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Joka Glue-down vinyl Flooring - Quality and Style that sticks

Vinyl flooring is as diverse today as life itself. One of the best examples of this is the range of the traditional brand manufacturer Joka, which stands for high-quality vinyl flooring. With its vinyl flooring, Joka addresses both the residential and contract market and thus offers an ideal vinyl floor for numerous rooms.

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Wood or Stone - Joka Offers glue-down vinyl flooring in great designs

In addition to the vinyl click flooring and self-adhesive vinyl flooring from Joka, Joka's vinyl floor range also includes a glue-down option with the Design collection. This collection only adds to the wealth of options that Joka provides to its customers in terms of quality, designs and of course, price. 

Joka Design 330 - Wooden Decors let Classic Elegance into the Living Room

The Joka Design 330 glue-down vinyl flooring collection is primarily focused on delivering a unique flooring experience. The glue-down vinyl flooring impresses with its classic elegance in the areas of wood and stone. In the segment of wood optics, the vinyl impresses with a targeted selection of classic oak decors in light and medium brown colorations. But also dark wood variations find their place here. With great attention to detail, the designs depict a natural-realistic surface design that makes it almost impossible to differentiate the vinyl flooring from its natural counterpart. But also the stone decors are characterized by a realistic surface design. Here it is, in addition to the beige and gray stone looks, especially the anthracite and black designs that fall directly into the focus of consideration. The choice of colors will make your rooms shine in a classically elegant light. You can lay the vinyl flooring in numerous rooms. Classified for utility classes 23 and 31, the vinyl can be used in both high-traffic residential and low-occupancy areas. Joka Designer Floors 330 in variations, such as the rustic temptation Joka vinyl Floors 330 adhesive variant "2808 Ivory Elm" (15.24 x 121.92 cm) or the particularly chic variant Joka Design Floors 330 adhesive variant "2806 Gray Slate" (30, 48 x 60.96 cm) for your apartment!

Vinyl Flooring from Joka - Vinyl that truly delivers

Glue-down vinyl flooring is the ideal partner for the long-lasting furnishing of your rooms! The vinyl is glued to the substrate and so firmly with this Connected. Fixing with adhesive means that nothing can slip so that the design floor for glueing is the ideal flooring for long use. Although vinyl flooring is often used as a professional floor covering for glueing, laying this floor covering with a little practice is easy even for hobbyists and laymen to master. With commercially available tools and a little skill, the renovation is possible without additional craftsmanship costs ...

Laying glue-down vinyl flooring  - A rewarding process

The laying of vinyl flooring for bonding is almost always based on the same principle. First of all, the space to be redesigned should be prepared for work by removing old coverings, dust, dirt, and grease. In addition, unevenness, such as cracks and the like, should be compensated with the help of a filler. Once the room is ready for the upcoming renovation, the actual installation can begin. For this purpose, the vinyl planks or vinyl tiles must first be adapted to the existing room dimensions. Even cut-outs for bay windows and heating pipes should be considered in advance. Subsequently, an adhesive material is spread on the substrate, in which the vinyl flooring is then designed. The glue-down vinyl flooring should be laid out on the ground until the entire room is lined with it. Then the glue just has to dry and the redesign of your rooms is complete.

Joka Glue-down vinyl flooring - Get yours today at Bricoflor!

The vinyl flooring of Joka is as diverse as life itself. So there is an appealing vinyl flooring for every taste and especially for every style of furnishing. In addition to the great designs, it is the numerous technical quality features that make the various Joka collections stand out. These differ, depending on the selection. However, there are similarities here as well. The Joka collections mentioned here are characterized by product features such as Bfl-s1, the wear behavior of group T, antistatic properties, the insensitivity to chemicals as well as the suitability for use with chair castors and many other features. Likewise, the vinyl flooring of the selection is sealed by a PU surface finish, which protects the vinyl floor from external damage. Get in contact with our team of experts to get any advice or questions answered! Simply call or email us!