wooden just got better

In the Bright Choice collection of Ter Hürne, the whole world is surrounded with beige, friendly colors. With an attractive selection of nature-related wood decors, this selection of vinyl click flooring presents authentic oak decors that are down-to-earth and at the same time offer a positive spatial appearance. Examples of this selection are decors, such as Ter Hürne Bright Choice "B06 Oak Bristol Brown". This variant reflects with the medium brown colour to produce a relaxing ambience and a simple elegance

LVT Click Flooring in Different Decors - Ter Hürne Straight Choice

With a selection of classic elegant wood motifs in refined colours, the Ter Hürne Straight Choice collection stands for elegance, passion and tradition. The sophisticated decors have dark and striking colours and thus emphasize the character of your rooms. With variants such as Ter Hürne's Straight Choice "D02 Oak LimaBrown," your room exudes elegance and strength. Thanks to the dark colours, the vinyl click flooring can be emphasized by the lighter decor. This makes your room look both traditional and modern.

Ter Hürne Stone Choice - The choice is yours!

Characterized by the almost endless play of colours of natural stone and minerals, the Stone Choice collection by Ter Hürne offers warm limestone decors in addition to the cool concrete look. With designs such as Ter Hürne Stone Choice "E06 Stone Girona anthracite", you can let an elegant, natural-realistic vinyl click flooring shine in your home. The anthracite stone decor gives the rooms a clear structure and has a colour that can be combined with many furnishing styles. Thanks to the simple elegance, the vinyl click flooring is both cool and clear and can be combined particularly well with bright colours or white furniture to create great eye-catchers. Those who appreciate the appearance of stone will love Stone Choice!

Vinyl Click Flooring: Ter Hürne for All Your Rooms

LVT Click Flooring with a click system is available in different variances. The large collection Choice by Ter Hürne is a true all-rounder. With classification in-service classes 23,33 and 42, the rigid vinyl click flooring can be used worldwide. Whether in a private room or in your office, the Choice collection from Ter Hürne is suitable for everything. This results in a wide range of applications ranging from living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to an office and conference rooms, hotels, shops and many other areas. Thanks to a wear layer of 0.55 mm, the floor can withstand many challenges. Discover the power of the Choice range and place this vinyl click flooring in all your spaces. One unqiue advantage of the Ter Hürne range is that due to its rigid nature, it can withstand use in direct sunlight, which prevents it from deformation. This means that it is the perfect vinyl floor for use in the conservatory and should be considered for conservatory flooring.

No more stress or hassle with easy to install vinyl click flooring!

With the click system from Ter Hürne, the installation of the floors becomes super easy. The only thing that needs to be done is to prepare the surface by compensating for unevenness, remove dust and dirt and then start placing the floor. For this, the individual planks or tiles must be adapted to the existing room dimensions. Then the vinyl click flooring can easily be applied to the ground. Once the tongue and groove are joined together and "clicked" so often that the surface is fully lined, the renovation is complete.

Design and Technology in Perfect Harmony - Vinyl Click Flooring from Ter Hürne

The vinyl click flooring from the market manufacturer Ter Hürne convinces not only the diversity of designs but also the technical quality characteristics. The vinyl flooring has a fire behaviour Bfl-s1, the wear behaviour of the group T and the DS slip resistance (R9). The floor can be cleaned with standard household cleaning products. The LVT floors can also be laid on underfloor heating. With these and many more useful functions, Ter Hürne's floor is a great everyday partner, with convincing design and technology.

Ter Hürne vinyl click flooring – Now Available at BRICOFLOR!

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