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Wineo click vinyl expertly combines design and functionality.

Wineo offers a wide variety of vinyl click flooring to avail of. From the collections Wineo 600, and Wineo 800, we’re sure yo…
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They offer a wide range of designs so that they are sure to satisfy even the most particular taste. A special highlight is the ecological and organic materials of Wineo collection - completely hypoallergenic and mostly from renewable raw materials produced. Be inspired in our online shop of the varied selection of Wineo click vinyl, you will find the design that will truly bring your space to life!

The Key Advantage of Click Vinyl: Immediately Usable

This modern way of laying floors has become incredibly popular- and not without reason: there are several advantages to using this system. Even the hobby handyman can install this system quickly and without an issue. There’s no need for any adhesives as the system simply clicks into place! Planning a move? Don’t leave your floor behind! With this system, it’s possible to easily remove it and take it with you!

The Fast Installation Process

The individual planks or tiles are simply "clicked" into each other using tongue and groove. To begin laying, align the first row with the spring side to the wall. In the direction of the second row is now the side with the groove. You connect a plank or tile with the laid row by inserting the spring side into the groove of the routed row. Place the plank at a 30 ° angle. Lower it with light pressure against the threaded row. A stable connection can be achieved by locking the planks with a light hammer with a rubber mallet.

Designs as Creative as You Are

The vinyl flooring by Wineo is suitable for the home as well as for light commercial projects. If you are looking for Wineo vinyl flooring for the living room, then you have a multitude of choices. All collections are of the wear class 23 so that they can be laid in the living area but also in heavily stressed areas such as in the hallway, living room, or kitchen. 

 Wineo 600  are suitable with the usage class 32, for example, for offices. As for department stores, schools or open-plan offices, the vinyl flooring of collection Wineo 800 is best suited to withstand the strong requirements of these environments. 

Also, if you are looking for flooring to use in the industrial sector, you will find it at Wineo. The click-vinyl laminate flooring of both the Wineo 600 and 800 collections is equipped with the use of class 41, which corresponds to light industrial use with moderate traffic, such as in warehouses and workshops. Wineo click vinyl is an excellent choice for most commercial requirements.

The Right Design Cover for Every Application

Wineo's LVT vinyl flooring is suitable for both home and contract use, as well as for light industrial use. If you are looking for a Wineo design floor for the living area, then you have a free choice in the collections. All collections have usage class 23 so that they can be laid in the living area even in heavily used areas such as corridors, living rooms or kitchens. 

 Wineo 600 is suitable for use class 32 for offices and boutiques, for example. The vinyl flooring of the Wineo 800 collection withstands the tough demands of department stores, schools and open-plan offices. Even if you are looking for a floor covering for laying in the industrial sector, you will find it at Wineo. The Wineo 600 click-vinyl laminate is Class 41 rated so it can be used in a light commercial environment.

With a usage Class 42, the luxury vinyl plank flooring of the Wineo 800 collection is suitable for the light industrial sector with normal wear and tear. They can be installed in warehouses and workshops. Wineo click vinyl is suitable for almost every requirement!

Hard-Wearing and Easy to Clean - Click Vinyl for Everyday Use 

The Wineo click vinyl hosts numerous technical characteristics, which guarantee a robust and reliable surface. All floor coverings possess wear characteristics of group T and thus correspond to the best possible level of quality.  The vinyl floors are characterized by very good lightfastness. They can be laid over conventional hot water underfloor heating, without causing any problems.

Each collection is accredited to the R9 slip-resistant level, ensuring your safety. They are also antistatic. All designs are flame retardant and cause only a low amount of smoke in case of fire, as evidenced by the classification of BFL-s1

Preparing the Surface for Your New Vinyl Floor 

Prior to laying, you should prepare the ground for your new vinyl click flooring. The substrate must be clean, permanently dry, stable and flat. Therefore, you should first try to level the underlying surface. To eliminate any irregularities, you can compensate for this with an appropriate filler. Clean the floor of possible contamination such as paint residues or lacquers. 

Make sure that the surface of the ground is sufficiently solid, not too porous, or too rough. If you want a mat that can be laid under the click-vinyl, Wineo offers a laminate variant of click-vinyl multilayers, which is already integrated into the insulation. You can customize the vinyl tile to the room's dimensions and cut it out. Keep in mind that the ground must adhere to a distance of 5 mm to all walls and fixed objects, such as door frames or a kitchenette.

Buy Your Vinyl Click Flooring by Wineo in the Online Shop of BRICOFLOR! 

Have you opted for luxury vinyl click flooring by Wineo? Then, you can order your new vinyl flooring in our shop quickly and conveniently. With us, you will receive your new floor - thanks to our best rate guarantee - at an incredibly good price! Do you want to first test the quality of your desired floor? Then you can use our sample service for a pattern piece at our request. If you are planning a major construction project, for example, the renovation of an office building, then you can contact us for a custom quote. We are there for you: call our hotline and online via email. We are looking forward to your message!

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