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Forbo - High Swiss Quality and Innovative Vinyl Designs

The Swiss company Forbo, founded in 1928, has been producing luxury vinyl flooring for many years and now they pride themselves on a sustainable manufacturing process. All floors from Forbo are produced phthalate free and therefore not harmful to the environment or to health. The three Allura Collections from Forbo offer an elite variety of glue down vinyl flooring with superior wood and stone designs and technical features. Suitable for many applications from residential uses, to commercial areas, and even high traffic industrial applications, the LVT vinyl plank and tile flooring from Forbo are sure to inspire your spaces.

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A Variety of Decors and Dimensions for Any Application – Glue Down Vinyl Flooring from the Forbo Allura Collection

The decors of the Forbo Allura collection inspire from its huge array of wood and stone immitations offered the Allura collections. Forbo understands that for every customer, comes a unique interior taste and style, and the Allura collections were made to meet these individual needs. With just over 200 different designs in the entire Allura collections, you are spoiled for choice from the stylish colour pallets available. Whether you’re searching for that Scandinavian inspired chic interior or traditional honey-oak colours, the three collections from Forbo Allura are sure to impress. What’s more, the stone variants range from dark slates to light mineral designs, all of which feature an impressive textured surface embossing which captures the look of its natural models. The three main collections are available in a variety of use classes to suit your individual application area.

Allura Domestic 0.40 mm – Luxury Vinyl Flooring for your Home

The selection of glue-down vinyl flooring from the Allura Domestic 0.44 mm range features the best wear class for residential areas. With the wear classes 23, 32 and 41, and a 0.40 mm wear layer, the LVT planks of these designs are predestined for even the heavily trafficked areas of your home. Designed to withstand everyday stresses, this flooring can even be used for commercial and light industrial sectors. What’s more, the vinyl flooring of this collection are renovation friendly thanks to the low total thickness of 2 mm. Thus if you’re searching for a robust and durable flooring with a permanent and secure installation, the glue down vinyl flooring of the Allura Domestic 0.40 mm range by Forbo is the ideal flooring for you. Additionally, this collection is anti-static, features castor-chair suitability, making it suitable for offices with computer equipment. With a great light fastness of ≥ 6, this promises the floors retain its vibrant colours for many years.

The Superior Option with Technical Excellence– Forbo Allura Premium 0.70 mm

The luxury vinyl flooring from Allura Premium 0.70 mm by Forbo provide high technical excellence. With over 100 different designs featuring a natural imitation of wood and stone decors, the collection offers a huge array of choice for the ultimate unique finish of each room. The LVT flooring achieve a wear class of 23, 34 and 43 making it excellently suited for heavily frequented industrial areas.  The collection thanks its name to the very strong wear layer of 0.70 mm that protects the flooring from harmful influences. Additionally, the surface is sealed with a PUR surface coating making it very resistant to short-contact with chemicals. This means that the maintenance and cleaning of this range is very easy. The Forbo Allura Premium 0.70 mm collection is exactly that, a premium quality selection of glue down vinyl flooring - convince yourself of the many decors available and find the exact style of flooring for your spaces. Whether it be rustic, urban designs to modern clean planks and tiles, the decors from the Allura Premuium collection will elevate your interior.

Transform your Office Space – Vinyl Plank Flooring from Allura Commercial 0.55 mm

If you are looking to buy luxury vinyl flooring for your commercial areas, the Allure commercial 0.55 mm collection is your answer. This floor can withstand high traffic areas in the commercial sector, and even light industry areas, thanks to its wear classes of 23, 33 and 42. Suitable to be installed over underfloor heating systems, and with a high colour fastness, the vinyl flooring of the Allura Commercial range are sure to bring an ambience of luxury to any room. The collection features a slip resistance of R10 and a category of fire behaviour Bfl-s1, this floor is a safe choice. What’s more, the durable 0.55 mm wear layer ensures a robust surface protecting the floor from everyday stresses. Additionally, it features castor chair suitability making it a suitable choice for your commercial offices and shopping spaces.

For Sturdy and Permanent Laying – Glue Down Vinyl from Forbo Allura

The vinyl floors offered from the Forbo Allura collections are intended for every purpose, therefore, the installation of these floors must also reflect long lasting durability. Thanks to the full-surface bonding of these glue down vinyl planks and tiles, you can be assured of a permanent installation. Before laying the LVT flooring, you must first prepare the subfloor for renovation. This includes eliminating any unevenness as well as dust and Greece from the surface of the substrate. Once fully prepared, an adhesive layer can be spread on the substrate, ready for the planks or tiles to be laid. Once the adhesive layer has fully dried, the vinyl floor is firmly bonded, allowing it to withstand even high loads.

Forbo Allura Available at BRICOFLOR – Explore the Advantages of Premium Vinyl Flooring

Thanks to the special attention the Swiss manufacturer pays to its production practices, you are offered a choice of vinyl flooring with good anti-txic properties, ensuring safety to you and the environment. Not only that, but the technical features of each collection make this range suitable to all areas of application. The strong wear layers ranging from 0.40 mm, to 0.55 mm and even the superior 0.70 mm ensures not only a visually impressive range, but a reliable performer. Explore the ranges now, select your favourite designs amongst the choice of decors and find your ideal luxury vinyl flooring. If you’re looking to order a large quantity, get in contact with us for a customised offer! If there are any other questions you may have, contact us on our contact form, via email or on our friendly customer service line. We look forward to hearing from you!