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Gerflor Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring - Let your inner creativity run loose!

Already since 2014, the brand manufacturer Gerflor is known for its easy-to-handle Loose-Lay vinyl collections, where not only can you find an incredible design, but also a laying system, with which even amateur craftsmen and laymen quickly and easily create new room arrangements. 

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With the innovative self-contained Loose-Lay vinyl flooring by Gerflor, living dreams can be realized quickly and easily, without any glue or additional hassle.Choose the Gerflor Loose-lay range and have a floor that is every bit as technically sound as it is beautiful!

Senso Adjust from Gerflor- Loose-Lay vinal plank flooring has never been easier!

The Loose-Lay vinyl flooring from the Gerflor Senso Adjust collection represents an innovation in the market for flexible floor coverings. Simply select the favoured décor, order from BRICOFLOR, layout in the desired area and enjoy! You can choose from the loose-laid vinyl flooring in a wealth of decors. In the BRICOFLOR online shop you will find, for example, the urban wood decor Gerflor Senso Adjust "0731 Cleveland Light". With its greige colouring, this variant is the perfect mixture of grey and brown and can thus be combined with numerous furnishing styles.

Especially in combination with a colourful wall paint or similar, so irresistible contrasts can be created that invite you to linger. But also in the field of stone decors, Senso Adjust by Gerflor offers great decors to choose from. Exemplary for this décor range is, for example, the noble-looking design Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 "3068 Orea". With an anthracite-coloured colouration, the detailed reproduction of the natural structure of rock gives this decor every room charm and elegance. With the Loose-Lay vinyl from the Gerflor Senso Adjust collection, you can now wear these attributes in all your living and project spaces (service classes 23 and 31)

Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring - Gerflor Creation 55 X'PRESS

The loose-Lay LVT of the Gerflor Vinyl 55 X'Press is the perfect flooring for the high-traffic office space. Even the requirements placed on an industrially-used area pose no problem for this vinyl floor (service classes 33-42). Equipped with a 0.55 mm thick wear layer, the 4.00 mm thick design cover withstands all challenges. And thanks to the large selection of different wood and stone decors, nothing remains to be desired here. Whether you prefer natural or rustic wood variations, or you prefer fine stone decors: With the collection Vinyl 55 X'Press by Gerflor, everyone gets their money's worth! For example, see Gerflor Vinyl 55 X'Press "0578 Alisier". The natural beige wood decor lets warmth and cosiness in every room. The stone vinyl Gerflor Vinyl 55 X'Press "0618 Carmel" on the other hand creates a graceful palace of timeless elegance from every room. In addition, the self-supporting vinyl flooring, in addition to its easy-to-handle self-laying installation system, characterized by a variety of technical quality features. With technical specifications, such as the fire behaviour Bfl-s1, antistatic properties and the chair roll suitability (type W), the vinyl floor inspires in every application - whether in the private sector, object or in industrially-used premises.

Gerflor Virtuo Adjust  - Easy to Install and to enjoy

With the loose-lay vinyl flooring, Virtuo Adjust by Gerflor the renovation is completed in no time. At the same time, the vinyl flooring manages to carry modernity and technical sophistication into all your spaces - even in high-traffic areas. Suitable for laying in heavily-frequented project rooms and normally frequented industrial areas (service classes 33 and 42), the vinyl flooring can be used in almost every room. With its 4.00 mm thick overall construction and a wear layer thickness of 0.55 mm, Gerflor Virtuo Adjust can withstand even high loads. The range of designs of the collection ranges from classic wood decors to urban decors, to modern stone dessin. For example, the wood decor Gerflor Virtuo Adjust 55 "1108 Mia" delights with a white-grey colour that makes every room shine. The bright colour scheme, the decor supports the creation of inviting spaces. The emphasis is on a natural grain, which makes the self-laying vinyl flooring particularly realistic. Virtuo Adjust 55 - the highlight of the Loose-Lay vinyl flooring.

Gerflor's Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring - One of the best

Renovating was never easier than using the self-laying vinyl flooring from Gerflor. With just a few simple steps, the vinyl flooring can be laid cleanly, quickly and easily - without any click system or glue. Thanks to the self-contained properties of the product, the renovation is so easy even for home renovators that the vinyl floor is laid by itself. The only thing you need for the renovation, in addition to the vinyl flooring itself a ruler, a utility knife and a tape measure or meter measure. Simply adjust the individual planks or tiles to the available room dimensions using the three tools and then cover the entire area to be renovated by laying the vinyl on a clean, ready-to-install surface until the entire room equipped with it. Once the area to be renovated is lined, the laying is already completed and the room, without drying times or the like, enterable. Vinyl that can be laid by itself: Loose-Lay vinyl plank flooring by Gerflor.

Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring from Gerflor : Now at BRICOFLOR!

Order your favourite design, today at BRICOFLOR and get the best price guarantee on your new flooring! Are you still missing important information? Then do not hesitate to call our competent team of consultants or simply request a free call back. Your choice is certain, but the colour or design choice is difficult? BRICOFLOR also has the right solution ready for you: just let us send samples free of charge and make your own judgment from the comfort of your own home! Gerflor and BRICOFLOR - benefit instead of just renovating!