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Gerflor Creation 55 (formerly Insight) - Vinyl flooring for highly frequented areas

Even in commercial applications you now no longer have to either abandon your design wishes, or resort to investing in a real wood or stone floor. With the LVT in the Creation 55 collection, the brand Gerflor shows that an attractive design floor in high-quality wood and stone looks doesn't have to have the expenses or hassle of a real wooden or stone floor.

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Gerflor Creation 55

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Thanks to the straight edge and a feelable surface structure, this authentic vinyl flooring solutions creates a realistic ambience that will make any space feel comfortable. The vinyl flooring can withstand high loads without any problems, and also is very resistant to scratches, bumps, and even moisture. Discover these and many more desirable technical properties in the Gerflor Creation 55 collection at BRICOFLOR. The Creation 55 from Gerflor ensures that not only does your look stylish but it performs at its very best, due to its strong wear layer and durability!

LVT for galleries, stores, and much more - Creation 55 by Gerflor

The Creation 55 design flooring collection by Gerflor is a real multi-talent. Thanks to its wear class of 23/33/42, this 2,5 millimetres thick flooring solution can easily and simply be used in countless different applications. For example, it can be used in galleries and shops, as well as office rooms and the like. Gerflor Creation 55, with its 0.55-millimetre thick wear layer and PUR+ surface coating, is a strong partner for renovation in industrial and commercial or project applications. But this of course does not mean it can not be installed in a domestic space. There, too, the Creation 55 collection will shine and look like new for a very long time. Thanks to this wide spectrum of different possible applications, this glue down vinyl flooring is a multi talented solution you can rely on.

Take a look at the Gerflor Creation 55 collection - a wide spectrum of wood and stone decors

With the Creation 55 collection, formerly known as Gerflor Insight, the renowned manufacturer Gerflor offers a collection that boasts a wide range of decors, from classic to modern, and with both wood and stone looks. And thanks to increasing demands and ever progressing technological developments, these decors are hardly distinguishable from the natural materials they're inspired by. The wood decors also have an embossed surface, that creates feelable grooves that follow the natural grain of the wood. This makes for an extremely realistic experience. The same also applies to the mineral decors, where the embossing is used to accurately replicate the feeling of touching a real piece of stone. In addition to that, careful attention has been paid to the different colours present in the design. This makes that not only the patterns and surface structures of wood and stone have been accurately replicated, but the shades and tones as well. Therefore is the effect that these LVT floors  have on the mood and atmosphere of your room virtually identical to that of an actual solid wood or stone floor.

Designs and decors that convince - Gerflor Creation 55

In the Gerflor Creation 55 collection you'll find a wide range of different, attractive decors. For example, you will find bright lime wood in the "Arya", that will give your space an inviting and welcoming look. But there's a wealth of classic options, too. Like, for example, the "Classic Oak" or "Fudge" designs that you can find in this collection. In the stone segment of the Gerflor Creation 55 collection you will find finely detailed mineral decors in white, shades of grey, and anthracite. Decors such as, for example, the "Norvegians Slate" are not homogeneous of shade. Through the intricate play of different shades, the natural structure of stone is accurately reproduced, along with stone's unique play of light and shadow. Thanks to these and many more gorgeous decors, choosing just one is the most difficult part. Luckily, there's a simple solution for that. Thanks to the clever designs by Gerflor, all different decors can be freely combined to create an unique look and feel, opening up a wealth of different design possibilities.

Vinyl flooring for permanent installation - Creation 55 LVT by Gerflor

Are refurbishing and renovating not exactly your favourite ways to spend time? Then be sure to have a good look at Gerflor's Creation 55 collection. Because this flooring collection is intended for gluing down, which means it stays in place for a long time, eliminating the need for renovating over and over. This permanent flooring solution has a very long service life for a single installation, among the longest in its class, all thanks to the glue-down method. This installation method, which is often said to best be carried out by a professional, can also be done by a careful and determined hobbyist. The steps are simple, and with enough attention to , detail almost anyone can achieve good results with this installation method. Below you will find the steps needed to install LVT glue down flooring. Keep in mind that this is a guide, and that the manufacturer's precise instructions must always be observed.

LVT for gluing - making installation child's play

Some basic steps have to be taken to install the floor. First of all, the space to be renovated must be prepared by removing any old flooring that is still present. The resulting substrate should be even, permanently dry, and free of cracks and holes. Any cracks, holes, or unevennesses must be taken care of, by means of filling with a suitable compound. Unevennesses can negatively influence the final result, or even endanger the safety and structural integrity of the floor. Because of the time window in which the glue adheres optimally to the flooring panels, it's important to prepare the planks or tiles before the glue is applied to the substrate. Therefore the next step is to measure the room and cut the flooring panels to size. This, thanks to the low structural height of the board as well as their technical properties, can be done with a carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. Not only the edges of the room should be considered, but also cut-outs for bay windows, heating pipes, and other fixed objects should be made. The next step is to apply the adhesive to the vinyl flooring. Carefully refer to the manufacturer's instructions, as too little adhesive may lead to the floor panels to come loose, while too much adhesive can cause ugly bubbles and deformations. The cut flooring panels must then be laid into the glue bed, seamlessly but without inner tension. Locally press the floor with a hand roller, and roll the entire floor with a heavy roller once the last panel has been put in place. Make sure that the adhesive has hardened completely before placing heavy objects on the floor.

Gerflor Creation 55 vinyl flooring - a technical quality that inspires

The Gerflor Creation 55 collection is a true highlight, and not only in terms of its convincing, natural surface designs. The palette of highly desirable technical quality features that will convince across the board. One of the main advantages is the ease of maintenance, care and cleaning. Thanks to the PUR+ surface coating, the LVT planks are protected from scratches and abrasions, and the maintenance is easier. This is because dirt and grease are less prone to adhere to the surface, and are easier to clean off. Even with household agents, because these clean effectively without damaging the surface. In addition to that, there's a fire safety class of Bfl-s1, antistatic properties, and DS-slip resistance. Another no-to-overlook property is the suitability for use in combination with castor chairs (type W), which makes it particularly suitable for use in office spaces. This means castor chairs are less likely to inflict permanent damage to the floor. Discover these and many more inspiring features in the Gerflor Creation 55 collection, right here at BRICOFLOR!

Inspiring flooring at BRICOFLOR -  Gerflor Creation 55

The Creation 55 collection by Gerflor is one of the many high-quality flooring solutions available here at BRICOFLOR. Feel free to flip through our virtual catalogue and have a look around. If you're not yet entirely sure which product suits your style, taste and application best, don't hesitate to order a free sample. For any questions you might have our friendly and competent customer service is always on standby to help. Customers looking to purchase a larger quantity can always request a personal quote, free of charge and with no strings attached. We're looking forward to your enquiry!